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  • By "Reincarnation" we mean the repeated incarnation, or embodiment in flesh, of the soul or immaterial part of man's nature. The term "Metempsychosis" is frequently employed in the same sense, the definition of the latter term being: "The passage of the soul, as an immortal essence, at the death of the body, into another living body." The term "Transmigration of Souls" is sometimes employed, the term being used in the sense of "passing from one body into another." But the term "Transmigration" is often used in connection with the belief of certain undeveloped races who held that the soul of...

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  • English is the reincarnation of a common language of the people like Angle, Saxon and Jute - often referred to as the Anglo-Saxon. Three people like this ethnic German, who lived in what is now northern Germany and the Netherlands, but some are king Vortigern invited to England in the mid 5th century to help him in the war against the indigenous Pict (now no longer).

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  • The visible phenomena of the universe are bound by the universal law of cause and effect. The effect is visible or perceptible, while the cause is invisible or imperceptible. The falling of an apple from a tree is the effect of a certain invisible force called gravitation. Although the force cannot be perceived by the senses, its expression is visible. All perceptible phenomena are but the various expressions of different forces which act as invisible agents upon the subtle and imperceptible forms of matter.

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  • though I was perhaps restrained by reasons that were economic rather than ethical. But I smoked cigarettes; and recently I had started a pipe, having made the interesting discovery that the paternal cigarette ends were capable of reincarnation in a pipe-bowl. I lit my cigarette and reflected on life and its problems. I was at the moment seated on a folded sack in an up-ended two-wh

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