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  • Fundamental to the design of reliable, high-performance network services is an understanding of the performance characteristics of the service as perceived by the client population as a whole. Understanding and measuring such end-to-end service performance is a challenging task. Current techniques include periodic sampling of service characteristics from strategic locations in the network and instrumenting Web pages with code that reports client-perceived latency back to a performance server.

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  • Load balancing improves network performance by distributing traffic efficiently so that individual servers are not overwhelmed by sudden fluctuations in activity. Server Load Balancing is a guide to this critical component of high availability, clustering, and fault tolerance, all of which provide the infrastructure for reliable Internet sites and large corporate networks.

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  • One of the greatest challenges facing mobile operators today is reducing the cost of the backhaul portion of their network, while increasing reliability and revenue generating opportunities. Additionally, mobile operators need to be sure that the backhaul transport solution is capable of addressing the traditional 1 and 2G-based Radio Access Networks (RANs) as well as the 3G-based RANs. The number of 3G-based RANs will grow driven by new services with higher bandwidth that enable end-users to get broadband access through their mobile devices....

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  • Cisco’s 3000 series VPN Concentrators continue to be one of its most popular security product offerings. Due to their reliability, fault tolerance, ease of setup, management, and monitoring, they scale well from small remote sites to large enterprise solutions. The default policies shipped with the units allow an administrator to quickly and easily place a unit into production within an hour of unpacking.

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  • P erhaps the most important aspect of implementing and maintaining a Web site is making sure that it is accessible and usable by your audience. Regardless of how wonderful content is, if users cannot access the site in a timely and reliable way, they will go elsewhere for the information they seek. Therefore, it is important to know enough about the technologies that run the Internet that you can ensure that your site will meet the demands of its users.

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