Remote unit modules

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  • Campus-RS™ CSU/DS1/DSX-1 interface modules install directly into a Campus-RS remote unit or Campus-RS Star concentrator and provide direct access to a T1 (1.544 Mbps) network. These interface cards, which feature fully integrated DSU/CSU capabilities, simplify installation and reduce the overall cost of ownership by eliminating the need for additional network access equipment.

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  • The Soneplex Remote Test Access Unit (RTAU) module provides a full complement of DS1 test capabilities to the Soneplex Broadband platform. Test capability can now be deployed directly in the loop electronics, at a cost well below methods typically deployed such as test heads or portable test equipment. The Soneplex RTAU allows operators to test from multiple points in the network, both remote and local, supporting intrusive testing, remote loopback control, test signal generation and insertion, performance monitoring, measurement, jack access, and more....

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  • The Soneplex E1 Quad Loop Extender (EQLX) Four-Position Remote Chassis houses up to four EQLX modules and optional line termination unit, power supply unit, E1 alarm processor unit and E1 craft/performance monitoring module at the customer premises, for termination of two protected or unprotected optical E2 circuits (or up to eight E1s).

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  • High-bit-rate digital subscriber line (HDSL) circuits for the delivery of DS1 services can now be extended to 36,000 feet by implementing the newly introduced Soneplex main processor unit (MPU) module with software release 5.2 and the latest version Soneplex HDSL central office repeater and remote modules. This allows monitoring of the signals from the central office along each span.

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