Renewable energy systems

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  • With shortages of fossil energy and heavy biomass energy use occurring in both developed and developing countries, a major focus has developed worldwide on renewable energy systems. Currently, a heavy focus is on biofuels made from crops, crop residues and wood. Though it may seem beneficial to use renewable plant materials for biofuel, their use raises many concerns about major environmental problems, including food shortages and serious destruction of vital soil resources.

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  • Using renewable energy sources for providing electricity in remote area is an economical-technical solution and reduces environmental pollution. Tho Chu island, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province, is currently supplied by diesel generators, causing environmental pollution and high-power generation costs. This article presents hybrid renewable energy system (HRES) design including diesel generator, photovoltaic system and energy storage system for Tho Chu Island.

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  • This paper determines a hybrid renewable energy source (HRESs) for a rural community using technical, economic, and techno-economic criteria.

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  • This book includes solar energy, wind energy, hybrid systems, biofuels, energy management and efficiency, optimization of renewable energy systems and much more. Subsequently, the book presents the physical and technical principles of promising ways of utilizing renewable energies. The authors provide the important data and parameter sets for the major possibilities of renewable energies utilization which allow an economic and environmental assessment.

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  • Energy is important for the existence and development of humankind and is a key issue in international politics, the economy, military preparedness, and diplomacy. To reduce the impact of conventional energy sources on the environment, much attention should be paid to the development of new energy and renewable energy resources. Solar energy, which is environment friendly, is renewable and can serve as a sustainable energy source. Hence, it will certainly become an important part of the future energy structure with the increasingly drying up of the terrestrial fossil fuel.

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  • Egypt possesses excellent potential for renewable energy (RE) including solar, wind and biomass energy. Renewable energy technologies (RETs) and systems have different needs for support in terms of research and development, demonstration and market development. For this purpose, the Energy Research Center (ERC) at Cairo University has carried out a study with the ultimate goal of formulating a national development strategy and action plan for the local manufacture of renewable energy systems (RESs) and components.

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  • In a modest electrical energy sector, an economical unit cost of electricity generation is inevitable. For tropical countries like Malaysia, apart from attractive energy cost, the environmental issues due to electricity sector also play a significant role because of its tropical nature. The energy cost and its related environmental concerns are of the momentous issues of the Malaysian Government.

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  • This paper proposes a framework for selecting energy storage technology (EST) for small-scale renewable energy systems. The present study was able to achieve this using the results that were generated from a Preference Ranking Organisation Method for Enrichment Evaluation (PROMETHEE) and a fuzzy quality function deployment (FQFD) model.

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  • Engineering for sustainability is an emerging theme for the twenty-first century, and the need for more environmentally benign electric power systems is a critical part of this new thrust. Renewable energy systems that take advantage of energy sources that won’t diminish over time and are independent of fluctuations in price and availability are playing an ever-increasing role in modern power systems.

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  • Renewable Energy is energy generated from natural resources - such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat - which are naturally replenished. In 2008, about 18% of global final energy consumption came from renewables, with 13% coming from traditional biomass, such as wood burning. Hydroelectricity was the next largest renewable source, providing 3% (15% of global electricity generation), followed by solar hot water/heating, which contributed with 1.3%. Modern technologies, such as geothermal energy, wind power, solar power, and ocean energy together provided some 0.

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  • The present edition has been updated in a number of renewable energy technology areas (Chapter 4 and 5), where progress have been made over the recent years. New solar simulation studies have been added to Chapter 6, and market considerations have been included in the overview in Chapter 1, and in discussing industry liberalisation in Chapter 7. The remarks on advanced subjects made in the preface to the 2nd edition are still valid. A new growth area is fuel cells for stationary and mobile uses of hydrogen and other fuels.

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  • Civilization is on a non-renewable energy course upon which we are dependent and which can only be maintained by increasing use of fossil fuel oil and gas and coal, with the result of rising greenhouse gas levels and increasing climate change that leads to increasing ecosystem destruction. It is imperative that civilization bring about an energy transition to a renewable energy economy, which may be based on inexhaustible solar energy, hydrogen, and electricity derived from renewable sources.

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  • The Krasnodar territory is considered one of most attractive regions in Russia in terms of its climatic characteristics for the development of renewable energy sources. According to the current plans of Russian Ministry of Energy, the cumulative capacity of wind generating facilities in the Krasnodar Territory will reach 405 MW by 2022. It is well known form the literature, the average installed capacity utilization factor of wind turbines currently is about 30%.

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  • Renewable energy has become a promising way to meet growing energy needs in the society. However, operation of power supply systems based on renewable energy sources (RES) depends on a number of uncontrolled factors. This imposes certain restrictions on applications and causes applicationrelated challenges. At this point, the search for the best combination of applied energy sources has been still a key issue. Methodological approaches to the solution to this problem are diverse.

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  • The paper will present background information on exergy theory; identify the core subsystems in an SMR plant coupled with storage systems in support of renewable energy and hydrogen production; perform a thermodynamic exergy analysis; determine the cost allocation among these subsystems; and calculate unit exergetic costs, unit exergoeconomic costs, and first and second law efficiencies.

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  • The purpose of this study is to identify priority areas for international cooperation of Central Asian countries to realize the potential of renewable energy sources (RESs) and increase the efficiency of energy systems. Such scientific methods as literature analysis, comparative analysis, retrospective analysis, as well as the expert assessment method have been used in the study. The results of the study show that the countries of Central Asia have significant potential for the development of renewable energy.

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  • This paper examined the relationship between financial development and renewable energy development using data from 17 selected sub-Saharan Africa countries for a 17-year period from 2000 to 2016. The study sought to understand whether financial development is associated with increased renewable energy generation capacity. The investigation adopted a fixed effects and system generalised methods of moments estimation approaches to understand the relationship between financial development and renewable energy development.

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  • Renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, geothermal power, and so on have attracted much attention as alternatives to fossil fuels, because toxins and pollutants are not produced by these sources. For this reason, these energy sources have come to be known as clean energy.

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  • A production tax credit (PTC) is an example of such a performance-based incentive that provides the investor or owner of an eligible renewable energy system with an annual tax credit based on the amount of electricity generated by the system. By linking the incentive to energy produced rather than capital invested, this type of incentive encourages and rewards projects based on performance.

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  • Renewable energy is shifting from the fringe to the mainstream of sustainable development. Past donor efforts achieved modest results but often were not sustained or replicated, which leads now to greater market orientation. Markets for rural household lighting with solar home systems, biogas, and small hydro power have expanded through rural entrepreneurship, government programs, and donor assistance, serving millions of households. Applications in agriculture, small industry, and social services are emerging. Public programs resulted in 220 million improved biomass cook stoves.

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