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  • To an economist, a contract is an agreement under which two parties make reciprocal commitments in terms of their behavior - a bilateral coordination arrangement. Of course, this formulation touches on the legal concept of the contract (a meeting of minds creating effects in law), but also transcends it.

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  • The aim of the Handbooks in Economics series is to produce Handbooks for various branches of economics, each of which is a definitive source, reference, and teaching supplement for use by professional researchers and advanced graduate students. Each Handbook provides self-contained surveys of the current state of a branch of economics in the form of chapters prepared by leading specialists ...

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  • The purpose of this article is to analyze the impact of natural resources, renewable energy, and economic growth on carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emission in Malaysia. Due to the increase in industrialization the state of Malaysia faces significant problems such as environmental pollution. In this study time series data has been used and the ARIMA equation has been used by the researcher in this study. The researcher collected the data from the year 1988 to 2017.

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  • This book includes solar energy, wind energy, hybrid systems, biofuels, energy management and efficiency, optimization of renewable energy systems and much more. Subsequently, the book presents the physical and technical principles of promising ways of utilizing renewable energies. The authors provide the important data and parameter sets for the major possibilities of renewable energies utilization which allow an economic and environmental assessment.

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  • Recently public attention has turned toward the intricate interrelation between economic growth and global warming. This book focuses on this nexus but broadens the framework to study this issue. Growth is seen as global growth, which affects the global environment and climate change. Global growth, in particular high economic growth rates, implies a fast depletion of renewable and nonrenewable resources. Thus the book deals with the impact of economic growth on the envi- ronment and the effect of the exhaustive use of natural resources as well as the reverse linkage.

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  • The fact that the Rio Grande lacks sufficient water to permit its use by the inhabitants of both countries does not entitle Mexico to impose restrictions on the United States which would hamper the development of the latter f s territory or deprive its inhabitants of an advantage with which nature had endowed it and which is situated entirely within its territory. To admit such a principle would be completely contrary to the principle that the United States exercises full sovereignty over its national territory....

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  • The  value of  the UK  LCEGS  sector was £106.5 billion  in 2007/8.  In  terms of  size,  this puts  the  low  carbon  and  environmental  economy  somewhere  between  the  UK’s  healthcare  and  construction  sectors.   The UK is the world’s sixth largest low carbon and environmental economy, with 3.5% of global market  share.  As  shown  in  Figure 2,  the  Environmental  sector  accounts  for £22.3 billion  (21%) of  total UK  market  value,  Renewable  Energy  for  £31.1  billion  (29%),  and  the  Emerging  Low  Carbon  sector  for  £53.3 billion (50%).

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  • Natural resources- definition, characteristics and classification of natural resources. Historical development of natural resource economics, major natural resource issues, role of economics in natural resource planning, policy formulation and management. Common property resources. Time and spatial analysis in use of renewable and nonrenewable natural resources. Natural resource accounting. Natural resource scarcity, measures to mitigate resource scarcity, individual utility and the social welfare function.

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  • Earlier, Lau and Yotopolous (1971) estimated an equation for the profit function in differences in economic efficiency between large and small farms in India and found that small farms attained a higher level of economic efficiency. Sahidu (1974) adopted the Lau–Yotopolous model to sample of Indian wheat farms and came out with a contrary conclusion – that large and small farms exhibited equal economic efficiency in both the technical and price senses.

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  • The transmission of monetary policy is the center of economic studies, this field was renewed in light of the 2008 global financial crisis with arguments about the effectiveness and the determinants of transmission channels especially in emerging markets such as Vietnam which may have strong bank lending channel while asset price channel and exchange rate channel may be weak.

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  • The IESO has been planning for the elimination of coal-fired generation for several years now, and the plan to phase out coal by 2014 is progressing well. Four coal-fired units totalling 2,000 mega- watts (MW) of capacity have been taken out of service in 2010, and Ontario is utilizing more gas- fired and renewable generation. The province is already relying on contributions from nearly 1,100 MW of grid-connected wind capacity. Between new wind, solar and biomass projects, variable generation is expected to climb to almost 7,000 MW by the end of the business planning cycle.

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  • Clarifying the main theoretical issues about economic efficiency of FDI in the province to apply to the study of FDI in Vietnam's localities. Proposing solutions to improve the economic efficiency of FDI in Vinh Phuc province by 2025 with scientific bases; thereby providing more scientific basis for local authorities in planning the policy of attracting FDI, renewing the management of FDI enterprises and improving the economic efficiency of FDI in the coming years.

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  • The purpose of the article is to investigate the link between pollution and marine renewable resources. A bio-economic model of a fishery is developed to derive a marginal damage function for nutrient enrichment using the dynamic production function approach.

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  • The professional management of landfills during operation and after landfill capping is an important task to prevent environmental impacts. Landfill maintenance after closure can become economically favourable if landfill sites can be reused. Several approaches and experiences for reuse of capped landfills exist for example in livestock farming or installation and operation of solar power plants.

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  • The aim of this study is to analyze the economic allocation problem for a photovoltaic-wind hybrid system at 25 locations in Taiwan. The HOMER software developed by the National Energy Renewable Laboratory (NERL) is applied to simulate the economic capacity problem, the comparisons of total Net Present Cost (NPC) at these 25 locations with different Hub Height and capacity shortage are conducted.

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  • The aim of this thesis is to carry out a Potential Analysis and feasibility Evaluation of the further Introduction of Solar and Biomass Energy in South East Asia. This is serving the purpose of assisting the affected nations in South East Asia to tap into their abundantly available potential. Only if the right technologies are chosen and the right strategies pursued, the nations in South East Asia are able to direct their economic growth and the pairing energy hunger into a sustainable direction by drawing on the advantages of renewable energies.

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  • The need for energy and its related services to satisfy human social and economic development, welfare and health is increasing. Returning to renewables to help mitigate climate change is an excellent approach which needs to be sustainable in order to meet energy demand of future generations. The study reviewed the opportunities associated with renewable energy sources which includes: Energy Security, Energy Access, Social and Economic development, Climate change mitigation, and reduction of environmental and health impacts.

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  • This paper presents an overview of the issues related to the quality of human resources, the main purpose of the study is to assess the current situation and analyze the factors influencing the development of human resources in the industry. From that point of view, proposing views and solutions for human resource development in the context of the renewal and socio-economic development of Binh Duong Province.

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  • Greatly influenced by Vietnamese governmental policy renewals in the context of renovation and international economic integration, total agricultural exports of Vietnam have been steadily increasing over the past 10 years, reaching US$ 25.82 billion in 2017, which had a positive impact on the country's socio-economic development. However, most of Vietnam's agricultural export products are in the raw or semi-processed form or packaged under foreign brands with low added value. As a consequence, the farmers still suffer and face difficulty in everyday life because of low returns.

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  • Land is a non-renewable natural resource and centre to all crop production systems. Due to increasing population, per capita land availability decreases, but increasing aspirations of the people make it important to get greater returns from land per unit of land. To achieve the maximum and sustainable return, agroforestry provides security to improve the economic status and livelihood with traditional agriculture. To study the present land use scenario in Nalanda district of Bihar, a field study was conducted through questionnaire survey among 140 families in 75 percent blocks of the district.

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