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  • Why do requirements matter? Experience has shown that insufficient attention is paid to requirements. The price paid for this lack of focus and applied practices is systems that don't meet customer needs; take longer to develop than planned; and cost more than customers are willing to pay. Are we ready to change? Are you willing to spend some time and effort involved in practical exercises to experience how better requirements should evolve? If yes, commit to digesting the counsel of two experienced practitioners and to changing current practices to ones that will produce better results....

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  • Despite their significant role in availing financial services to underprivileged groups and communities, the involvement of savings banks in the microfinance’s arena is often overlooked as many are still restricted from lending and offering microcredit schemes. However, these restrictions are progressively lifted, fully or partially, allowing a few to expand the scope of their operations.

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  • Previous work on quantifier scope annotation focuses on scoping sentences with only two quantified noun phrases (NPs), where the quantifiers are restricted to a predefined list. It also ignores negation, modal/logical operators, and other sentential adverbials. We present a comprehensive scope annotation scheme. We annotate the scope interaction between all scopal terms in the sentence from quantifiers to scopal adverbials, without putting any restriction on the number of scopal terms in a sentence. ...

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  • To illustrate why the ring-fencing of market making activities would be that detrimental an example can be provided: Since the Liikanen Report does not recommend including underwriting within the ring-fence, commercial banks could still engage in these activities. Nevertheless, if these banks were to go to the secondary market to place these securities, then this activity would be considered as market making and therefore would be included in the ring-fencing scope.

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  • That said, a variety of alternatives present themselves. The first is to use data on the difference between growth prior to the crisis and its trough. This measure, however, may be sensitive to the phase of an economy’s business cycle during 2007 and does not incorporate the duration of the crisis. Another possibility is to use forecast data and consider downward revisions and disappointments. Such a measure unnecessarily restricts the scope of the exercise, as data are not available for a broad sample of countries.

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  • Certain restrictions on possible scopings of quantifiednoun phrases in natural language are usually expressed in terms of formal constraints on binding at a level of logical form. Such reliance on the form rather than the content of semantic interpretations goes against the spirit of compositionality. I will show that those scoping restrictions follow from simple and fundamental facts about functional application and abstraction, and can be expressed as constraints on the derivation of possible meanings for sentences rather than constraints of the alleged forms of those meanings. ...

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  • The scope of ASC 320 includes only those equity securities that have readily determinable fair values (e.g., equity securities issued by a public company). However, equity securities issued by a public company are excluded from the scope of ASC 320 if those securities are restricted and that restriction does not terminate within one year of the reporting date. Restricted securities are securities whose sale is contractually or governmentally prohibited.

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  • preconstructed dictionaries or thesauruses. Even in this relatively simplified environment one does not normally undertake a linguistic analysis of any scope. In fact, syntactic and semantic analysis have been used in b i b l i o g r a p h i c information retrieval only under special circumstances to analyze query phrases [22], to process structured text samples of a certain kind, [7,15], or finally to process texts in severely restricted topic areas. [2] Where s p e c i a l conditions do n o t o b t a i n , the preferred approach in...

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  • The software techniques provide burst of unrealistic data for limited time, restricting the scope of performance measurement and evaluation. Hardware data generation systems can be both expensive and inflexible. There is a need for more realistic DNS data traffic which can be used for flexible and cost effective performance measurement over a longer period for thorough evaluation.

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  • Diets that restrict energy or macronutrient intake (e.g. fasting/ketogenic diets (KDs)) may selectively protect non-tumour cells during cancer treatment. Previous reviews have focused on a subset of dietary restrictions (DR) or have not performed systematic searches.

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  • The Panic of 1819 was America’s first great economic crisis and depression. For the first time in American history, there was a crisis of nationwide scope that could not simply and directly be attributed to specific dislocations and restrictions-such as a famine or wartime blockades. Neither could it be simply attributed to the machinations or blunders of one man or to one upsetting act of government, which could be cured by removing the offending cause. In such a way had the economic dislocations from 1808-15 been blamed on “Mr. Jefferson’s Embargo” or “Mr. Madison’s War.

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  • The Recommendations refer to the marketing of products and services. They do not refer explicitly to the promotion of brands (as distinct from products and services); however, as certain brands and organizations are clearly associated with products or services whose marketing could fall within the scope of the Recommendations, efforts to restrict marketing in this area also need to consider how brands are marketed. Advertising is only one form of marketing among many, including sponsorship and product placement.

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  • In Chapter 6 we introduced non-adaptive control design tools for certain classes of nonlinear systems. All of them were based on the assumption that the state of the plant is available for feedback. The scope of this chapter is to remove this restriction by dealing with the case when the state of the system is not available for

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  • project gutenberg's the doctrine of evolution, by henry edward crampton this is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. you may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the project gutenberg license included with this or online at title: the doctrine of evolution its basis and its scope author: henry edward crampton release date: august 5, 2005 [ #16442] .

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  • During the last decade consumer groups, parents and teachers’ bodies, and public health advocacy organisations have called for greater control on the marketing of foods and beverages to children. A number of authoritative reports have highlighted the need to restrict such marketing to ensure that children are not unduly influenced to consume foods high in fats, sugar and salt. A 2009 review of regulations (the PolMark study1) suggested that successful regulation required government leadership with specified timelines and clear, measurable objectives.

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  • In the course of updating the earlier research, the authors reviewed the 12 regulatory categories covered in the original report and eliminated three of them (restrictions on portraying children, athletic achievement, and intoxication) because of their limited scope and the difficulty in enforcing them. Two of the earlier placement categories (outdoor ads near children and outdoor ads near schools, playgrounds, and churches) had substantial overlap and were combined into a single “outdoor ads” category.

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  • Sexual and reproductive rights apply to all individuals regardless of HIV status. Yet more often than not, the rights of HIV-positive women and adolescent girls are not recognized or given priority. Gender inequality and some social and cultural practices often tightly restrict and sometimes control the decisions that women and girls can make regarding their sexual and reproductive choices.

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  • In proportion as the machine industry gained ground, and as the modern concatenation of industrial processes and of markets developed, the conjunctures of business grew more varied and of larger scope at the same time that they became more amenable to shrewd manipulation. The pecuniary side of the enterprise came to require more unremitting attention, as the chances for gain or loss through business relatIons simply, aside from mere industrial efficiency, grew greater in number and magnitude.

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  • Automated grammar correction techniques have seen improvement over the years, but there is still much room for increased performance. Current correction techniques mainly focus on identifying and correcting a specific type of error, such as verb form misuse or preposition misuse, which restricts the corrections to a limited scope. We introduce a novel technique, based on a noisy channel model, which can utilize the whole sentence context to determine proper corrections.

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  • the one hand rearrange a whole sentence in order to respect certain stylistic rules and on the other hand modify the order of these sentences. Some of them may be deleted and others added. In any ease, in order to be able to generate a coherent text by means of the information extracted from a source text, it seems most important to us to understand what the text is refering to. We have restricted our scope to economic geography texts, taken from a French review named ATLASECO.

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