Robust and nonlinear control

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  • All practical systems contain nonlinear dynamics. Control system development for these systems has traditionally been based on linearized system dynamics in conjunction with linear control techniques. Sometimes it is possible to describe the operation of systems by a linear model around its operating points. Linearized system can provide approximate behavior of the system. But in analyzing the overall system behavior, the resulting system model is inadequate or inaccurate. Moreover, the stability of the system cannot be guaranteed.

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  • The employed method is easy to implement in practical applications and moreover, the SMC exhibits the desired dynamic properties during the entire output-tracking process independent of perturbations. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed controller in terms of performance, robustness, and stability. Results show that the proposed controller for the load following operation is so effective that the xenon oscillations are kept bounded in the given region.

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  • This article highlights a robust adaptive tracking control approach for a nonholonomic wheeled mobile robot by which the bad problems of both unknown slippage and uncertainties are dealt with. The radial basis function neural network in this proposed controller assists unknown smooth nonlinear dynamic functions to be approximated. Furthermore, a technical solution is also carried out to avoid actuator saturation. The validity and efficiency of this novel controller, finally, are illustrated via comparative simulation results.

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  • In this paper, the authors aimed to analyze uncertain nonlinear networked control systems (NCS) under discrete eventtriggered communication scheme (DETCS), in which an integrated design methodology between robust fault detection observer and active fault-tolerant controller is proposed.

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  • This paper proposes a novel uncertain fuzzy descriptor system which is an extension from standard T-S fuzzy system. A fixed Lyapunov function-based approach is considered and controller design for this rich class of fuzzy descriptor systems is formulated as a problem of solving a set of LMIs. The design conditions for the descriptor fuzzy system are more complicated than the standard state-space-based systems. However, the descriptor fuzzy system-based approach has the advantage of possessing fewer number of matrix inequality conditions for certain special cases.

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  • A trend of inverstigation of Nonlinear Control Systems has been present over the last few decades. As a result the methods for its analysis and design have improved rapidly. This book includes nonlinear design topics such as Feedback Linearization, Lyapunov Based Control, Adaptive Control, Optimal Control and Robust Control.

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  • This paper presents a control of active suspension system for quarter-car model with two-degree-of-freedom using H and nonlinear adaptive robust control method. Suspension dynamics is linear and treated by H method which guarantees the robustness of closed loop system under the presence of uncertainties and minimizes the effect of road disturbance to system.

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  • The efficient and effective speed controllers can be designed by using adaptive control techniques. In which the conventional PI controller is replaced by structures based on Sliding Mode Control (SMC) strategy. SMC is known for its capability to cope with bounded disturbance as well as model imprecision which makes it ideal for the robust nonlinear control of IM drives.

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  • The article describes the detailed model of the zipper system with many different models based on the change in the length of the rope used in the zipper system. To meet the nonlinearity of the system in actual operation, use nonlinear control theory to design the controller for the system; by experimenting on the model and comparing with the PID controller.

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  • A Series of Reference Books and Textbooks Editors NEIL MUNRO, PH.D., D.SC. Professor Applied Control Engineering University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology Manchester, United Kingdom FRANK L.LEWIS, PH.D. Moncrief-O’Donnell Endowed Chair and Associate Director of Research Automation & Robotics Research Institute University of Texas, Arlington 1. Nonlinear Control of Electric Machinery, Darren M.Dawson, Jun Hu, and Timothy C.Burg 2. Computational Intelligence in Control Engineering, Robert E.King 3.

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  • In this paper, a Model Reference Adaptive Systems (MRAS) based an Adaptive System is proposed to a Twin Rotor MIMO System (TRMS). The TRMS is an open-loop unstable, nonlinear and multi output system.

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  • This volume brings about the contemporary results in the field of discrete-time systems. It covers papers written on the topics of robust control, nonlinear systems and recent applications. Although the technical views are different, they all geared towards focusing on the up-to-date knowledge gain by the researchers and providing effective developments along the systems and control arena. Each topic has a detailed discussions and suggestions for future perusal by interested investigators.

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  • DESIGN OF ROBUST PID CONROLLERS FOR MIMO SECOND-ORDER NONLINEAR SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS IN CONTROL OF INDUSRIAL MANIPULATORS Bài báo nêu lên phương pháp thiết kế bộ điều khiển PID bền vững để áp dụng vào điều khiển các hệ phi tuyến bậc hai nhiều đầu vào – nhiều đầu ra (MIMO) có các tham số và nhiễu không xác định. Các tham số của bộ điều khiển PID được xác định bằng công thức mới sử dụng ngưỡng thay đổi của các thành phần không xác....

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  • A CONTROL ENGINEERING APPROACH TO FUZZY CONTROL This book gives a comprehensive treatment of model-based fuzzy control systems. The central subject of this book is a systematic framework for the stability and design of nonlinear fuzzy control systems. Building on the so-called Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model, a number of most important issues in fuzzy control systems are addressed. These include stability analysis, systematic design procedures, incorporation of performance specifications, robustness, optimality, numerical implementations, and last but not the least, applications. ...

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