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  • The Search Landscape • How Search Engines Work • Building Accessible Sites • Conducting Keyword Research • Link Building Strategies • Social Media & the Web’s Influencers

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  • The rapidly changing landscape of web marketing requires those in the field to quickly adopt new technologies as they emerge. This updated edition provides the basics that every web marketer needs to know, including how to create web properties, exploit search engine optimization (SEO), and create effective e-mail campaigns. This new edition offers a broad revision in order for the content to catch up to the latest tools and trends in web marketing.

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  • This discourse participates, in turn, in a broader discourse of accumulation, the irrevocable flow of advertisements interwoven with the Oscar show itself. While these high-priced advertisements—ads during Oscar telecasts, like Superbowl ads, are often themselves celebrated as elaborately produced showcases—are for a variety of products, their metonymic linkage to the film history montage overdetermines the montage’s celebration of spectatorship as accumulation and consumption.

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  • Many environmental books begin with a desperate attempt to convince us that we are either not sufficiently aware of the problems facing us or are not acting effectively to correct them. This one takes a different approach. I presume that everyone who picks up this book is doing so because they are searching for a better path, away from the problems and also from the habits of thinking that make those problems so intractable in the first place. You would be unlikely to turn to this book if you thought all was well....

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  • Karst is a medium which has traditionally been the subject of hydrogeological re- search, given the abundant water resources that are stored in it. In many cases karst is the product of climatic and hydrological evolution in carbonate areas in recent periods of geological history. Karst contains key information on recent environmen- tal changes. The action of water has generated a great range of karstic features that are part of our natural heritage and some of them form major tourist attractions (landscapes of natural parks, geosites and show caves, for example).

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  • FIGURE 2.16 Google Search activates voice search using the proximity sensor. MOTION SENSOR NOTE iPhone 4 has a three-axis gyroscope. Paired with the accelerometer, it makes the iPhone capable of advanced motion sensing, such as user acceleration, angular velocity, and rotation rate. One of the most widely used sensors is the accelerometer, also known as a “motion” sensor. The accelerometer can detect the iPhone’s orientation and adjust the display accordingly.

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  • Media is at the very heart of society and business. As the economy inexorably shifts from the tangible to the intangible, media in its many forms is accounting for an ever-increasing proportion of value created. Over the last decade we have seen many new media emerge, many new ways not just to disseminate content in all its forms, but also to interact, invite contribution, build relationships, and engage in conversations.

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  • With the latest algorithm change by Google, it has become important to gauge the landscape now and see what works and what doesn't. A lot of websites crashed down the search rankings because they did not correlate well with the changes that were put in by Google and its team. Videos are one of those modern day realities that are growing in strength and it appears they have a big role to play in the success of a website.

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