Seasonality and cycles

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  • In the forest, there are small creatures that move almost effortlessly beneath the ghostly pall of a moonless night, slipping through dense vegetation, a jumble of hazards and traps, and a menacing cabal of hungry predators poised to pounce on the weak and the unwary. Instinctively, they remain attuned to the threats posed by those who are bigger, stronger, or more ruthless than they are.

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  • The inclusion of a smooth function of time in a regression model introduces important sta- tistical issues.We generally do not know precisely the complexity of the seasonal and long-term trends in themortality time series or in the pollution time series. Therefore, a controversial issue is determining how much smoothness we should allow for the smooth function of time. This decision is critical because it determines the amount of residual temporal variation in mortality that is available to estimate the air pollution effect.

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  • Laboratory experiments were carried out to study the biology of Sitophilus oryzae on stored rice grains in different seasons during 2016-17. The results of the laboratory experiments revealed that the duration of various developmental stages i.e. incubation period, larval period, pupal period and adult longevity varied from one season to another season. The longest incubation period, larval period and pupal period of 5.85±0.31, 21.33±0.99 and 10.20±0.50 days was registered during February. And the longest adult longevity of male with food of 58.72±3.44 days and without food of 12.98±0.

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  • An outstanding feature of the lower Mekong region is the dynamic energy of its natural systems and how intimately tied most of the population is to that seasonal force. Productivity in agriculture and fisheries, for example, depends on annual floodplain inundation and nutrient dispersal. The immense scale and impact of this natural cycle is well illustrated in the annual flooding of Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia and the Mekong River Delta which it shares with Vietnam.

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  • (BQ) Winter, spring, summer, and fall-the seasons are one of natures most familiar cycles. But why does the weather change? Learn why weather patterns change over the seasons in Tài liệu Seasons by Robin Nelson. This book is great book forkid.

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  • Large lakes are important because of their size and ecological distinctiveness, as well as their economic and cultural value. Optimal management of them requires a proper understanding of anthropogenic impacts, both on the lake ecosystems, as such and on the services they provide for society. The specific structural and functional properties of large lakes, e.g. morphology, hydrography, biogeochemical cycles, and food-web structure, are all directly related to their size.

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  • Project planning involves answering two questions. Answering the first question, “What do we need to do?” is generally called requirements gathering. Answering the second question, “How will we do it?” is called designing or specifying (see Figure 3-1). A requirement is a carefully written description of a criterion that the work is expected to satisfy. (For example, a requirement for cooking a meal might be to make inexpensive food that is tasty and nutritious.) Good requirements are easy to understand and hard to misinterpret.

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  • Land clearing is expected to be done mechanically, the technique being similar to that at present used by CAMDEV for rubber. Trees are pushed over, raked into windrows and burnt. On the Boa Plain an effective burn wil l be essential to facilitate drain excavation. This may be difficul t with the heavy rainfalls and short dry season. The timing of the clearing operations wil l be important. Felling one dry season and wind- rowing and burning the next may help, as may the use of flame-throwing equipment and fans to ignite the windrowed debris properly. Some pre-clearing drainage may also...

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  • Lecture notes in Macroeconomic and financial forecasting include all of the following: Elementary statistics, trends and seasons, forecasting, time series analysis, overview of macroeconomic forecasting, business cycle facts, data quality, survey data and indicators, using financial data in macroeconomic forecasting, macroeconomic models,...

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  • Partitioning gross rainfall (GR) into throughfall (TF), stemflow (SF), and interception loss (I), which has a very significant effect on water balance and the nutrient cycle in forest ecosystems, was studied in a natural oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) forest situated in the Caspian Forest of northern Iran.

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  • The coast of Pakistan (North Arabian Sea) is under the influence of the seasonal cycle of monsoons, which may result in 2 periods of elevated phytoplankton productivity, one during the north-east monsoon (December–February) and the other during the south-west monsoon (May–September).

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  • Chapter 15 - Managing working capital. This chapter includes contents: Explain what is meant by a firm’s operating cycle and its cash conversion cycle; describe the impact of the operating cycle on the size of investment in accounts receivable and inventories; explain how seasonal and cyclical trends affect the operating cycle, cash conversion cycle, and investments in current assets;...

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  • The production of fine roots (diameter ≤2 mm) contributes considerably to carbon cycling in forest ecosystems. Fine roots constitute a significant organic matter pool with high net primary productivity and turnover. In this study, fine root decomposition, mortality, and production were estimated at a Quercus serrata Murr. plantation in Japan by using rates of diameter-dependent root mortality, decomposition, and the thickening method employed. Sequential soil core and litter bag techniques were used to collect field data. The experiments were set up in a 20×20 m plot.

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  • This work has presented yearly dry and wet seasons in the analysis of 28 years daily recorded temperature, relative humidity and rainfall data from 1988 to 2015 in Rajshahi division, Bangladesh using Hilbert frequency analysis. Analysis has estimated the seasonal boundaries in time according to the instantaneous frequency in cycles/day and the estimations are verified with studying power spectrum of the time series. Two boundaries are obtained in each analysis over the average of yearly analysis of four years.

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  • A long-standing tenet of distributed systems is that the strength of a distributed system can grow as more hosts partic- ipate in it. Each participant may contribute data and computing resources (such as unused CPU cycles and storage) to the overall system, and the wealth of the community can scale with the number of participants. A peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed system is one in which participants rely on one another for service, rather than solely relying on dedicated and often centralized infrastructure.

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  • Moisture deficiencies occurring early in the crop cycle may delay the maturity season and reduce yields. Shortages later in the season often lower quality, as well as yields. However, irrigation surplus, especially late in the season, can reduce both the quality and the post-harvest life of the crop. Uneven or surplus irrigation, above the amount required to replace evapotranspiration, causes nitrate leaching below the root system and the ability of the crop to recover from the nitrogen deficiency decreases.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationships among returns of various sub-indexes in the Istanbul Stock Exchange by using various methods. In particular, we look at the extent to which various sub-indexes are cointegrated or not by using three different methods. For the first two, Engle and Granger’s (1987) single equation models and Johansen’s (1988) multivariate cointegration methods are the among the most commonly used methods for assessing long-run relationships.

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  • Fecal steroid assays have been used to provide information on the estrous cycle, pregnancy, re-estrus, reproductive season and therapeutic treatments of an expanded list of species. This same method could be used in monitoring the reproductive status of the common palm civets (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), also called toddy cats, a nocturnal omnivorous mammal found in South east Asia in general and Vietnam in particular.

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  • This study aims to develop a method for calculating the carbon footprint of rice during its life cycle by combining Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the 2006 Guideline of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (GL 2006) for paddy rice grown in Phu Luong commune, Dong Hung district, Thai Binh province, Vietnam.

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  • Five faba bean genotypes (Vicia faba L.) were selfed for two cycles to produce S1 and S2 generations. A half-diallel cross was carried out among them in each level of inbreeding (S0, S1 and S2) to obtain 10 F1 hybrids. Parental materials as well as their respective F1s were evaluated during the winter season of 2012. All studied traits except total dry seed yield showed significant inbreeding depression after the first generation of selfing (S1). No further decrease was noticed at the S2 generation. In the S1 generation the degree of inbreeding depression was highest for No.

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