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  • At the beginning of the guide we saw how the word “project”, which exists in most languages, has very different meanings in different contexts. It’s useful to spend time checking that there really is agreement on basic concepts and what they mean. It’s often worth doing a glossary. The choice of working languages is crucial – if there’s only one there’s a risk of (a) misunderstanding (b) the project being dominated by native speakers. Translation and interpreting are expensive and time consuming, though, so a compromise solution is usually required.

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  • The credit quality of a bond depends on the issuer’s ability to pay interest on the bond and, ultimately, to repay the principal upon maturity. Independent bond-rating agencies evaluate the financial health of bond issuers and issue alphabetical credit-quality ratings. Usually a lower credit rating means that the issuer must pay higher interest to offset the higher risk that principal and interest won’t be repaid on time. Figure 2 on page 10 describes the ratings used by Moody’s Investors Service, Inc., and Standard & Poor’s Corporation.

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  • The process of bank deleveraging is expected to increase in 2012 with a pipeline of opportunities, such as large loan portfolios, continuing to materialize. With bank capital structures supported through unconventional means, it may require a further uncontrolled external shock to significantly accelerate the deleveraging process. Opportunities for investors will, however, continue to emerge with capital strategy expected to be a key driver of an increase in transaction activity.

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  • A research study was conducted to know the water security issues including women. Since, in the changing security meanings of the 21 century, 'security' as a concept took different inferences. This water insecurity made women to suffer from many ideological concepts, lose human capital and girl child to lose their formal education. To know this water insecurity Water Insecurity Index was calculated using secondary data and other water security parameters were analyzed using primary data. Study revealed that in Dharwad district highest water insecurity was reported in Khalaghatagi taluk (0.

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