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Sector’s greatest

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  • Logistics sector plays a vital role in the development of our country. Indian logistics industry has been showing a steady growth. Goods and Service Tax (GST) is India’s greatest tax reform.

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  • Soil contains huge diversity of microorganism which produces different types of enzymes. Amylase is one of them that hydrolyses starch into its monomer compounds, the smallest being glucose. Hence, amylase is a very prevalent enzyme produced biologically by various kinds of microorganisms and used in industrial sectors for various purposes. Soil bacteria can be isolated and commercially grown in large numbers to produce a vast amount of amylase. In addition, amylases that are extracted require optimum conditions to show greatest activity.

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  • Vietnam is one of the largest shrimp exporters in the world. Since 2010, Vietnam has earned about two billion dollars annually through shrimp exports. As a fertile area of greatest potential for agricultural production in Vietnam, the Mekong Delta has been a major contributor to the country’s achievements, especially in the agricultural sector. During recent decades, trade liberation along with various policies in support of aquaculture has accelerated the development of shrimp production in the Delta.

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  • Make money in stocks with a system winning in good times or bad (Second edition): Part 1 presents the content: how you could make a million owning mutual funds; invcsting likc a professional; models of the greatest stock market winners; how to read charts like an expert and improve your stock selection and timing; how to make money reading the daily financial news pages; the art of tape reading: analyzing and reacting to news; how to pick the best industry groups, subgroups, and market sectors; improving management of pension and institutional portfolios; common mistakes most investors make.

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  • Twenty years ago, world leaders gathered at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and signed the first global agreement to tackle climate change. At the time, the impacts of climate change on communities and economies were just beginning to be understood, and the role of the private sector in responding to these challenges was only just emerging. But two decades later, climate change is no longer a distant threat looming on the horizon; it has emerged as arguably the greatest global challenge of our time.

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  • Plant/Crop-Based Renewable Resources 2020: A Vision to Enhance U.S. Economic Security Through Renewable Plant/Crop-Based Resource Use was published in January 1998 (see Directions, Goals, and Targets on page 10 and back cover for print and electronic availability information). Among other things the vision document set a target of using plant-derived materials to meet 10% of chemical feedstock demand by 2020—a fivefold increase.

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  • A second source for private sector expenditure on R&D is the “EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard”, which has been conducted by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) that is part of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. The annual Scoreboard presents information on the world’s top 1400 companies ranked by their investments in R&D. It contains data drawn from companies’ accounts, most recently for the fiscal year 2009. 16 R&D indicators, such as R&D intensity, vary in line with the business cycle.

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  • Two Cochrane reviews were identified.56,57 One considered the effectiveness of metformin monotherapy compared with placebo or any active combination.56 The other review included studies of metformin alone or in combination with other treatments compared with placebo or a range of other treatments, with the aim of reporting deaths due to lactic acidosis and non-fatal cases of lactic acidosis.57 Similarly, an RCT was identified which compared serious adverse events (AEs) and plasma lactate levels between metformin and non-metformin treated groups....

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  • Ensure you understand the project vision and spend time documenting and determining the project objectives. Produce a project plan document that describes the test system deliverables. It is a good idea to document what is in scope as well as out of scope for absolute clarity. Verify the content of this document with the key stakeholder, spending time to walk them through it, and ask them to sign off on it. You should plan for some degree of scope creep in most projects; therefore, it is important to design a process to manage these changes. You can then implement a...

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  • Additional examples further illustrate the benefit of this tool.

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  • Although the promotion of this policy space has to form part of bilateral and regional trade agreements, it essentially includes a change in the operating mechanisms of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). 5 And, despite the fact that the WTO usually presents itself as an example of multilateral democratic governability (in the organisation every member State has a vote, a system absent in other bodies such as the International Monetary Fund –IMF– and the World Bank), several authors have identified deficiencies in this respect.

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  • Digital objects have characteristics, or unique features, based on their creator and function. For example, the characteristics of a hard disk sector will be different when it is used to store the contents of an ASCII text document versus a JPEG image. We can use the characteristics to identify the data. The state of an object is the value of its characteristics. If a letter were changed in an ASCII text document, then the object corresponding to the file would have a new state. Similarly, the state of a running computer process changes every time data is written to its memory....

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  • Whether we get forms with extensive clarity by use of Baumgarten’s aesthetic considerations can not be answered conclusively on these cases, because much indicate that it has given some vague ideas when students encounter these considerations during evaluations, but without putting them into real use in their leading feature or as a guidelines in the design process. However, to the question: How can designers formulate aesthetic considerations which communicate a clear message to other professionals? an obvious answer is to make use of Baumgarten’s aesthetic considerations. ...

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  • Arthur Bromfield, my father, friend, and confidant. He has helped me in countless ways to shape my life and achieve suc- cess in my career. I am grateful for all of his love and confi- dence, and for always believing in me. Ken, Yukari, Evan, and Jessica Bromfield; Wendy and Mark Rapaport; Michelle, Dave, and Elise Andelman; Sy and Phyllis Bendremer; Linda Bromfield; Rick Bendremer; Jeff, Ellie, and Sol Bendremer; Danielle Wozniak; as well as my dearest friends, Mark Giordani and Jason Rich, who prove over and over again that the limits of friendship are boundless....

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  • The lack of human resource capacity is by far the greatest barrier to overall health sector delivery and has been recognized as a major constraint in attaining the health-related Millennium Development Goals. With 0.03 doctors and 0.21 nurses per 1000 inhabitants, 8 Mozambique has one of the lowest health worker densities in Africa. This is as a result of low pre-service training and recruitment, increased attrition, and rapidly-changing health needs. Health staff distribution around the country still shows considerable regional asymmetries.

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  • Since the goal of the traditional direct marketing model is to identify customers who are most likely to respond to the promotion, it follows that the effectiveness of such a model, or campaign, is determined by the response rate of contacted customers. This evaluation criterion has long been adopted by numerous works in both academic and commercial settings [LL98, KDD98, Bha00, PKP02, DR94].

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  • The key driver of the Financial Crisis of 2007–2008 is the interplay of the following six forces, each of which can be linked to the misperception, misunderstanding, and the active hiding of the risks of consequential but low probability events (“Black Swans”) by those that stood to benefit from the obscuring of consequential risk. Other diagnoses, for example those of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, focus more on epiphenomenal aspects of the crisis such as excessive borrowing, risky investments, opacity of markets, or failures of corporate governance.

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  • Yet, despite progress in the identification of problems and the development of improved methodologies -- and the possibility of regulatory initiatives that feature mandated environmental accounting -- the field lacks a methodology for evaluating the social and private benefits of improved environmental accounting. Whether regulators continue to motivate EA indirectly via outreach to the private sector, or more directly via incentives such as tax breaks or mandates, private sector resources and regulatory attention should be focused on initiatives that promise the greatest benefit.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'normalization of two-channel microarrays accounting for experimental design and intensity-dependent relationships', tài chính - ngân hàng, kế toán - kiểm toán phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • In the 1980s and 1990s, policymakers took a big leap, arguing that the new microfinance institutions should be profitable -- or in the prevailing code language, they should be “financially sustainable.” The argument for emphasizing profit-making microfinance institutions proceeds in three steps. First, it holds that small loans are costly for banks to administer but that poor households can pay high interest rates.

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