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  • This paper analyzes the SIP-based mobility management behavior within a heterogeneous network interconnecting IEEE 802.11-based wireless local area network (WLAN) and IEEE 802.16-based wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN). Our work focuses on signaling processes, during handoff between 802.11 and 802.16 networks. Particularly, the MAC layer technologies of 802.11 and 802.16 are examined in great detail.

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  • The paper begins by presenting a new classification for LWSN in network topology (linear sequential, linear parallel and grid) and in network hierarchy (flat architecture, multi-hop architecture and hierarchical architecture). Then, a detailed explanation for almost all potential applications of LWSN is given. The paper ends with a discussion on different open research areas that need to be studied and argued over by researchers in the future in order to complete our understanding of (and the benefits to be derived from) LWSN in various applications.

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  • In the case of wireless networks the scheduling decisions are made using counters called shadow queues. The results are also extended to the case of networks that employ simple forms of network coding. In that case, our algorithm provides a low-complexity solution to optimally exploit the routing–coding tradeoff.

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  • Enterprise network architectures are in a constant state of flux, and due to a lack of resources and knowledgeable security expertise, some businesses are unable to maintain ongoing security best practices that include proactive security planning and ongoing optimization. Because today's security threats are so stealthy, it is often difficult to impossible to perform root cause analysis to determine how a breach or potential breach event occurred.

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  • Our goal is to provide privacy and integrity to the data, to authenticate the sender, to prevent replay attacks and to prevent traffic analysis; consequently, the entire communication is encrypted (with one exception which will be explained). All communications consist of a preamble, header and payload. The format of all communications (sensor nodes and the base station) consist of a preamble, header and payload. The preamble is empty if the communication originates from the base station and is directed to a sensor, otherwise it contains the address of the sending node.

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  • Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) was the first serious effort to secure Internet mail. The Internet Resources Task Force (IRTF) Privacy and Security Research Group (PSRG) did the initial design. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) PEM Working Group continued development for three years, resulting in a four- part Proposed Internet Standard published in early 1993 [64] [56] [5] [55]. PEM is a broad standard suite, it provides encryption, authentication, message integrity and key management. PEM supports both symmetric and asymmetric (public- key) key management schemes.

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  • Note that we have made an effort to discover public sources that may document or otherwise describe the new technologies in Windows Vista. In some cases, however, we may have overlooked these sources or new sources may have been published since this paper was written. It is not our intent to mislead the reader or to provide incomplete information. Symantec evaluated the security of the network stack...

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  • Wireless Sensor Networks hold the promise of delivering a smart communication paradigm which enables setting up an intelligent network capable of handling applications that evolve from user requirements. With the recent technological advances of wireless sensor network, it is becoming an integral part of our lives. However, due to the nature of wireless sensor networks, researchers face new challenges related to the design of algorithms and protocols.

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  • Over the last couple of years, manufacturers have produced some incredibly sophisticated wireless networking equipment. Consumers’ ongoing demand for low-cost, high-speed, easy-to-use networking gear has forced hardware manufacturers to continually refine their designs. Engineers have produced tiny devices that use very little power to perform amazing feats of ingenuity, producing them on such a large scale that the cost is staggeringly low.

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  • Over the last ten years, the impact of wireless communications on the way we live and do business has been surpassed only by the impact of the Internet. Cell phones, pagers, and wireless Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) have become so commonplace in our lives that it is easy to forget that ten years ago, they were a rarity.

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