Sensors and platforms

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  • Nowadays it is hard to find areas of human activity and development that have not profited from or contributed to remote sensing. Natural, physical and social activities find in remote sensing a common ground for interaction and development. From the end-user point of view, Earth science, geography, planning, resource management, public policy design, environmental studies, and health, are some of the areas whose recent development has been triggered and motivated by remote sensing.

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  • Arduino is a board development platform with which we can develop an embedded application with several sensor and actuator devices. Arduino is an open source-based hardware. There are many Arduino models that you can use to develop. This book is designed for developers (especially for .NET developers) that want to build Arduino programs for general and specific purposes.

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  • We live in an era of unimaginably rapidly advancing and amazing technologies that enable instantaneous flow of information – anytime, anywhere. The convergence of computers and networks has been the key force behind the development of these awesome technologies. Increasing use of systems..

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  • hree different artists from different part of the world sharing same platform on Artflow, showcasing their creative abilities to the world. It is always my pleasure to welcome you to another edition of this Magazine. We are here to show our support.......................................................... WWW.ARTFLOWMAGAZINE.COM Leisa O’Brien was born in a small town of Bundaberg, Australia and working predominantly in acrylics now. Her love of art is only matched by her drive to educate others about painting and right-brained thinking.

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  • A prototype is implemented using ultrasonic sensor, water pump and Arduino board. The system is monitored and controlled over the internet via the Blynk platform. The experimental results demonstrates the efficiency of the system to monitor and control a tank system.

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  • The aim of this paper is to analyze the possibilities of applying WSN technology in industrial platforms from the use of simple detector; complex analyzers to latest MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) based system, machine vision system with their advantages and implementation challenges.

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  • Nano-particles have wide potential in plant disease diagnosis and as an ecofriendly mode of disease management. Nano-scale platforms, biological sensors, miniature detection devices and nano-sensors could play a significant role in pathogen detection and disease management in the future. In this article various nano-particles utilized in disease management and the possibility of large scale adaptability of nano-particles by integrating into present practices and avoiding crop losses reviewed.

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  • Surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors offer a sensitive platform for monitoring important physical entities with several advantages. They can operate well in extreme conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and toxic environment.

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  • My programming roots originated with Flash in 1999 when I first started writing object-oriented Games and Applications in ActionScript. More recently, in 2009, shortly after Apple launched the App Store and opened up their exciting new mobile platform to third parties, I decided to jump ship and become an iPhone Developer.

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  • The Threat Analyzer is used for the analysis of the alerts detected by your McAfee® Network Security Platform [formerly McAfee® IntruShield® ] Sensors as well as those processed by an integrated Host Intrusion Prevention Server. The Threat Analyzer works in conjunction with the policies applied to your McAfee® Network Security Sensor and Host Intrusion Prevention Sensors. For more information on policies, see IPS Configuration Guide.

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  • Advances in sensor technology and deployment strategies are revolutionizing the way that geospatial information is collected and analyzed. For example, cameras and GPS sensors on-board static or mobile platforms have the ability to provide continuous streams of geospatially-rich information.

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  • The widespread deployment of sensors is transforming the physical world into a computing platform. Modern sensors not only respond to physical signals to produce data, they also embed computing and communication capabilities. They are thus able to store, process locally and transfer the data they produce. Still, at the heart of each sensor, a set of signal processing functions transform physical signals such as heat, light, sound, pressure,...

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  • TAB Electronics Build Your Own Robot Kit .TAB Electronics Build Your Own Robot Kit TAB Electronics Build Your Own Robot Kit Details: • • Myke Predko Ben Wirz A dynamic learning platform! Pre-programmed for quick enjoyment, and comes with instructions for custom applications. Customizable, no soldering required. Learn basic skills toward advanced robot building. This incredibly simple-to-build robot will provide you with hours of enjoyment and a great platform on which to develop more sophisticated applications.

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  • In this paper, a TurtleBot, which is an open-source personal research robot platform, will be introduced to create an obstacle avoiding system. To control the robot avoid obstacles, the coordinate data from the laser sensor will be received and calculated the distance from all obstacles to robot for finding the direction of the closest obstacle.

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  • In this framework, low-powered sensor nodes are based on the micro:bit platform, providing a multiple footprints for different sensor connections. The wireless capability on micro:bit provides a complete solution to deploy the system in such places that wire is impractical to draw. The data is wirelessly gathered by a basestation node that is powered by Android Things operating system provided by Google. This operating system is based on the Android platform for smart devices and Internet of Things products.

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  • Advances in sensor technology are revolutionizing the way remotely sensed data are collected, managed, and analyzed. The incorporation of latest-generation sensors to airborne and satellite platforms is currently producing a nearly continual stream of high-dimensional data, and this explosion in the amount of collected information has rapidly created new processing challenges.

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  • This book provides some recent advances in design nanometer VLSI chips. The selected topics try to present some open problems and challenges with important topics ranging from design tools, new post-silicon devices, GPU-based parallel computing, emerging 3D integration, and antenna design.

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  • Sensor networks typically consist of tens to hundreds of small, battery-powered, radio-equipped nodes. These nodes usually have a small, embedded microprocessor, running at a few Mhz, with a small quantity of RAM and a larger Flash memory. The Berkeley mica2 Mote is a popu- lar sensor network hardware platform designed at UC Berkeley and sold commercially by Crossbow Corporation. It has a 7 Mhz processor, a 38.6Kbps radio with ~100 foot range, 4KB of RAM and 512KB flash, runs on AA batter- ies and uses ~15 mA in active power consumption and ~10 µA when asleep.

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  • The Mobile Detection Assessment and Response System, Exterior (MDARS-E) provides an automated robotic security capability for storage yards, petroleum tank farms, rail yards, and arsenals. The system includes multiple supervised-autonomous platforms equipped with intrusion detection, barrier assessment, and inventory assessment subsystems commanded from an integrated control station. The MDARS-E Intrusion Detection System consists of a motion sensor suite which is selectively enabled while the vehicle is momentarily halted in execution of pre-defined but randomly executed patrols.

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