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  • Introduction Chapter 1: Introducing SQL CLR Chapter 2: Your First CLR Stored Procedure Chapter 3: SQL CLR Structure and Common Tasks Chapter 4: Creating SQL CLR Objects Chapter 5: Comparing T-SQL with Managed Code Chapter 6: Replacing Extended Stored Procedures, Functions, and Other T-SQL Objects Chapter 7: The .NET Framework’s Base Class Library Chapter 8: Using SQL CLR Stored Procedures in Your Applications Chapter 9: Handling Errors in CLR Stored Procedures Chapter 10: CLR Administration and Security Chapter 11: Case Study...

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  • The SqlDataAdapter Class You use an object of the SqlDataAdapter class to synchronize data stored in a DataSet object with a SQL Server database

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  • The SqlCommand Class You use an object of the SqlCommand class to execute a command against a SQL Server database

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  • The SqlDataReader Class You use an object of the SqlDataReader class to read rows retrieved from a SQL Server database, an object of the OleDbDataReader class to read rows from any database that supports OLE DB

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  • Understanding the SqlConnection Class You use an object of the SqlConnection class to connect to a SQL Server database, and this object handles the communication between the database and your C# program.

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  • Trước khi tìm hiểu khái niệm Object, chúng ta phải tìm hiểu trước hai khái niệm Object classes và Attributes. Object classes là một bản thiết kế mẫu hay một khuôn mẫu cho các loại đối tượng mà bạn có thể tạo ra trong Active Directory. Có ba loại object classes thông dụng là: User, Computer, Printer. Khái niệm thứ hai là Attributes, nó được định nghĩa là tập các giá trị phù hợp và được kết hợp với một đối tượng cụ thể....

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  • The new version of PHP is out. RC4 was the last step before the final release—developers have been asked to commit to the PHP CVS repository only changes that fix bugs marked as “critical” in the bug tracking system, and thankfully only lasted a few days. The PHP developers have also solved a dilemma that has all but dominated the mailing lists of late—the naming of the CLI (command-line interface) version of PHP vs. the CGI executable, which is used when using PHP as a separate executable to run scripts through a web server....

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  • Introduction to java programming: Chapter 25 - Netorking's Objectives is to comprehend socket-based communication in Java, understand client/server computing, to implement Java networking programs using stream sockets, obtain Internet address using the InetAddress class, develop servers for multiple clients.

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  • Introduction to Computers, the Internet and the Web Introduction What Is a Computer? Computer Organization Evolution of Operating Systems Personal, Distributed and Client/Server Computing Machine Languages, Assembly Languages and High-Level Languages History of C++ History of Java Java Class Libraries Other High-Level Languages Structured Programming The Internet and the World Wide Web Basics of a Typical Java Environment General Notes about Java and This Book Thinking About Objects: Introduction to Object Technology and the Unified Modeling Language Discovering Design Patterns: Introduct...

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  • Using the SqlDataSource Control ” Runat=”server” The SqlDataSource control in Listing 9.24 includes a QueryStringParameter. The QueryStringParameter supplies the movie ID in the SqlDataSource control’s SelectCommand. Using the SessionParameter Object The SessionParameter object enables you to represent any item stored in Session state. The SessionParameter object includes all the properties of the base Parameter class and the following property: . SessionField—The

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  • JPublisher is a utility, written entirely in Java, that generates Java classes to represent database entities such as SQL objects and PL/SQL packages in your Java client program. It also provides support for publishing from SQL, PL/SQL, or server-side Java to Web services and for enabling invocation of external Web services from inside the database

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  • The Ajax craze is sweeping the world, and there is no shortage of libraries from which to choose to make it all easier to develop. One of those libraries has risen near the top in the Java space, and that library is DWR. DWR, or Direct Web Remoting, allows you to treat your Java classes running on the server as if they were local objects running in the browser, bringing the full power of your server–side business logic to the client without the usual problems that entails. In this book,

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  • Chapters Index Syntax For Loops Embedding JavaScript Comparing Ranges Code Reuse on Client and Server Classes and Objects Create an Object Literal if It Does Not Already Exist Chaining Calls to an Object Mixins for classes Cloning an Object (Deep Copy) A CoffeeScript Type Function Class Variables Class Methods and Instance Methods

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  • XML, RDF, and CC/PP Extensible Markup Language (XML) describes a class of data objects called XML documents and partially describes the behavior of the computer programs that process them. XML is an application profile or restricted form of the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). Resource Description Framework (RDF) can be used to create a general, yet extensible framework for describing user preferences and device capabilities. This information can be provided by the user to servers and content providers.

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