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  • The objectives of this study: to prove that the adapted SERVQUAL model can be applied to measure the service quality, compare guests‟ expectation and perceptions on service quality of business hotels and indicate the priority service quality dimension based on the business hotels guest‟s expectations and perceptions. The study‟s output can be used by the hotel managers as a guideline to improve service quality of the hotel.

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  • The objective of this article is based on the identification, from the theoretical and empirical order with the application of multivariate statistics, of the essential variables that intervene in the technical services processes of the hotel industry and with it the conformation of a theoretical model for the management of said process.

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  • This study aims to determine the relationship between the quality of tourism service provided to the customer and the dimensions of the quality of this service in the hotel industry in Al-Kharj governorate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The study is accomplished through the use of descriptive analytical method and found a strong correlation between the quality of service provided, and the dimensions of this quality.

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  • If you are already working or intend to work,in the hotel industry and you use English in your work, then Be My Guest will help you understands,speaks,write, and read the english you need

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  • The study is to examine customers’ perception of service quality and overall satisfaction in the boutique hotel industry of Kolkata, West Bengal. The perceived service quality of hotel attributes is to be examined and the factor structure of service quality perception is to be determined.

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  • Information Technology (IT) has been widely recognized in the hospitality industry as one of the most effective ways to communicate with guests and enhanced services delivery to guests. To cope with these complex and energetic business environments, both small and large enterprises require continuous adoption and innovation in the deployment of emerging technologies.

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  • This study focuses on the job satisfaction and quality of work life among employees in the hotel industry. 100 employees from three 4-star hotels in Klang Valley were selected in the survey.

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  • The  literature  reviewed  provides  a  concise  outline  to  the  concept  of  employer branding  including  branding,  the  corporate  brand  and  the  internal  brand,  corporate culture,  organisational  attractiveness  and  reputation  as  well  as  service  quality.  The thesis is descriptive and uses a qualitative, inductive approach.

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  • Men engaged in Intelligence Services during a war divide their particular opponents into two classes. One consists of neutrals who go out of their way to help the enemy for the sake of gain; and for such men we have not much compassion should they fall upon misfortune. They are interfering in great matters with which they are not concerned, in order to make a little money. The other class is made up of men who, abandoning the opportunities of their own careers, go secretly away in the sacred service of their country, play a lone hand, and run the gauntlet of foreign laws. For...

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  • Determine factors influencing the loyalty of customers using 4 and 5-star hotel service in Ho Chi Minh City in a multidimensional approach in the service quality model; assessing the impact of customer loyalty factors on the use of 4 and 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City based on a multidimensional approach in service quality model; propose some policy recommendations to increase the loyalty of customers using 4 and 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City.

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  • In the paper the researcher tries to find out the impact of price satisfaction and service satisfaction on customer loyalty. Five dimensions of services are taken to see their impact on price and service satisfaction.

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  • Thirty-nine percent of schools that participated in the Direct Loan Program in 2001-02 also participated in FFELP and provided a number of reasons for doing so. Some schools participated in FFELP, in addition to the Direct Loan Program, to provide PLUS loans to parents. Some financial aid officials reported that parents receive better terms for PLUS loans through FFELP. For 57 percent of schools that participated in both loan programs, maintaining relationships with lenders was an extremely or very important factor in influencing this decision.

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  • The study found a number of key findings on the constraints of applying overall quality management in marketing tourism services in Saudi Arabia. The study recommended the need to adopt an integrated system of comprehensive quality management in hotel organizations in Al-Kharj governorate in order to ensure the implementation of sound and correct marketing programs for these organizations by removing the obstacles, which stand in the way of the application of managing the overall quality of these organizations.

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  • The study aims to search and identify barriers to the customer’s awareness of tourism services in hotels working in Al-Kharj city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A sample of hotel customers was taken, amounting to (500) customers to find out the quality of these services, as the quality of tourism services is an essential pillar of the competitiveness of the tourism facility in light of the market economy conditions.

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  • In recent years, tourist accommodation establishments have been growing in both quantity and quality, making an important contribution to the development of tourism products, socio-economic development in local. Expected to 2020, Vietnam's economy will continue to witness the boom of the accommodation service business with more than 20 million foreign visitors visiting and the outstanding growth of the hotel service industry.

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  • HOTEL AND restaurant managers work in the hospitality industry, providing services to millions of people around the world every day. Most people are familiar with the setting in which these managers work, having enjoyed meals in restaurants and stayed in hotels. But how many know what goes on behind the scenes? Depending on the size of the establishment, there may be hundreds of people involved in the process of providing a hotel room or restaurant meal.

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  • Make Your Mark ON-THE-JOB ENGLISH LEARNING Illustrates situations and enhances workplace literacy that span four major industries: food service, the hotel industry, retail, and health services. JOB-FOCUSED TOPICS Focus on teaching terminology, common idioms, general job information, and strategies for success.

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  • The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) has the power to hear tenancy disputes. If the RTA cannot help you resolve a bond dispute, it will issue a Notice of Unresolved Dispute. For bond disputes the person who receives a Notice of Unresolved Dispute has seven days in which to apply to the Tribunal for a hearing and notify the RTA. If the person does not apply to the Tribunal and notify the RTA within seven days, the RTA will release the bond to the other party, according to the fi rst Refund of Rental Bond form they received.

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  • This paper gives an idea about analysis of importance of customer satisfaction. The study was carried out with the help of quantitative research by using questionnaire & it was designed on keeping in mind the basic of customer satisfaction.

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  • part 2 book “pearson new international edition “ has contents: the housekeeping department, the maintenance department, food service and meeting management in limited-service hotels, hotel accounting, food and beverage operations - full-service hotels, safety and security, careers in the lodging industry.

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