Shoreline change

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  •   Nowadays,  there  are  many  methods  to  study  shoreline  change  in  coastal  engineering.  Among  them,  mathematical  methods  are  considered  as  effective  ones  that  have  been  used  for  a  long  time.  LITPACK  is  a  numerical  model  in  MIKE  software  package,  developed  by  Danish  Hydraulic  Institute  (DHI),  for  simulating  non‐cohesive  sediment  transport  in  wave  and  currents,  littoral  drift,  coastline  evolution  and  profile  development  along ...

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  • Coastal zone of Cuu Long estuary is a place through which Mekong River flows into the Eastern Sea with 8 estuaries. is the zone is formed under the influences in the interaction between river and sea. Geologically, coastal zone of Mekong delta is characterised by the predominat of clay and silt formations. These two factors makes the shoreline sensitive to exogenous processes such assedimentation and erosion.. This paper presents an application of satellite remote sensing technology to detect and analyze the spatial changes as well as quantify the shoreline change in Cuu Long estuary.

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  • Sediment transport is a book that covers a wide variety of subject matters. It combines the personal and professional experience of the authors on solid particles transport and related problems, whose expertise is focused in aqueous systems and in laboratory flumes. This includes a series of chapters on hydrodynamics and their relationship with sediment transport and morphological development.

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  • In many years, changing of shoreline has caused a lot of difficulties for the sustainable development of socio-economics in the coastal zone of the Red River delta. Here, in after the Flandrian transgression, accretion process of expanding delta has continuously deve1oped. The eroded sections of shoreline appeared at the beginning of the Twentieth century (1905). The most intensive segment is in Hai Hau district. The Erosion re1ated mainly to the lack of sediment caused by exogenous and human activities. Affect of endogenous process to erosion is very weak.

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  •  Vietnam has over 3200 km shoreline which extends from north to south of the country.  Sea level changes were principal factors influenced on sedimentary environment and compositions.  In Quaternary, cycles of sea level change and tectonic movement were main factor that created Red  River  delta,  Nam  Bo  plain  and  Central  plain.  There  are  5  sedimentary  cycles  corresponding  to  5  cycles  of  sea  level  change  of  the  Red  River  delta  and  Nam  Bo  plain.  Sedimentary  cycles  were ...

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  • The deposition in Day estuary tends to increase strongly due to abundant sources of sediment from the Red River system and the estuary is located in a concave coast where strong impacts of wave are eliminated. In this study, MIKE model developed by Danish Hydraulic Institute is employed to simulate, evaluate and forecast hydrodynamic regime as well as erosion, sedimentation and shoreline change processes in Day river mouth located in Ninh Binh.

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  • The study presents the application of parabolic model using MEPBAY package to estimate the equilibrium stages of the headland-bay beaches in Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan provinces. The model results showed that the present shorelines in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan are not under equilibrium stages. As for Binh Thuan, the shoreline changes with and without structures in Phan Thiet and Hon Rom beaches were predicte.

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