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  • A novel video smoke detection method using both color and motion features is presented. The result of optical flow is assumed to be an approximation of motion field. Background estimation and color-based decision rule are used to determine candidate smoke regions. The Lucas Kanade optical flow algorithm is proposed to calculate the optical flow of candidate regions. And the motion features are calculated from the optical flow results and use to differentiate smoke from some other moving objects.

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  • An efficient smoke detection algorithm on color video sequences obtained from a stationary camera is proposed. Our algorithm considers dynamic and static features of smoke and composed of basic steps: preprocessing; slowly moving areas and pixels segmentation in a current input frame based on adaptive background subtraction; merge slowly moving areas with pixels into blobs; classification of the blobs obtained before.

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  • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) consist of wireless sensor nodes, where the choice of their deployment scheme depends highly on the type of sensors, their application, and the environment they will operate in. The performance of WSNs can be affected if the network is deployed under different topologies. In this paper various strategies for positioning nodes in WSNs for fire detection (grid, triangular and strip) are discussed.

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  • Chemoprevention of Cancers of the Upper Aerodigestive Tract Smoking causes diffuse epithelial injury in the head, neck, esophagus, and lung. Patients cured of squamous cell cancers of the lung, esophagus, head, and neck are at risk (as high as 5% per year) of developing second cancers of the upper aerodigestive tract. Cessation of cigarette smoking does not markedly decrease the cured cancer patient's risk of second malignancy, even though it does lower the cancer risk in those who have never developed a malignancy.

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  • Screening for early detection of lung cancer has been performed in high-risk individuals with smoking history. However, researches on the distribution, clinical characteristics, and prognosis of these high-risk individuals in an actual cohort are lacking. Thus, the objective of this study was to retrospectively review characteristics and prognosis of patients with smoking history in an actual lung cancer cohort.

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  • In methylation analyses like epigenome-wide association studies, a high amount of biomarkers is tested for an association between the measured continuous outcome and different covariates. In the case of a continuous covariate like smoking pack years (SPY), a measure of lifetime exposure to tobacco toxins, a spike at zero can occur.

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  • Main risk factor for the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is smoking, although only less than 1/3 of smokers develop clinically manifest COPD. COPD’s progressive nature with high disability and mortality makes it plausible to detect it as early as possible thus allowing for an early intervention.

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  • Studies assessing the role of ICTP levels in GCF or peri-implant crevicular fluid as a diagnostic marker of periodontal disease activity have reported promising results so far (Oringer et al. 1998, 2002). ICTP was suggested to predict future bone loss, to correlate with clinical parameters and putative periodontal pathogens and also to reduce following periodontal therapy (Giannobile 1999).

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  • The oviduct is an exquisitely designed organ that functions in picking-up ovulated oocytes, transporting gametes in opposite directions to the site of fertilization, providing a suitable environment for fertilization and early development, and transporting preimplantation embryos to the uterus. A variety of biological processes can be studied in oviducts making them an excellent model for toxicological studies.

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  • The summary for Module 2 Indoor Air Pollution Monitoring was prepared by David Pennise. Presentations were put together by David Pennise, Kyra Naumoff, CEIHD (based on materials created by Kirk Smith, University of California at Berkeley) and Eva Rehfuess. The summary for Module 3 Monitoring Impacts on Health and Well-Being was prepared by Eva Rehfuess. Presentations were put together by Eva Rehfuess and Jonathan Rouse, in collaboration with Nigel Bruce and Kirstie Jagoe. The summary for Module 4 Stove Performance was pre- pared by Mike Hatfield, Aprovecho Research Center.

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  • Recent reductions in cancer mortality are due in part to risk reduction behaviors like smoking cessation and more strongly to early detection of cancer coupled with appropriate therapy. Yet, there are no validated molecular biomarker tests for the early detection of any cancer (see Table I). Among the list of Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved biomarkers, none have been approved for cancer early detection and screening.

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  • The Mobile Detection Assessment and Response System, Exterior (MDARS-E) provides an automated robotic security capability for storage yards, petroleum tank farms, rail yards, and arsenals. The system includes multiple supervised-autonomous platforms equipped with intrusion detection, barrier assessment, and inventory assessment subsystems commanded from an integrated control station. The MDARS-E Intrusion Detection System consists of a motion sensor suite which is selectively enabled while the vehicle is momentarily halted in execution of pre-defined but randomly executed patrols.

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  • Schools and local authority children’s services should work closely with child and adolescent mental health and other services to develop and agree local protocols. These should support a ‘stepped care’ approach to preventing and managing mental health problems (as defined in NICE clinical guideline 28 on depression in children and young people). The protocols should cover assessment, referral and a definition of the role of schools and other agencies in delivering different interventions, taking into account local capacity and service configuration. ...

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  • Biomarkers in development by EDRN address common malignancies as well as mesothelioma and hepatocellular cancer. The latter are of major worldwide importance and are increasing in incidence in the United States. EDRN Collaborative Groups, focused on breast and gynecologic cancers, gastrointestinal and other associated cancers, lung and upper aerodigestive cancers and prostate and urologic cancers, each have biomarkers in prevalidation and validation phases in which the accuracy of experimental results is confirmed.

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  • We do not yet know what causes most cases of endometrial cancer. But we do know that certain risk factors are linked to this disease. A risk factor is anything that changes a person's chance of getting a disease such as cancer. Different cancers have different risk factors. For example, being in strong sunlight without protection is a risk factor for skin cancer. Smoking is a risk factor for many cancers. Some risk factors, like your age or race, can't be changed. Others, like smoking and diet are under your control. But risk factors don't tell us everything. Someone...

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  • Tobacco smoke is highly addictive and has been linked to 20 percent of all deaths in the United States. It contains many cancer- causing chemicals, and almost one third of all cancer deaths are related to tobacco use. Tobacco smoking has generally been considered to have little or no association with breast cancer risk. Newer studies have challenged this conclusion and suggested a connection between smoking and an increased risk of breast cancer, but more investigation is needed to resolve this issue.

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  • No undue liberties with history have been attempted in this romance. Few characters in the story are purely imaginary. Doubtless the fastidious reader will distinguish these intruders at a glance, and very properly ignore them. For they, and what they never were, and what they never did, merely sugar-coat a dose disguised, and gild the solid pill of fact with tinselled fiction.

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  • This letter reports on mid-infrared laser-based detection and analysis of chemical species. Emphasis is put on broadly tunable laser sources and sensitive detection schemes. Selected examples from our lab illustrate the performance and potential of such systems in various areas including environmental and medical sensing.

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  • TP53 gene mutations can lead to the expression of a dysfunctional protein that in turn may enable genetically unstable cells to survive and change into malignant cells. Mutant p53 accumulates early in cells and can precociously induce circulating anti-p53 antibodies (p53Abs).

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  • The main risk factors are those of current or former smokers, aged 55 to 74 years with a smoking history of at least 1 pack-day. A pulmonary nodule is defined as a rounded or irregular opacity, well or poorly defined, measuring up to 3 cm in diameter. Early detection the malignancy of nodules has a significant role in decreasing the mortality, increasing the survival time and consider as early diagnosis lung cancer.

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