Social capital

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  • This article aims at testing the relationship between owners’ human and social capital resources and firms’ financial performance, using the survey of 2,739 SMEs in Vietnam in 2004 conducted by Vietnam’s Institute of Labor Studies and Social Affairs (ILSSA) and The Faculty of Economics - Copenhagen University. The study then shows some significant results and opens future research directions.

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  • This paper identifies how social capital in kinship relations is employed to foster children’s education in the Reform era, based on an anthropological and sociological study in Quỳnh Đôi village, Quỳnh Lưu district, Nghệ An province, Vietnam. The paper shows that in the Đổi mới period, with the state policy of "socialization of education", many social forces have contributed to educational affairs.

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  • Social capital in Science and Technology (S&T) and its components are new and important topics which need to be studied exhaustively in order to get solutions for enhancing and developing this capital source. One of its components is S&T communication which has played an important role for S&T development of the country.

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  • The roles of human and social capital in the development of manufacturing SMEs in Vietnam. Many studies show that promotion of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries requires support for innovation. Nevertheless, there have been few rigorous studies about determinants of innovation carried out by SMEs, especially in transition economies.

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  • Social capital in rural areas of Vietnam and Its impact on households’ life satisfaction. Using data of the Vietnam Access to Resources Household Survey 2014, with the participation of 3,648 households in rural areas of 12 provinces in Vietnam and two models: OLS regression and ordered logit, this paper studied the determinants of social capital in the rural area of Vietnam.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học quốc tế đề tài : Network-based social capital and capacity-building programs: an example from Ethiopia

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  • It is a cause for celebration to be able to introduce this thought-provoking book to a wider public. Each chapter is the tip of an iceberg of knowledge and experience, perfectly replicating the sense of discovery of the original study day that inspired the book. The Social Perspectives Network (SPN) is a network open to anyone who is interested in looking at mental distress in terms of people’s social experience – how social factors may both contribute to people becoming distressed, and play a crucial part in promoting their recovery.

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  • This paper focuses on analyzing and elucidating the roles played by the family and lineage in preservation and promotion of traditional values during the process of new rural construction, such as: providing mutual assistance in daily life and production; bringing social capital into full play; connecting spiritual ties among individuals in the family and lineage; establishing family and lineage networks; and, educating on the lifestyles, orientating the choice of occupation as well as developing the household economy.

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  • The umbrella term Social Sciences and Humanities refers to a plurality of fields outside the Natural or Physical Sciences. Disciplines as different as anthropology, archeology, architecture, art, cultural studies, economics, education, geography and environmental studies, history, law, languages and linguistics, political science, philosophy, psychology, sociology or translation studies, all share the concern for human relations and socio-cultural practices.

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  • The topic ‘elite’ may be dealt with either in a few lines, or in many pages. There is no half way. In fact, it encompasses issues which are crucial to the social sciences, such as the relation between the distribution of wealth, prestige and power; the exercise of power and the composition of the group that holds it. The list is extensive.

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  • Significant development always builds from existing assets and points of strength. Accordingly, not all economically distressed places are positioned to utilize arts and cultural activities as a major development strategy at either the regional or neighborhood level. Additionally, no economic or community development strategy should be viewed as a quick-fix to complex social and economic problems.

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  • The Internet is a critically important research site for sociologists testing theories of technology diffusion and media effects, particularly because it is a medium uniquely capable of integrating modes of communication and forms of content. Current research tends to focus on the Internet’s implications in five domains: 1) inequality (the “digital divide”); 2) community and social capital; 3) political participation; 4) organizations and other economic institutions; and 5) cultural participation and cultural diversity.

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  • This analysis will serve as a starting point for us to focus on a broader subject. In fact, the study of the careers of the figures involved allows us to discuss the way in which cultural flows between centre and periphery work, taking as an example the musical scenes of France and Brazil in the 1920s. With the help of this empirical material, we can identify the social practices and mechanisms through which the social positions of these figures were supported and their differences legitimized.

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  • The study focuses on three fundamental questions: how to protect the most vulnerable without promoting informality and dampening incentives to work and save; how to ensure that scarce public resources are used for subsidies that are transparent, fair, and effective and not for badly targeted and regressive benefits for formal sector workers; and how to reinforce human capital development so that more workers can insure themselves through savings or risk-pooling arrangements, reducing vulnerability and the need for subsidies....

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  • This is the first attempt to write the history of smoking in this country from the social point of view. There have been many books written about tobacco--F.W. Fairholt's "History of Tobacco," 1859, and the "Tobacco" (1857) of Andrew Steinmetz, are still valuable authorities--but hitherto no one has told the story of the fluctuations of fashion in respect of the practice of smoking.

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  • Luận án phân tích hành vi chấp nhận rủi ro (risk-taking) của người nông dân khi chuyển dịch từ trồng lúa sang nuôi tôm và vai trò của vốn xã hội (social capital) trong hoạt động kinh tế của cư dân. Phát hiện của luận án đó là tuy người nông dân thực hiện hành vi chấp nhận rủi ro với việc chuyển dịch từ trồng lúa sang nuôi tôm, nhưng đây là hành vi chấp nhận rủi ro có điều kiện. Do điều kiện sản xuất có nhiều bất ổn, trong hành vi kinh tế của mình, người...

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  • Social Networks, Social Software and Web 2.0, a phrase coined by O’Reilly Media in 2004, refers to a perceived or proposed second generation of Internet-based services—such as social networking sites, professional communities of practice, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies—that emphasize the creation of knowledge and intellectual capital, online collaboration and sharing among users. This new emerging era poses critical challenges for the development of Interactive Learning Environment.

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  • Economics. The word conjures up all sorts of images: manic stock traders on Wall Street, an economic summit meeting in a European capital, a somber television news anchor announcing good or bad news about the economy. . . . You probably hear about economics several times each day. What exactly is economics? First, economics is a social science. It seeks to explain something about society, just like other social sciences, such as psychology, sociology, and political science.

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  • A rich end-user experience has become the hallmark of search marketing. Searchers now receive instant, real-time, personalized and local information. Blended search supports these developments by generating results pages that include not only blue links, but also video, images, news, press releases, customer reviews and real-time social media content. This colorful backdrop of search activity is the setting for MarketingSherpa’s eighth annual benchmark report of search engine marketing.

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  • The prominence of private health insurance has been buttressed by government interventions directed at PHI markets in several OECD health systems, although the effectiveness of policies aimed at increasing market size and fostering outcome quality has differed widely. Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and the United States have promoted and maintained a large and viable private health insurance market because policy makers have concluded that mixed public-private coverage systems can better deliver desired health policy and social outcomes.

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