Software Transactional Memory

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  • An effective knowledge transfer (KT) process is a key factor in achieving the competitive advantage that is critical for software development companies seeking to maintain their existence and improve their performance. However, there do exist obstacles to the achievement of effective knowledge transfer. Companies often face difficulties in identifying those barriers that have the great impact on KT as well as the best solutions with which to address them. Through a systematic literature review and interviews conducted with 15 experts, we identified 21 KT barriers and 12 KT solutions.

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  • Speed. Aside from caffeine, nothing quickens the pulse of a programmer as much as the blazingly fast execution of a piece of code. How can we fulfill the need for computational speed? Moore’s law takes us some of the way, but multicore is the real future. To take full advantage of multicore, we need to program with concurrency in mind. In a concurrent program, two or more actions take place simultaneously. A concurrent program may download multiple files while performing computations and updating the database. We often write concurrent programs using threads in Java.

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  • The Memory Manager is responsible for the TOE memory pool. The memory pool is used to supply the TOE with its memory while it is executing. Almost all data structures that use memory in the TOE are allocated in the memory pool. The memory pool also provides resources for transaction logging and data buffers. The immediate environment of the TOE comprises: The Windows 2008 Server Enterprise Edition Operating System, which hosts the TOE. As the TOE is a software only TOE it lives as a process in the Operating System (OS) and uses the resources of the...

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