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Soils and landforms

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  • Part 2 book "Fundamentals of physical geography" includes content: Biogeography and soils; earth materials and plate tectonics; volcanic and tectonic processes and landforms; weathering and mass wasting; water resources and karst landforms; fluvial processes and landforms; arid region landforms and eolian systems; glacial systems and landforms, coastal processes and landforms.

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  • Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process in mountainous areas that affects all landforms. Located in Central of Vietnam, in the tropical monsoon climate Da Nang City is characterized by more than 70 percentage of area with hilly and mountainous topography. This study is objective apply the Universal Soil Loss Equation (ULSE) model developed by Wischmeier and Smith (1978) integrating with remote sensing data and Geographical Information System (GIS) tool to evaluate soil erosion risk in Da Nang City, Vietnam.

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  • A detailed soil survey was undertaken in Porbandar taluka, Porbandar district with the aim to assess the status and potential of land resources for the production potential and suitability evaluation for groundnut. The area of the taluka has been divided into four major landforms viz., hill, pediment, pediment & alluvial plain and coastal plain.

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  • A detailed soil survey was carried out at tribal area in Chikaldhara tahasil of Maharashtra state during the year 2015-2017. In present investigation data on natural resources such as soil fertility and present land use system aspect were generated studied and analysed. The study covered whole tribal area to identified different landform units to understand the soil heterogeneity as well as the present land use.

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  • The Aravalli region in India is very prone to soil erosion and low hydrological regimes. The present study has been carried out in the Aravalli hill slopes to characterized land resources, identified soil problems to establish appropriate soil conservation measures in risk prone areas and appropriate land management practices. The integrated remote sensing (IRS-P6-LISS-IV and cartosat-1 merged data) and GIS based methodologies were employed for terrain analysis, identification of slope, landform, land use/land cover classes, hydro-geomorphology.

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  • A detailed soil survey was undertaken in central state farm Jetsar, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India representing the arid climate with the aim of to assess the status and potential of land resources for the suitability and production potential of soils for chickpea. The area of the farm has been divided into three major landforms viz., sand dunes, reclaimed sand dunes and aeofluvial flood plain. Based on the variation in physiography and landforms, eight soil pedons were identified in the farm.

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  • Morphometric analysis, which refers to the science of quantitative analysis of land surface, has been carried on Kamleshwar watershed of Hiran River in Gujarat using remote sensing and GIS techniques. Digital Elevation Model of 30 m × 30 m resolution was used to prepare the detailed drainage map in ArcGIS software and stream ordering was in which study area has trunk order of 5. Total seventeen morphometric parameters including linear, areal and relief aspects have been estimated. Mean bifurcation ratio of the watershed has been calculated to be 3.

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  • Soils of Bino-river watershed in Almora district of Uttarakhand, India in north western Himalayas were characterised and classified for land categorisation and perspective land use planning. On the basis of interpretation of remote sensing data and ground truth verification three broad landforms viz., ridge tops, side slopes and valleys were identified and further sub-divided into seven landform units based on slope gradients. Nine types of soils (Pedons 1 to 9) were identified in the watershed area.

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  • The research objective of the dissertation establishes geomorphologic geological units to serve as a scientific foundation for sustainable land use planning and use in the North Central Highlands. Building up the system of units and criteria and establishing geomorphologic map of the North Central Highlands. Analyzing characteristics and classification of geomorphologic landscapes, proposing solutions to sustainable land management and use on the geomorphologic viewpoint of North Central Highlands.

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  • In this research, the applicability of geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) techniques was tested to assess soil erosion risk with the ICONA erosion model. This study was carried out in the Ankara-Beypazari area because of its variety of diverse landforms, land uses and land covers.

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  • The Voi Mep massif of the Truong Son range, having the highest peak in the Quang Tri area (1739m), is composed of granite and granodiorite intrusive rocks in Ben Giang-Que Son complex. This massif is fairly isometric with characteristic landforms comprising: remnants of old pediment surfaces, mountain slopes and valleys with steep profiles.

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  • This book explores the diversity of topics related to radiometric dating, with particular emphasis on the method of radiocarbon dating and a cross-check of its results with luminescence measurements. Chemistry and the global carbon cycle is an essential element of life on Earth, because carbon is a component of every living cell, plants and animals. The radioactive isotope 14C was found useful for dating, for which in 1960 Willard Frank Libby received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

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