Soneplex broadband system

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  • The Soneplex Broadband system is an efficient, cost- effective solution for T1-based service delivery. It supports DS3 or STS-1 network interfaces and up to 28 DS1 loop transport modules. Integrated network management lets carriers save on overall operations costs through the entire system lifecycle.

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  • The Soneplex DS3 Remote Control System provides for centralized manage- ment of up to seven remotely located Soneplex Broadband Systems. By using an existing overhead channel in DS3 links, provisioning, monitoring, and alarm information can be easily attained without the need for a secondary communications network. This channel is used to transport TL1, TBOS, or menu messages from each remote Soneplex Broadband System to a network Operating System or a craft terminal.

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  • This application note provides detailed alternatives for transporting the Soneplex Broadband and Soneplex Loop Extender alarm and performance information from a remote location back to the central/hubbing location. The Soneplex Broadband System is used as an intelligent network hub for DS1 hicap distribution in the local loop. The network interface is one standard electrical DS3 signal. This DS3 signal is demultiplexed into twenty-eight DS1 circuits, which can then be delivered to up to twenty-eight remote locations utilizing either fiber or copper facilities....

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  • he Soneplex Streaker (STK) module is an optional, low-cost maintenance module used to verify local wiring in a central office environment from the main distribution frame (MDF) to a Soneplex Broadband or Loop Extender System or from the Soneplex Loop Extender System to a DSX panel

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  • With the recent introduction of the CPM (Continuous Performance Monitoring) module to the remote QLX product line and Soneplex MPU software release 4.2, DS1 hicap route diversity can now be added to the "path protection" feature associated with many fiber rings and OCn multiplexers. DS1 hicap route diversity allows service providers to extend path protection into the local loop and provide complete DS1 circuit protection for critical hicap customers.

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  • In many applications, T1 repeater and other hicap transmission equipment lines are terminated in remote cabinets in 3192-style shelves or racks. Now, with the recent introduction of the Soneplex 3192R HDSL remote module, HDSL circuits originating from a Soneplex central office terminal (COT) module can be terminated remotely in 3192-style shelves. The 3192 shelf is a standard shelf configuration commonly used in the industry. 3192 shelves support 28 module slots and each slot is provided power, local alarm contact points and circuit pin-outs for loop and line wiring for the module....

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  • High-bit-rate digital subscriber line (HDSL) circuits for the delivery of DS1 services can now be extended to 36,000 feet by implementing the newly introduced Soneplex main processor unit (MPU) module with software release 5.2 and the latest version Soneplex HDSL central office repeater and remote modules. This allows monitoring of the signals from the central office along each span.

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