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  • Over the past several years, the U.S. military has become increasingly interested in military operations in urban areas. This attention is warranted because such operations are among the most complex challenges that confront the U.S. Army, be it a conventional conflict or military operations other than war.

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  • Donkeys were among the first animals to be tamed by humans. The first donkeys probably came from Asia. People ride donkeys and use them to carry heavy loads, or burdens. Because they are surefooted, donkeys are useful on rough or hilly ground. Donkeys play an important part in the lives of people in the mountains of Ethiopia and other parts of northeastern Africa. They are also important to the people in the high plains of Tibet and in parts of South America. Donkeys today come in different sizes. From the ground to the shoulder, the American donkey is generally about 66...

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  • An undeniable interest exists in matters about East Asia and its people, customs, and institutions. This book serves the needs of those who wish to learn how government works in East Asia—in particular, its public administration and related public policy processes. The focus here is on the apparatus of government: the agencies, values, context, and policies within which they operate.

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  • Documents and reflects on the steps that researchers are taking to implement social and gender analysis, including questions of class, caste, and ethnicity, into their everyday work. Combines both learning experiences and scientific results, representing academic and nonacademic sectors, a variety of research organizations, and a number of natural resource management questions, including biodiversity conservation, crop and livestock improvement, and sustainable grassland development.

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  • We, the editors of this book, both have a long association with Dorothea Orem—Susan Taylor since 1976 and Kathie Renpenning since 1983. Collaboration between the two of us began in 1983 at the instigation of Orem and continues to this day through theory development activities, writing and publishing, and giving presentations in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. As we have worked with Orem and learned of her theoretical and conceptual work, we also got to know her personally and were privileged to have access to her working papers and presentations.

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