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  • In efforts to achieve specific behavioural outcomes, programmes aimed at developing young people’s life skills without a particular context such as a health behaviour or condition are less effective than programmes that overtly focus on applying life skills to specific health choices and behaviours (Kirby et al, 1994). To influence behaviour effectively, skills must be applied to a particular topic, such as a prevalent health issue.

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  • This discussion first reviews early theoretical clarifications of how population health change is linked to reduction in mortality at older ages. We briefly discuss evidence of trends prior to recent decades, subsequent understanding of trends from empirical models of health, and developments in understanding the dimensions of health and the process of health change for an aging population. Recent trends in each dimension of health are then reviewed, ending with a discussion of trends in healthy life, which is a combination of mortality and morbidity dimensions....

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  • In our second gambling experiment subjects were asked to make six choices. For each choice subjects had to select one of two decks of 10 cards. Unlike Bechara et al. experiment, subjects saw the payoffs from each of the ten cards in the pair of decks before making their selection. Once they decided which deck they wanted, the ten cards were shuffled and the subjects selected one card. In all six choices one of the two decks had a positive mean payoff, and the other deck had a nonpositive payoff. The deck with the positive average payoff had a...

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  • The links between Women‟s Studies and Cinema are evident. After the women‟s movement, the field of women‟s studies has allied with almost every discipline to provide an alternative perspective of knowledge and reality as viewed by the practitioners and academia of the discipline. Feminist theory took up a distinct stance in relation to the objectification, exclusion and silence of women in cinematic narratives. It also evaluated the stereotyping of female characters in cinema.

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  • In Pakistan, a two-tiered action plan is required: to develop systems, which provide profitability for the smallholder and maintain quality through the supply chain, while assisting the development of larger scale commercial farms. We believe the co-existence of both kinds of farms is the reality of dairying in Pakistan and development efforts must provide solutions for both smallholders and commercial farmers. The Chinese model of farm development may provide a good example. Milk production in China is very diverse.

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  • Globalization wrote: “...the speed by which your latest invention can be made obsolete or turned into a commodity is now lightening quick. Therefore, only the paranoid, only those who are constantly looking over their shoulders to see who is creating something new that will destroy them and then staying just one step ahead of them, will survive.

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  • With the proliferation of Web and multimedia services, and virtual private networks (VPNs) connecting corporate sites, more versatile Internet routing protocols have become critical. Current Internet packet forwarding is based on the destination address. Simple routing algorithms that determine forwarding paths based on the minimum number of hops or delay to a specified destination are no longer sufficient. The need to support diverse traffic types and applications with quality demands (see Figure 1) imposes new requirements on routing in the (now commercial) Internet.

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  • John Deereis the world‟s leading manufacturer of farm equipment. In the fall of 2010, the company launched a giveaways campaign, in which the prize was one of its tractors customized by a famous automobile designer. “In a departure from traditional equipment promotions, John Deere has launched its unique Big Buck customized 4020 tractor giveaway, as well as significant purchase incentives on utility tractors for customers for the end of 2009 and into 2010,” read the press releaseannouncing the campaign.

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  • There is a need to improve current practices in Asia with regard to selection of cattle for breeding purposes, for both dairy and beef production. For many years, most of the countries in the region have been importing cows, bulls, and semen, largely from the temperate regions of the world, and using them to ‘upgrade’ the genetics of their existing herds of indigenous cattle for producing ability. However, and based on current evaluation of production levels and the productivity of cattle and buffalo, some doubts exist regarding the need and wisdom to continue this practice.

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  • This has given rise to concerns about oil palm expansion contributing to the loss of biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions, and social conflict due to a fail- ure to recognize local land rights.With expected further increases in palm oil demand, directing plantation expansion away from standing forest toward degraded grassland areas will be important. Estimates suggest that the area available under these degraded areas is at least double what is needed to satisfy increased demand over the next decade.

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  • If your organised walk will potentially have enough participants to cause disruption to normal pedestrian or traffic flow, it’s always a good idea to consult with businesses and residents on the route. A simple way to do this is to deliver a general letter explaining the event’s route, timings and objectives. Always include a contact e-mail address or phone number for one of the events team who can answer any queries and do make sure you respond to all queries. Mostly, residents and businesses are grateful for the advance notification and may even support the event. ...

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  • The effects of our actions now on future changes in the climate have long lead times. What we do now can have only a limited effect on the climate over the next 40 or 50 years. On the other hand what we do in the next 10 or 20 years can have a profound effect on the climate in the second half of this century and in the next. No-one can predict the consequences of climate change with complete certainty; but we now know enough to understand the risks. Mitigation - taking strong action...

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  • When you begin making a cut, watch what the blade does carefully. The idea, of course, is that it follows a parallel line to the face against the fence. Push slowly, and let the blade cut at a slow, even rate. Don't force it or you can cause the blade to buckle. If the blade is sharp the cut will proceed smoothly, if it is not it won't, and there are no two ways about it. This is the most wood your band saw will handle at one time and a sharp blade is essential. After the cut has progressed...

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  • Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA). The objective of the CLIA program is to ensure quality laboratory testing by establishing standards for accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of patient test results. A laboratory is defined as any facility that tests specimens derived from humans for the assessment of health or the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease. CLIA regulations, published in 1992, are based on the complexity of the test method; thus, the more complicated the test, the more stringent the requirements.

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  • One initiative has already begun to address the need for further monitoring of climate change impacts. The ECN Central Coordination Unit, working with the national conservation agencies, has developed plans for a network of sites to monitor the effects of climate change on biodiversity at designated conservation sites, using a subset of ECN measurements.

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  • Since 2005, there have been significant changes in the threat landscape. Fraudsters have continued to develop and deploy more sophisticated, effective, and malicious methods to compromise authentication mechanisms and gain unauthorized access to customers’ online accounts. Rapidly growing organized criminal groups have become more specialized in financial fraud and have been successful in compromising an increasing array of controls.

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  • When the EFM arrived at Post, he immediately met someone who was interested in art lessons for her children, which led to a weekly art session. He was introduced to the Cultural Attaché at the Embassy, who provided him with a list of galleries in Rome which he could contact to potentially exhibit his work. Loretta then introduced him to the son of Norman Rockwell, a renowned sculptor, to seek his advice after his 30 plus years of living in Rome. She also put him in contact with a photographer/artist who was seeking an assistant. “In just a...

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  • In the grand scheme of things, however, even a million-dollar business is not particularly large. Many good regional businesses reach this mark, from home improvement contractors to small law firms. And though it is a worthy goal to have every business flourish as well as it can, our focus here is on startups that could go well beyond a million in annual revenues. These high-growth firms would, at the least, become prominent niche firms of the type described earlier. They would create jobs prolifically and serve global or national markets.

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  • Responses to the realities reflected above are not new to NRM or community-based development. There have been significant changes to the methods and theoretical underpinnings of all kinds of community development over the past 30 or so years. Much of this change is the result of reflection on experience, coupled with, and sometimes forced by, the insistence of local voices like Freedom’s, to be heard and reckoned with.

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  • Indigenous literature on the topic of Indigenous medicine emphasizes the ties to land, language, and culture. The natural environment shapes the medical expertise and practices employed by each Indigenous group. For example, the Hopi knowledge of medicine for venomous snakebites would likely not be known or practised in the Northwest Territories; similarly, the Hopi might not have developed any medicines for frostbite. Battiste and Henderson articulate the cultural approach to knowledge applied by Indigenous people.

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