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  • There is no general consensus on how to define various risk-related terms, including the term “risk” itself, and people may have different views on how those terms apply to their particular organization. Both fund boards and advisers would benefit from establishing a common understanding of the terms and concepts they use in risk-related discussions, as well as how they apply to their funds. Some advisers include definitions or descriptions of how they view risk and risk management in their board presentations.

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  • The survey is designed to solicit input from those in the field of construction and project management concerning leadership and the leadership skills. Questions centered on the importance of leadership, the kinds of leadership skills people should pursue, and the most-commonly used skills. A common survey process includes defining the survey objectives, developing a sample frame, specifying the strategy for data collection, and conducting the appropriate analyses.

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  • This proposal forms part of a wider legislative package dedicated to rebuilding consumer trust in financial markets. The package has two other parts. The first is an extensive overhaul of the Insurance Mediation Directive 2002/92/EC to ensure that customers benefit from a high level of protection when buying insurance products. The final part of the package aims at improving transparency in the investment market for retail investors (a proposal for a Regulation on key information documents for investment products). ...

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  • Investors in MMMFs choose these funds because of the stability and liquidity that they provide 22 . This is precisely why these investors are prone to run during a financial crisis when either or both of these product features may be compromised. If investor losses resulted from market events more frequently, it is possible that the investor base and level of interest in the funds today would be very different.

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  • Our task in what follows will be to understand precisely how aesthetic experiences relate to aesthetic objects, but in such a way as to allow that experiences and objects may here intervolve, or may determine each other mutually. Witasek's approach to aesthetics is a constructive one, building up gradually from simple cases (from experiences and objects of the most primitive sort), to the point where he is in a position to deal also with those more complicated aesthetic structures which are characteristic of works of art. He begins...

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  • In the area of applications, the Internet is currently the main driving force, particularly by enabling “cross enterprise” applications. Historically, applications were intra-enterprise and could be specified and optimized entirely within one administrative domain. However, most enterprises are interested in interacting with their suppliers and customers to share information and provide better customer support. Such applications...

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  • Oracle Big Data Appliance brings Big Data solutions to mainstream enterprises. Built using industry-standard hardware from Sun and Cloudera’s distribution including Apache Hadoop, the Big Data Appliance is designed and optimized for big data workloads. By integrating the key components of a big data platform into a single product, Oracle Big Data Appliance delivers an affordable, scalable and fully supported big data infrastructure without the risks of a custom built solution.

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  • This document is one of a series of guidance notes produced by The National Archives, giving general advice on issues relating to the preservation and management of electronic records. It is intended for use by anyone involved in the creation of electronic records that may need to be preserved over the long term, as well as by those responsible for preservation. This guidance note provides information for the creators and managers of electronic records about the selection of physical storage media in the context of long-term preservation.

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  • There have been relatively few studies involving the measurement of root force (F, in Equation (1)) because of the experimental difficulties. Root force must be measured after the root has penetrated the surface of the soil to a depth of several times its diameter (since root penetration resistance is initially lower because the surface of the surrounding soil is displaced upwards; Gill, 1968), but before root hairs anchor the tip (Stolzy & Barley, 1968; Ennos, 1989). To calculate the root penetration resistance requires measurement...

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  • Two-way multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOV A) As shown in Table 8, for English listening comprehension, learners in the double mode group outperformed learners in the single mode group. For cognitive load, learners receiving single mode encountered a higher level than learners receiving double mode. As shown in Table 9, Wilk’s lambda showed a significant result, indicating that learners in both groups had significant differences in at least one dependent variable (English listening comprehension or cognitive load).

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  • Travel from the eastern suburbs presents a variety of different options including travel by bus, car, bicycle and walking/running. Many different route choices exist including segments of motorway, busy arterials and quieter streets. There is also a commuter train that runs directly into the city centre. The journey is approximately 12 km in distance, depending on the specific route taken. Each of the participants recruited for the study was a regular commuter on their chosen mode.

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  • The contribution of inorganic fertilizer to surface water N contamination increased after 1960 as the widespread and intensive use of inorganic N fertilizers rapidly expanded. [3] The use of N fertilizer has allowed greater production of feed and food crops per unit area cultivated. In the United States, 75% of N fertilizer is applied to maize, while in other countries, N fertilizer is primarily used on wheat and rice.

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  • The project objective was to explore the reasons why consumers don’t read and understand privacy notices and to use this research to develop paper-based, alternative privacy notices— or components of notices—that consumers can understand and use. We used a rigorous, research-based design model to gather data and make revisions after each iteration based on consumer input. This process of designing and revising allowed us to continually modify general and specific features of the prototype, such as content, presentation, and wording.

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  • The key issue of audit involvement in live applications is to determine who will undertake the review. In many organisations, computer auditors will perform a live review of IT applications, whilst in others, live applications may be viewed as a business area and therefore the responsibility of a business auditor. Increasingly, a joint approach is being adopted by many organisations where the IT application forms part of a wider scope audit of the business area and enables a more integrated and complete review to be undertaken. The frequency of the periodic review is also important.

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  • The visual stimulation offered by both black and red markings amongst a herd of greyish cattle is not to be doubted. It might be expected, then, that it should be the pure black or red beasts which are most highly valued. This is not the case, for while the appreciation of well marked beasts should be understood in the context of a dull and pale landscape and herds preponderantly off-white in colour, it is the contrast of black and white or red and white in the single beast which provides the greatest aesthetic satisfaction. The individual beast, then, provides...

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  • As I noted at the outset, when we last gathered here, the deep economic contraction had ended, and we were seeing broad stabilization in global economic activity and the beginnings of a recovery. Concerted government efforts to restore confidence in the financial system, including the aggressive provision of liquidity by central banks, were essential in achieving that outcome. Monetary policies in many countries had been eased aggressively.

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  • The analysis is based on a comprehensive data-set covering all limited firms in Sweden during the period 1997-2005. HGFs are defined as the one percent fastest growing firms in the population. The population is continuing firms, i.e., firms existing throughout a particular time period. Firm growth is calculated over three, five and seven years. The total growth of firms is studied, i.e., the sum of organic and acquired growth. In general, the correlation between the nine groups of HGFs is low, suggesting that different firms are included among HGFs depending on definition.

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  • Some conditions, for example those that affect the muscles and nerves around the mouth, can make chewing and swallowing food more difficult, and you may need to consider using protective clothing to keep the diner's clothes clean during meal times. There are many bibs and aprons to choose from and you should keep in mind personal dignity when selecting the best garment to use. Traditionally, bibs are associated with feeding infants and therefore using a bib that is 'childish' in appearance is not appropriate for an adult. ...

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  • The supply of ME is anything else but self-explanatory. Beyond customization one of the industry’s tasks is to develop advanced solutions for client industries’ production processes, be it knitting or weaving for the textile industry or services to any other industry. This shows that a close contact between ME and its clients is a prerequisite for efficient problem-solving procedures and the pace of process innovation in client industries.

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  • To achieve and maintain optimal health, it is essential that the vitamins in foods are present in sufficient quantity and are in a form that the body can assimilate. Vitamins in Foods: Analysis, Bioavailability, and Stability presents the latest information about vitamins and their analysis, bioavailability, and stability in foods.

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