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Standard power plants

Xem 1-12 trên 12 kết quả Standard power plants
  • The Documentary Film Makers Handbook features incisive and helpful interviews with dozens of industry professionals, on subjects as diverse as interview techniques, the NBC News Archive, music rights, setting up your own company, the Film Arts Foundation, pitching your proposal, the Sundance Documentary Fund, the Documentary Channel, the British Film Council, camera hire, filmmaking ethics, working with kids, editing your documentary, and DVD distribution.

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  • This design change can improve the ability of the operators and personnel to respond to an emergency situation by using important equipment for a safe shutdown. IEEE 802.11 smartphones (Wi-Fi standard), Internet Protocol (IP) phones, personal digital assistant (PDA) for field work, notebooks used with web cameras, and remote site monitoring tablet PCs for on-site testing may be considered as wireless devices that can be used in domestic operating NPPs.

    pdf9p minhxaminhyeu5 30-06-2019 24 1   Download

  • The funding by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission of a research project to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and MCEER/University at Buffalo facilitated the writing of a soon-to-be-published NUREG on seismic isolation. Funding of MCEER by the National Science Foundation led to research products that provide the technical basis for a new section in ASCE Standard 4 on the seismic isolation of safety-related nuclear facilities.

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  • An aircraft impact (AI) on a nuclear power plant (NPP) is considered to be a beyond-design-basis event that draws considerable attention in the nuclear field. As some NPPs have already adopted the seismic isolation technology, and there are relevant standards to guide the application of this technology in future NPPs, a new challenge is that nuclear power engineers have to determine a reasonable method for performing AI analysis of base-isolated NPPs.

    pdf15p minhxaminhyeu3 25-06-2019 3 0   Download

  • The whole world is in the grip of energy crisis and the pollution manifesting itself in the spiraling cost of energy and uncomforted due to increase in pollution as well as the depletion of conventional energy resources and increasing curve of pollution elements. To meet these challenges one way is to check growing energy demand but that would show down the economic growth as first step and to develop nonpolluting energy conversion system as second step. It is commonly accepted that the standard of living increases with increasing energy consumption per capita.

    pdf491p nguyenthai_thinh 16-03-2013 52 15   Download

  • In the present study, a series of tungsten austenitic stainless steel alloys have been developed by interchanging the molybdenum in standard SS316 by tungsten. This was done to minimize the long-life residual activation occurred in molybdenum and nickel after decommissioning of the power plant. The microstructure and mechanical properties of the prepared alloys are determined.

    pdf8p minhxaminhyeu3 12-06-2019 1 0   Download

  • CHAPTER 47 ROBOTS AND SMART MACHINES Kenneth J. Waldron, Ph.D. Professor of Mechanical Engineering The Ohio State University 47.1 INTRODUCTION / 47.1 47.2 DESIGN AND FUNCTION / 47.6 47.3 STRUCTURAL DESIGN / 47.8 47.4 ACTUATION AND POWER TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS / 47.12 47.5 SENSING SYSTEMS/47.17 47.6 COMPUTER HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE ORGANIZATION / 47.21 47.7 CONTROLLER DESIGN / 47.26 47.8 GEOMETRIC DESIGN / 47.29 47.9 TOOL DESIGN / 47.39 REFERENCES / 47.39 47.7 INTRODUCTION 47.1.

    pdf20p hadalabo 29-09-2010 56 11   Download

  • This book is a companion volume to two published in 2011 by INTECH titled “Desalination, Trends and Technologies” and “Expanding Issues in Desalination”. The term “desalination” used in this series is in the broadest sense of the removal of dissolved, suspended, visible and invisible impurities in seawater, brackish water and wastewater.

    pdf224p greengrass304 18-09-2012 42 7   Download

  • In contrast, the smaller or so-called "fine" particles in the urban aerosol come from combustion sources, such as power plants, automobile, truck, bus and other vehicle exhaust or from the reactions that transform some of the pollutant gases into solid or liquid particles. These distinctions may be important because the current air pollution health effects literature suggests, although not with certainty, that for some key health effects the fine particles are more important than the coarse particles. These findings have led EPA to propose a new nationwide PM2.

    pdf18p doipassword 01-02-2013 35 4   Download

  • In contrast to the consequences of change that are equally covering strategy, processes, leadership, company culture, and information systems (Kelly, 1998), most of the triggers and enablers of change can be located in IT (Evans, Wurster, 1999).

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  •     This article contributes to the general debate on the link between population growth and the environment by analyzing the impact of demographic factors on two air pollutants. At the same time, it also con- tributes to a more focused debate on how population size and other demographic factors should be taken into account in future projections of air pollutant emissions.

    pdf5p tainhacmienphi 19-02-2013 26 3   Download

  • ADC's PG-FlexPlus broadband micro-DLC provides the most cost-effective solution for providing localized cable capacity relief in the outside plant. Using industry standard HDSL and SHDSL transmission technology, PGFlexPlus delivers multi-line POTS, ISDN, and ADSL services over an existing copper network. A wide variety of line powered and environmentally hardened remote enclosures support indoor and outdoor facility relief and ADSL applications.

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