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  • Statistical analysis has also meant that no generalisation regarding the kind of student least likely to improve (or likely to regress) can be reliably made. Nevertheless, it is interesting to consider the characteristics of each of the individuals who did regress in their IELTS Test results. Table 12 gives data relating to the six students whose IELTS Test results in Test 2 were lower than in Test 1. Five of the six students who regressed were studying Nursing and four were of East or South Asian language background. Four were in the older age group and four had an...

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  • Flow cytometry is a technology that simultaneously measures and analyses multiple physical characteristics of single particles, usually cells, as they flow in a fluid stream through a beam of light. The properties measured include a particle’s relative size (represented by forward angle light scatter), relative granularity or internal complexity (represented by right-angle scatter), and relative fluorescence intensity.

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  • The contamination of metals is a major environmental problem and especially in the aquatic environment. Some metals are potentially toxic or carcinogenic even at very low concentration and are thus, hazardous to human if they enter the food chain. Metals are usually dissolved into the aquatic system through natural or anthropogenic sources. Metal ions are distributed thoroughly during their transport in different compartments of the aquatic ecosystems, in biotic or abiotic compartment such as fishes, water, sediment, plant.

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  • "To secure fish communities, based on self-sustaining stocks of stable, supplemented by proper cultivation of fish seed production and supply from the optimal contribution to the community of fish, fishing opportunities and associated benefits to meet needs identified by society: healthy food, entertainment, employment and income, and a healthy environment of man. " Included in the Joint Plan is a directive to all Committee Lake to fish for community development Objectives (FCOs) for each lake....

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  • In the past, the government often tried to ensure that we pay "a fair rate" of interest by implementing usury ceilings or limits on the rates that lenders can charge. During the 1980s there was a general trend toward eliminating or raising these limits as policy-makers reacted to the high inflation and record interest rates of the late 1970s. During the early 1990s, however, the trend reversed as some suggested that caps should be placed on credit card rates, which remained at historically high levels while other key interest rates declined significantly.

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  • When revealing many such cause-effect relations and hidden phenomena, hand-held instrumentation gives additional references for existing basic measurements such as pH, conductivity, and redox potential. This work also took in use measurements which have not been traditionally used in papermaking such as measurement of halogens, dissolved calcium, and dissolved oxygen contents. ATP content measurement using a portable luminometer was found to be useful and easy-to-use method for evaluating microbial activity and optimizing biocide performance at paper mills.

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  • It is very important to make the specific difference between biotechnology as a distinct science of getting valuable products from molecules, cells, or tissues of viable organisms, and any other applications of bioprocesses that are based on using the whole living plants or animals in different fields of human activities such as bioremediation, environmental protection, organic agriculture, or industrial exploitation of natural resources.

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  • Owners of high cash businesses used multiple cash equivalents from different banks and money services businesses to pay into policies and annuities. In one case, an insurer reported the owner of a landscaping business who paid the premiums on a universal life insurance policy with multiple money orders of no more than $1,000 each, some purchased on the same day at different post offices, or on separate visits to the same post office, creating the appearance of structuring.

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  • The strong growth of credit in both cases, however, does not mean that domestic credit was the only source for finance of enterprises. In both cases, retained savings by the enterprises played an important role (in China today, these retained savings are an important factor to explain the high national saving rate). However, it can well be argued that the strong credit creation is a necessary condition for profit growth in an economy: Only if credit creation helps to maintain a high level of aggregate demand, firms will be able to make sufficient profits in the aggregate.

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  • Since real estate — like the stock market — tends to ride out its up and downs well, providing good long-term results, record numbers of people have been buying second properties as investments. Purchases have risen 25% over the last five years to $50 billion and are expected to reach $150 billion by 2005. In fact, forecasters expect Americans to purchase 3.6 million second homes over the next 10 years.

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  • This document and its Psycho-social Environment Profile are designed to help school personnel assess qualities of the school environment that support social and emotional well-being. It is intended to be a starting point, leading to awareness, discussion, and action by school personnel, students and parents. It will help them recognize and sustain those aspects of the school environment that support social and emotional well-being and improve those aspects that do not.

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  • Exposed to wear and tear, film prints can get scratched during the course of the theatrical run. After each showing, the movie looks slightly worse than it did on opening night. With digital cinema, the movie looks just as good at the end of the theatrical run as it did at the beginning. Flexibility. Digital projectors can display not just films, but also a variety of alternate content including pre-show announcements and closed-circuit live HD entertainment such as concerts, sports and gaming. Versatility. Digital projection systems can support both 2D and 3D presentation.

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  • The industry is still improving technologically. It is far more mature than in 1993, and new developments appear poised to bring costs down further and to reduce the environmental impact of producing ethanol. In this report, we examine various production technologies, beginning with input improve- ments and then discussing process improvements, environmental technolo- gies, and technologies involving coproducts. Finally, we look at niche markets and briefly examine cellulosic conversion.

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  • Over time, they have developed various characteristics to help them survive, which leads to plant diversity. It is essential to have regular assessments of the conservation status of all plant species, in order to prioritize those in need of conservation action and to provide a measure of the success of actions being taken. The improvement of cultivated plants considerably depends on the extent of genetic variability available within the species. Evaluation of different genotypes, varieties, population, etc.

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  • With an indexed bond, the interest and maturity value are adjusted by the rate of inflation over the life of the bond. Because the cash flow of an indexed bond is adjusted for inflation, the bond’s real value does not vary with inflation, protecting investors and issuers alike from inflation risk. Inflation indexed bonds would be a fundamental innovation in U.S. financial markets, providing benefits to investors, the Treasury, and policymakers. Despite the potential benefits, the U.S. Treasury has never issued indexed bonds.

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  • The sample of banks includes FDIC-insured commercial banks with total assets greater than $300 million as of March 1996. Of these institutions, banks that have no commercial and industrial loans are excluded. The sample ranges from 942 banks in March of 1996 to 467 banks in December of 2004. Institutions that are liquidated during the sample period are included in the sample before liquidation and excluded from the sample for the periods after liquidation. Banks that merge during the sample period are included in the sample.

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  • This prediction is, of course, dependent on the assumption that sales follow a random walk. For example, if sales followed a simple autoregressive process, with the variable expense assumption earnings would follow a similar process. The preceding analysis shows that a very simple model of the firm that assumes sales follow a random walk and allows only for accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory accruals can generate the basic time series properties observed for operating cash flows, earnings, and accruals.

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  • Locating property outside the floodplain is a prime way to reduce flood risk. If this is not practical, siting new buildings in areas of lowest risk is the next choice. Local planning authorities must now consult the Environment Agency on planning applications where the proposed development is at risk from flooding or is likely to increase the risk of flooding elsewhere. The latest figures for 2007-2008 show that the Environment Agency’s advice is, in the main, accepted.

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  • The aims of organic agriculture are summarised in the four principles of health, ecology, fairness and care which inspire the worldwide organic movement. See Annex A. The East African organic products standard has been written for organic production in East Africa and has been adapted to conditions in East Africa. The purpose is to have a single organic standard for organic agriculture production under East African conditions.

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  • In certain circumstances, some of the Group’s investees may require a qualified majority to adopt certain resolutions.This, together with other factors, is taken into account when selecting the consolidation method. All material accounts and transactions between the consolidated companies were eliminated on consolidation.The returns generated on transactions involving capitalizable goods or services by subsidiaries with other Telefónica Group companies were eliminated on consolidation.

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