Stock dependent demand

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  • This paper develops an inventory model for stock-dependent demand and time varying holding cost under different trade credits, considering four different situations. The second order approximations are used for exponential terms. Optimal solutions are obtained using Mathematica 9.0 software. Numerical examples and sensitivity analysis are provided to illustrate the proposed model.

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  • In this paper we study a periodic review inventory model with stock dependent demand. When stock on hand is zero, the inventory manager offers a price discount to customers who are willing to backorder their demand. Permissible delay in payments allowed to the inventory manager is also taken into account. Numerical examples are cited to illustrate the model.

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  • This paper deals with an economic order quantity model where demand is stock dependent. Items received are not of perfect quality and each lot received contains percentage defective imperfect quality items, which follow a probability distribution. Two cases are considered. 1) Imperfect quality items are held in stock and sold in a single batch after a 100 percent screening process. 2) A hundred percent screening process is performed but the imperfect quality items are sold as soon as they are detected. Approximate optimal solutions are derived in both cases.

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  • In this paper, we derive a partial backlogging inventory model for non-instantaneous deteriorating items with stock-dependent demand rate under inflation over a finite planning horizon. We propose a mathematical model and theorem to find minimum total relevant cost and optimal order quantity. Numerical examples are used to illustrate the developed model and the solution process. Finally, a sensitivity analysis of the optimal solution with respect to system parameters is carried out.

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  • In many circumstances retailer is not able to settle the account as soon as items are received. In that scenario supplier can offer two promotional schemes namely cash discount and /or a permissible delay to the customer. In this study, an EOQ model is developed when units in inventory deteriorate at a constant rate and demand is stock dependent. The salvage value is associated to deteriorated units. An algorithm is given to find the optimal solution. The sensitivity analysis is carried out to analyze the effect of critical parameters on optimal solution.

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  • The inventory-level demand reflects a real market demand for product whose sales is enhanced by stock on display. We study a case base examples to gain some quantitative insight into the proposed model and we perform sensitivity analysis to draw some managerial implications.

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  • This paper develops an inventory model for a hypothesized volume flexible manufacturing system in which the production rate is stock-dependent and the system produces both perfect and imperfect quality items. The demand rate of perfect quality items is known and constant, whereas the demand rate of imperfect (non-conforming to specifications) quality items is a function of discount offered in the selling price.

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  • Multi-item inventory model for deteriorating items with stock dependent demand under two-warehouse system is developed in fuzzy environment (purchase cost, investment amount and storehouse capacity are imprecise ) under inflation and time value of money. For display and storage, the retailers hire one warehouse of finite capacity at market place, treated as their own warehouse (OW), and another warehouse of imprecise capacity which may be required at some place distant from the market, treated as a rented warehouse (RW).

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  • This paper deals with the problem of determining the optimal selling price and order quantity simultaneously under EOQ model for deteriorating items. It is assumed that the demand rate depends not only on the on-display stock level but also the selling price per unit, as well as the amount of shelf/display space is limited. We formulate two types of mathematical models to manifest the extended EOQ models for maximizing profits and derive the algorithms to find the optimal solution.

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  • It is observed that large piles of consumer goods displayed in supermarkets lead consumers to buy more, which generates more profit to sellers. But a large number of on-hand display of stock leaves a negative impression on the buyer. Also, the amount of shelf or display space is limited. Due to this reason, we impose a restriction on the number of on-hand display of stock and also on initial and ending on-hand stock levels.

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  • This study develops an integrated production inventory model from the perspectives of vendor, supplier and buyer. The demand rate is time dependent for the vendor and supplier and buyer assumes the stock dependent demand rate. As per the demand, supplier uses two warehouses (rented and owned) for the storage of excess quantities.

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  • Chapter 11 - Inventory: Managing to meet demand. After reading the material in this chapter, you should be able to: Explain why businesses carry inventory, describe the costs associated with inventory, compare independent and dependent demand inventory, calculate days-of-supply, explain how a reorder point system works, describe the contribution made by a safety stock,...

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  • Due to uncertainty in economy, business players examine different ways to ensure the survival and growth in the competitive atmosphere. In this scenario, the use of effective promotional tool and co-ordination among players enhance supply chain profit. The proposed model deals with the effect of quantity discount on an integrated inventory system for constantly deteriorating items with fix life time.

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  • The model has been formulated as a fuzzy stochastic programming problem and reduced to corresponding equivalent fuzzy linear programming problem. The model has been solved by using fuzzy linear programming technique and illustrated numerically.

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  • The budget deficit equivalent to total government spending tax minus total government spending revenue.If income tax independently, but depend on the net income, Fiscal policy – the government’s decisions about spending and taxes • Stabilisation policy – government actions to try to keep output close to its potential level • Budget deficit – the excess of government outlays over government receipts • National debt – the stock of outstanding government debt

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  • Second, economic adjustment within the euro area is continuing. This is most visible in the reduction of large current-account deficits driven by partly permanent declines in domestic absorption and gains in competitiveness, but is also apparent in gradually rising wages and domestic demand in surplus countries. Internal and external adjustment has farther to go, and it will have to be sustained over time to see an impact on stocks of domestic and external liabilities.

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  • Even if the annual flow of emissions did not increase beyond today's rate, the stock of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would reach double pre-industrial levels by 2050 - that is 550ppm CO2e - and would continue growing thereafter. But the annual flow of emissions is accelerating, as fast-growing economies invest in high- carbon infrastructure and as demand for energy and transport increases around the world. The level of 550ppm CO2e could be reached as early as 2035. At this level there is at least a 77% chance - and perhaps up to a 99% chance, depending...

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