Stress and air humidity

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  • In smaller regions such as the Carpathian Basin (located in Eastern/Central Europe), 50 km horizontal resolution may still not be appropriate to describe the meso-scale processes (e.g., cloud formation and convective precipitation). For this purpose on a national level several RCMs have been adapted with finer resolution (25 and 10 km). Here, results from two of the adapted RCMs for Hungary are analyzed, namely, models PRECIS and RegCM. In this paper, first, data and models from PRUDENCE, PRECIS and RegCM are presented.

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  • In the Arab Region, digital migration is still in its very early years, but nevertheless is being driven by the high proportion of young demographic in many Arab countries. With 55% of the Arab Region population under the age of 252 , this segment is expected to drive the growth of digital media. Since international players have been experimenting with online content and business models for some time, the Arab Region now has the opportunity to learn from the mistakes and successes of the European, North American and Asian media markets to really drive growth....

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  • The Wisconsin Family Health Survey (FHS) collects information about health insurance coverage, health status, health problems and use of health care services among Wisconsin residents. This survey began in 1989 and has been conducted annually since then. This report is based on responses collected in 2008, the same year that the BadgerCare Plus health insurance program was implemented (February 2008). The survey results presented in this report are representative of Wisconsin household residents, who constitute approximately 97 percent of all persons residing in the state.

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  • How and when such theoretical uncertainty will translate into actual market movements will depend on market dynamics. Because of extreme monetary ease, short-term interest rates have been close to zero for some time and markets expect policy rates to remain low. The yield curve is quite steep yet long-term interest rates are very low by historical standards. Graph 4 shows that the US dollar term spread has been around 250–350 basis points since mid-2009.

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  • The concept of aesthetic labour is partly seen from the perspective of ethics. There may be strictly applied selection criteria for the recruitment and selection of new employees. For an appointments panel such a situation could cause conflict between organisational requirements and personal private views on what is moral or fair. The ethical problem concerns the Human Resource manager, who wishes to appoint someone, but who needs professional reasons for appointing a less attractive person.

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  • Academics and students are committed to making a significant contribution to international knowledge and enhancing Dublin’s role as Ireland’s global gate-way. Civic engagement and interaction with industry are emphasised both in the curriculum and in the overall student experience. Collaboration with industry and professional bodies is embedded in many DIT programmes and is integral to how DIT continues to adapt to the ever-quickening pace of change globally.

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  • The artist’s means of achieving much with little in his sculpture first involves the execution of a small-scale maquette usually made of polyurethane. When completed, this model appears to have been formed simply from an attenuated bar that has been twisted, bent, stretched, curved, coiled, or knotted according to the sculptor’s whim. From the miniature working model of Upstart 2, Meadmore executed a reduced version, measuring twenty-five and a half inches high, in an edition of four strikes. The monumental version at Princeton is made of Cor-Ten steel.

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  • The International Institute for Sustainable Development contributes to sustainable development by advancing policy recommendations on international trade and investment, economic policy, climate change and energy, measurement and assessment, and sustainable natural resources management. Through the Internet, we report on international negotiations and share knowledge gained through collaborative projects with global partners, resulting in more rigorous research, capacity building in developing countries and better dialogue between North and South.

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  • In 2011, the Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross Switzerland published a report that began to quantify the burden of disease from industries using a single site, beginning the process of measuring health impacts. This report revisits that process but goes a step further. Using additional data the 2012 report estimates the total health impact from toxic industrial pollutants in 49 countries in the developing world, extrapolating health impacts to provide a better understanding of the true scope of the issue.

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  • Although the main consideration of policy must be the reduction in pollution at source, there has been an increasing recognition that the biosphere is an important sink for many pollutants, with plant canopies being considered more effective than other land uses. Thus, the biosphere provides benefits additional to those associated directly with their aesthetic and wildlife characteristics. Plants facilitate the uptake, transport and assimilation or decomposition of many gaseous and particulate pollutants.

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  • Ozone is a gas that is composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). It is created by the oxides in the air’s nitrogen reaction with volatile organic compounds (VOC). Normally we think of ozone being higher in the atmosphere, also known as “good” ozone. However, when the conditions are right, ozone can occur at ground level, which is known as “bad” ozone. Sunlight and hot weather cause “bad” ozone in harmful concentrations. Thus in the summertime, urban areas have to be concerned about the amount of “bad” ozone. Why do you think urban areas are more...

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  • Data granularity: The data within a P2P system can be accessible at many degrees of granularity. At the atomic granularity level, data consists of a collection of indivisible objects, e.g., complete MP3 files. For data placement at this level, we have to either place an entire object at a peer, or not at all; this is the semantics currently supported by today’s P2P systems. At the hierarchical granularity level, sets of objects can be grouped into larger objects, thus forming hierarchies.

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  • The inverse relationship between coupon rate and price sensitivity results from the distribution of cash flows. Compared to a lower coupon bond, more of the total cash flow of a high coupon security will come from interest payments. Interest payments are received throughout the life of the bond, which means that, relative to a lower coupon bond, a higher coupon bond will have a higher proportion of its cash flow returned sooner. The earlier the cash flow occurs, the less price sensitive its cash flow is. As discussed above, longer maturity cash...

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  • The headline regulatory ratios for the four major Australian banks are lower than for other countries (Figures 8 and 9). However, differences in regulatory rules relating to the calculation of required capital suggest that different jurisdictions’ capital ratios should be interpreted with caution. In particular, the risk weighted assets numbers are not directly comparable across countries.

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  • While everyone clamors for the most recent data, this is usually not the most in-depth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics produces BED with only a six- to nine-month lag, so this would be the data source of choice for recent data. But BED has little industry or geographic coverage. If data are needed for geographic areas or industries, SUSB fills this void, but at a cost of a two- to three-year lag. BED and SUSB differ on a few fronts. BED is quarterly and SUSB is annual, so BED tracks a firm over shorter time intervals...

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  • The survey was conducted in two phases. In the first phase, the survey covered the basic population information and community environment of the sample units, whereas the second involved the knowledge, attitude and practices of women of childbearing age in regards to childbirth, contraception and repro- ductive health, their demands for family planning and services related to daily life and production. In the first phase of the survey, a probability proportional sampling method was adopted to sort out 1041 sample units in 337 counties/ cities/districts across the country.

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  • As the global community continues to scale up health interventions for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), malaria, and other priority areas, it is essential to understand the state of the health systems in which these services are being delivered. Good health systems should deliver effective, safe, quality health services to those in need with as much efficiency as possible within local country settings. Strengthening Uganda‟s health system requires an understanding of its unique strengths and weaknesses.

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  • Equipment Required An analysis of the tasks to be performed at a workstation will indicate the equipment required, which may include reference manuals, files, writing materials in addition to the computer, a telephone, a calculator and printer. The arrangement of these items may be planned on a scale drawing, or the actual items can be set up on a prototype workstation. It is likely that a single desk will not provide sufficient space, and a return will also be necessary. The depth of some desks may also prove insufficient. At this stage one might...

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  • Events are continuously generated and consumed by clients within the system. Clients have intermittent connection semantics. Clients can be present in the system for a certain duration and be disconnected later on. Clients reconnect at a later time and receive events, which they were supposed to receive in their past incarnations as well as events that they are supposed to receive during their present incarnation. Clients issue/create events while in disconnected mode, these events would be held in a local queue to be released to the system during a reconnect.

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  • A new Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Board was appointed in May 2010. It was tasked with the downsizing the RBZ’s huge staff complement; restoring the RBZ’s position as the lender of last resort; and putting in place committees for monetary policy and audit. About 1,455 staff of the RBZ (75% of total staff) were retrenched in January 2011 in the largest such exercise since independence. In addition, the RBZ is disposing of its non-core assets in sectors such as mining, consistent with the RBZ Act.  Identification of ten public enterprises to be restructured, commercialized and privatized.

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