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  • We think this book is unique in that it uses a novel and logical approach to present discussions of this topic from three general perspectives: scientific, social, and economic, and the integration within these important areas. We think this book is somewhat different than other environmental management books since we offer a more balanced view of the topic – many of the books available today concentrate primarily on just one of these three perspectives.

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  • Case studies of projects in 7 countries suggest that widespread concern about large-scale farming being associated with potentially large risks is justified.

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  • At the beginning, specialists tried to diagnose the stage of periodontal disease depending on the relation between the clinical appearances and the presence of some specific cell populations or specific matrix components (Havemose-Poulsen & Holmstrup, 1997; Romanos et al., 1993).

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  • Like many businesses, hedge funds have to make difficult decisions about which tasks they should perform in-house and which they should outsource. Third-party service providers are available to do nearly all of a fund’s activities outside of making investment decisions. Our observation is that funds typically prefer to do as much of their work in-house as is possible. As a result, they tend to build up significant fixed costs. Some hedge funds are concerned that reliance on a third-party will increase risk or lead to an opera- tional or compliance failure.

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  • Third, this data does not directly compare with other information collected on the SAR form with reference to the specific instruments involved in the reported trans- actions, as discussed infra. For example, analysis identified 225 filings that involved annuities, however, Table 1 shows 197 filings that named an annuity owner or ap- plicant as a subject in the narrative, based on a relationship to an annuity.

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  • The relationship between household banking status and AFS use is complex. A non-trivial share of unbanked households (29.5 percent) do not use any of the AFS providers asked about in the survey, suggesting they rely primarily on cash. However, overall, unbanked households are more active AFS users than underbanked households. Unbanked households are more likely to use multiple products and to have used AFS, particularly transaction products, more recently and more frequently than under- banked households.

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  • Compared to standard definition, 1080p high definition has enabled a quantum leap in home theater engagement. But high-end enthusiasts and custom installers understand that even 1080p HD has its limitations. At close viewing distances, individual pixels become discernable. Diagonal edges of on-screen objects that should appear smooth become jagged. Even the outlines around pixels can become strikingly evident.

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  • A sample of 200 consumers was drawn randomly from rural and urban locations in the two main regions of the Eastern Cape, namely the former Transkei homeland area and the former Ciskei homeland area. By means of structured questionnaires, the respondents were interviewed in relation to where they buy their groceries from, the types of foods they bought, their present and future buying patterns, preferred food products, and their reasons for choice of particular food products.

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  • A recent field experiment by Wertenbroch, Soman, and Nunes (2002) provides direct evidence on the link between this type of deliberate “debt aversion” (Prelec and Loewenstein, 1998) and the need for self-control, showing that individuals who score high on a scale measuring impulsivity prefer to pay with cash as opposed to credit.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế về bệnh thú y đề tài: Studies on the effects of biomedicinal agents on serum concentration of Ca2+, P and ALP activity in osteoporosis-induced rats

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  • The new macro perspective introduces the environment-income relationship and examines the role of population growth and density in mediating this relationship. The new micro perspective introduces the close relationship between poverty and environmental degradation, also examining the roles of gender in decision-making and the role of children as economic assets in fertility decisions. Finally, the author carries out a comparative assessment of the approaches and methods employed in the literature to explain the wide variation in findings and predictions.

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  • You can also create your own groups and populate them with your specific applications according to your needs. To add a new group/application, click Add Group/Add Application and follow the steps of the wizard specifying the settings described above. After clicking Finish, you will see the new group/application in the list. Applications are added to the currently selected group. To move the application or all the applications of some group to another group, use the Move To and Move Applications To commands on the application or group shortcut menu correspondingly. ...

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  • The high costs of fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have rekindled congressional interest in the concept of the sale of a Treasury security to help finance these war costs. In the 111th Congress, three bills have been introduced that would permit the issuance of a war bond: S. 2846, H.R. 4315, and H.R. 4385. Although these bills are silent on any relationship between the proposed “war bonds” and World War II-era war bonds, the question has been raised whether or not the issuance of war bonds during the Second World War serves as a good model for a new “war bond.

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  • A single assessment event is not appropriate. On the job assessment should be included as part of the assessment process wherever possible. Where assessment occurs off the job, judgement must consider evidence of the candidate's performance in a productive work environment that includes a sufficient range of appropriate tasks and materials to cover the scope of application for this unit. Assessors should gather a range of evidence that is valid, sufficient, current and authentic.

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  • To take out a loan, banks usually charge various administrative fees. Fees are usually charged for documentation, administration and similar services. Other fees and charges may also be applied. For some facilities, banks may offer other services to be purchased at the time the loan is made. Also, some loans may be insured against unemployment or the death of the borrower. There are also fees and charges that the borrower may have to pay during the life of the loan. These could include late payment charges and early repayment penalties.

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  • A WHO survey related to the Global Reproductive Health Strategy (World Health Assembly Resolution 55.12) assessed the implementation of magnesium sulfate as well. In about 85 percent of the surveyed 58 countries, magnesium sulfate was available for use.

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  • It is clinically important to determine the efficacy of estrogen replacement for postmenopausal women combined with mobility difficulties, due to the potential risks of estradiol. The objective of the current study was to investigate the effect of estradiol replacement on osteoporosis induced by the ovariectomy (OVX) combined with unilateral sciatic neurectomy (SN) in a rat model.

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  • To determine bone mineral density, rate of osteoporosis in overweight and obesity subjects. Subjects and method: A cross-sectional study on 341 cases with BMI ≥ 23 compared with control group of 129 people with 18 ≤ BMI < 23.

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  • Paired sample t-tests were conducted to see whether the higher mean for the Overall score, as well as for each of the components of the Test, indicated a significant improvement. A paired sample t-test was conducted to determine whether the mean Listening score in Test 2 was significantly larger than the mean Listening score in Test 1. The result revealed the sample mean of 7.38 (SD = .60) to be significantly different from 7.05, t(39) = -2.78, p

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  • Ethanol use has also been boosted by the U.S. Clean Air Act and its various progressions. Originally, the Clean Air Act required wintertime use of oxygenated fuels in some urban areas to ensure more complete burning of petroleum fuels. Since ethanol contains 35 percent oxygen, this requirement of the act could be met by using an ethanol-containing blend. The current Energy Act eliminates the need for oxygenates per se in RFG, but it speci- fies the minimum amount of renewable fuels to be added to gasoline....

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