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  • 20/10 này bạn đã có dự định gì cho bản thân chưa? Một buổi họp mặt với gia đình hay một buổi party cực vui với bạn bè, một buổi hẹn hò lãng mạn bên người ấy để có những giây phút thật sự lãng mạn. Bạn đã cập nhật cho bản thân mình xu hướng trang điểm ấn tượng để trông lạ và đẹp trong ngày đó chưa

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  • Latvia’s capital, Riga, is the largest city in any of the three Baltic countries. It is a European metropolis with all the gastronomic, cultural and shopping facilities that entails. The old part of town is very atmospheric. It has cobblestone streets, Brick Gothic churches, wellpreserved buildings, some dating centuries back, and excellent museums. The newer parts of the city lie outside the old earthworks. It is there one finds Europe’s largest concentration of houses in the beautiful Jugend style....

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  • Although art had, under French influence, become unnatural, bombastical, in fine, exactly contrary to every rule of good taste, the courts, vain of their collections of works of art, still emulated each other in the patronage of the artists of the day, whose creations, tasteless as they were, nevertheless afforded a species of consolation to the people, by diverting their thoughts from the miseries of daily existence. Architecture degenerated in the greatest degree.

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