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  • A study by Kenneth E. Harper indicates that word order in Russian scientific writing is sufficiently similar to that of English to permit word-for-word translation from Russian to English. Further study of Russian texts shows that word order in scientific Russian is sufficiently different to require analysis, for translation purposes, based on form and function rather than on word-for-word correspondence.

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  • The order of subject and object is an adequate criterion for distinguishing between them when other grammatical properties are ambiguous.HARPERl AND LEHISTE2 have discussed the order of subjects and predicates in Russian scientific text. Lehiste concludes that "form and function" should be used to distinguish the subject from the predicate of a Russian sentence; although her conclusion may be accepted (subject to assumptions about the value of maintaining customary English order in the output), her dictum must be converted into programmable instructions....

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Propositional logic redux, and elimination/and introduction, tautology and contradiction, logical equivalence, subjects and predicates, symbolization convention, the two special quantifiers of predicate logic,...

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  • (BQ) Tài liệu Grammar practice book Grade 4 presents of declarative and interrogative sentences, subjects and predicates, complete and simple subjects and predicates, compound subjects and predicates, simple and compound sentences, prepositional phrases, clauses and phrases; complex sentences and some other.

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  • Tài liệu Grammar practice book Grade 5 includes about declarative and interrogative sentences, imperative and exclamatory sentences; interjections, subjects and predicates, complete and simple subjects and predicates, compound subjects and predicates, simple and compound sentences, prepositional phrases,...

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  • Grammatically speaking, a sentence is a group of words that has a subject and predicate. More importantly, however, a sentence is an expression off an idea. Sentences can be one word long or onae paragraph long- the only true common element is that the listener dets information. Grammartically speaking, a sentence is a group of words that has a subject and predicate.

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  • Grammatically speaking , is sentence is a group of word that has a subject and predicate. More importanly, however, a sentence is an expression of an idea. Setencess can by want word long or one word long or one paragraph - long - the only true common elemen is that he listener get information.All sentences in English are constructed he same way.

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  • A method of determining the similarity of nouns on the basis of a metric derived from the distribution of subject, verb and object in a large text corpus is described. The resulting quasi-semantic classification of nouns demonstrates the plausibility of the distributional hypothesis, and has potential application to a variety of tasks, including automatic indexing, resolving nominal compounds, and determining the scope of modification. 1. I N T R O D U C T I O N A variety of linguistic relations apply to sets of semantically similar words. ...

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  • grmmar for usage for better writing is a basic workbook that can provide a foundation for further study in english grammar and usage. it will benefit students who are learning the essentials for the first time sas well as those who wish to review concepts.

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  • A simple sentence has a subject and a predicate. The subject includes a noun or pronoun and tells who or what the sentence is about. The predicate includes a verb that either tells what the subject does or expresses its state of being.

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  • Ngược lại, hệ thống suYx trong Monumbo mã hóa khác biệt của lợi tức của giáo hội, nhưng là trung lập đối với điều kiện same-subject/diVerent-subject. (167) Nabak (Papua, Huon-Finisterre) notna.

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  • According to Cicero, ‘Chrysippus strains every sinew in order to persuade us that every assertible is either true or false’ ( fat x 21).¹ How did Chrysippus strain his sinews? Why did he strain them? And what exactly was he trying to persuade us of? Those are the questions which this chapter addresses. It will dawdle along the way and indulge in a number of perfectly unnecessary circumvagations.

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  • Though most translation systems have some mechanism for translating certain types of divergent predicate-argument structures, they do not provide a genera] procedure that takes advantage of the relationship between lexical-semantic structure and syntactic structure. A divergent predicate-argument structure is one in which the predicate (e.g., the main verb) or its arguments (e.g., the subject and object) do not have the same syntactic ordering properties for both the source and target language. ...

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  • A method for resolving the ellipses that appear in Japanese dialogues is proposed. This method resolves not only the subject ellipsis, but also those in object and other grammatical cases. In this approach, a machine-learning algorithm is used to select the attributes necessary for a resolution. A decision tree is built, and used as the actual ellipsis resolver. The results of blind tests have shown that the proposed method was able to provide a resolution accuracy of 91.7% for indirect objects, and 78.7% for subjects with a verb predicate. ...

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  • The human b-globin gene locus is the subject of intense study, and over the past two decades a wealth of information has accumulated on how tissue-specific and stage-specific expression of its genes is achieved. The data are extensive and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to formulate a comprehensive model integrating every aspect of what is currently known. In this review, we introduce the fundamental characteristics of globin locus regulation as well as questions on which much of the current research is predicated.

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  • The difficulties encountered in the field of machine translation are many. The areas of contact between meaning and the syntactic vehicle expressing it are refractory and pose a problem for linguistic computational research. An applied radical semantics offers some operational solutions for ambiguous syntactic situations. Subject identification within a twoplace predicate structure is presented as an illustration of the resolving power of applied radical semantics.

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  • GOD (General Ontology Discovery) is an unsupervised system to extract semantic relations among domain specific entities and concepts from texts. Operationally, it acts as a search engine returning a set of true predicates regarding the query instead of the usual ranked list of relevant documents. Our approach relies on two basic assumptions: (i) paradigmatic relations can be established only among terms in the same Semantic Domain an (ii) they can be inferred from texts by analyzing the Subject-Verb-Object patterns where two domain specific terms co-occur. ...

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  • In that approach a Predicate~DRS (henceforth PDRS) serves as the representation of a verb phrase, as will be shown in an example now. Consider: Nancy likes a cat. (1) Betty does too. This discourse is interpreted as meaning that Nancy and Betty both like a cat (though not necessarily the same cat). The source clause, Nancy likes a cat, parallels the target clause Betty does too, where the subjects are parallel elements. The phrase does too represents a trace of the VP in the target clause. Klein's treatment of (1) is shown in (2). ...

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