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  • part 1 book “comprehensive surgical management of congenital heart disease” has contents: caring for the patient and family with congenital heart disease, anesthesia for congenital heart surgery, pediatric cardiac intensive care, cardiac transplantation, myocardial protection, surgical technique and hemostasis,… and other contents.

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  • part 2 book “comprehensive surgical management of congenital heart disease” has contents: atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary stenosis, transposition of the great arteries, valve repair and replacement, hypoplastic left heart syndrome, complete atrioventricular canal,… and other contents.

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  • Two cases of tortoise presented to the outpatient department of Surgery & Radiology, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai with complaint of anorexia and vomition, lethargy, reluctance to walk and slightly reddish ocular mucous membranes since long time. The clinical approach included history, clinical examination, radiography, surgical management along with supportive medication. On radiographical examination, there was some radio opaque material in stomach. On surgical excision, there was rusted iron wire in one case and ear ornaments in another case.

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  • Gut-tie is a rare clinical entity and it often presents a diagnostic challenge which may result in life-threatening consequences. This case report describes diagnosis and successful surgical management of gut-tie in a crossbred cow. A 3.5 year old HF crossbred cow weighing 412 kg was presented with a history of anorexia and impaction from 7 days. There was history of pain and loss of defecation from 4 days. Animal was 8 month pregnant. Cow had tachycardia (120/min) and tachypnea (28/min) with rumen hypermotility (4/2 min).

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  • This paper presents a successful surgical management of intestinal foreign body in Labrador dog. The abdominal diagnostic imaging suggested foreign body in intestine. The dog was operated for enterotomy and chewed plastic toy was recovered. The dog was recovered very well without any complications.

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  • Surgery plays an important role in the management of endometrial cancer at all stages, particularly early clinical stage. There are still many unanswered questions regarding optimal surgical management of endometrial cancer, particularly regarding which patients should undergo lymphadenectomy.

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  • The primary goal of this study was to create a frequency map of a series of surgically treated bothcolumn fractures and to explore its implications on surgical management. Methods: We used a consecutive series of 71 both-column fractures to create 3-dimensional reconstruction images, which were superimposed and oriented to fit a model hemipelvis template by aligning specific pelvis landmarks.

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  • Chronic pancreatitis (CP) is a benign inflammatory disease involving the progressive and irreversible destruction of the pancreatic tissue, fibrosis and loss of exocrine and endocrine function. Clinical management of CP is also challenging because of the incomplete understanding of disease and pain pathogenesis.

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  • A young tom kitten was presented to the clinic with signs of mild respiratory distress, rhinitis, and part of ingesta coming out through nostrils. Careful examination revealed a narrow cleft in hard palate. Uranoplasty was done by overlapping flap technique under general anaesthesia. With good postoperative care and management, the animal recovered uneventfully.

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  • A Labrador Retriever bitch of four years old was presented with the history of gradually increase in the size of mass at extra-luminal paravaginal region since one year. On palpation, the mass was soft, fluctuating and drooping from supra-vaginal region. The dog was exhibiting clinical symptoms like vaginal bleeding, dysuria, licking of mass and discomfort. Microscopically, the lesional tissue revealed squamous cell proliferation with acanthosis, hyperkeratosis and horny epidermal cells with pseudo cystic inclusions of keratinized material and adipocytes, suggestive of lipoma.

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  • A seven year old cross bred jersey presented with an ulcerated growth on the right fore teat with dribbling of milk. By ultrasonographical examination the teat diameter and thickness of the teat wall were measured. Under xylazine sedation with local analgesia the growth was excised and the defect was corrected surgically. Postoperative administration of antibiotics, analgesics were given and healing was studied using ultrasonography. Histopathological examination confirmed the condition as fibrosarcoma. The animal recovered uneventfully with apparently normal milk from the affected teat.

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  • A male Dog, breed German Shepherd age 3yrs approximate was presented with the history of anorexia, weight loss, muscular weakness, depression, polydipsia, polyuria and bilateral peripheral lymphadenopathy at the hospital. The blood picture of the animal showed normal blood counts as well as normal LFT and KFT. On histopathological examination of the tumorous growth extracted from the lymph node clearly showed NonHodgkin’s Lymphoma that was surgically removed successfully.

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  • A one year non- descript female dog was presented with history of bleeding from red colour mass at right side lower flank which enlarge since two months. Under general anaesthesia surgical excision was done and dog recovered uneventfully without any complication. Histopathology of excised mass revealed cutaneous haemangioma.

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  • The present case report deals with surgical management of perosis/slipped tendon in a White Pekin Duck reported to Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, LUVAS Hisar. Also the present study concluded that perosis can be managed successfully in young ducks. Euthanasia may be necessary if the condition cannot be corrected.

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  • This paper reports a case of male sheep with atresia ani and also gives the surgical procedure adopted. The culling of sire, dam and the affected animal is suggested to prevent the occurrence of this defect in future.

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  • A six year old cow with growth on the left horn, with foul smell and bleeding was presented to clinics. On clinical examination the horn growth is characterised by granulation tissue at the base of the horn with offensive odour and was spongy, greyish white cauliflower like having rough and verrucous surface and was diagnosed as horn cancer. The horn tumor was removed surgically from the base and the animal was recovered uneventfully. The histopathology of the tumour revealed the squamous cell carcinoma.

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  • Three white female rats age approximately one year were presented with history of gradually increased swelling on thoracic region on left side and right side while other rat had mass on right side of neck. On the basis of history, clinical and ultrasonographic examinations diagnosed as a tumour and treated surgically under general anaesthesia. The histopathological examinations revealed fibroedinoma of mammary gland in two rats and a fibroma. All rats were recovered well without any complications.

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  • This study aims to compare conservative versus surgical management for patients with full-thickness RC tear in terms of clinical and structural outcomes at 1 and 2 years of follow-up. At a 2-year follow-up, shoulder function evaluated in terms of CMS was not significantly improved.

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  • The surgical indication and treatment of sacral meningeal cyst have not been well established and current methods are usually accompanied by complications and recurrence. The aim of this study is to discuss the treatment of symptomatic sacral meningeal cyst, by investigating the surgical results of our surgically treated patients, and minimize the complications and recurrence.

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  • Due to the intraarticular and complex nature of the coronal shear fracture of the humeral capitellum and its rarity, it has been difficult to formulate a universally accepted method of surgical management. The purpose of this study is to retrospectively evaluate the clinical outcomes of 15 patients with isolated coronal shear fractures of the capitellum treated by Herbert screw fixation through anterolateral approach, and to address the safety and tips for this surgical procedure.

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