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  • Chapter 9 "Currency Swaps" lecture International financial management introduce to you the content: The swap bank, swap transaction, an example of a currency swap. Invite you to refer to the lecture content more learning materials and research.

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  • Phần III - Các giao dịch ngoại hối trên thị trường ngoại hối 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Spot transaction Forward transaction Future transaction Swap transaction Option transaction 1 .Phần III - Các nghiệp vụ kinh doanh trên thị

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  • GIAO DỊCH HOÁN ĐỔI NGOẠI HỐI (FOREX SWAP TRANSACTIONS) Mục tiêu : • Hiểu được thế nào là giao dịch hoán đổi ngoại hối. • Nắm được các đặc điểm và bản chất của giao dịch hóan đổi ngọai hối. • Nắm được cách tính các tỷ giá trong một giao dịch hóan đổi ngọai hối. • Hiểu và thực hành được các ứng dụng của giao dịch hoán đổi ngoại hối.

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  • The prices established and offered in such transactions are generally disseminated and quoted throughout the United States and foreign countries and constitute a basis for determining and establishing the prices at which securities are bought and sold, the amount of certain taxes owing to the United States and to the several States by owners, buyers, and sellers of securities, and the value of collateral for bank loans.

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  • The term "person" means an individual, a corporation, a partnership, an association, a joint- stock company, a trust, any unincorporated organization, or a government or political subdivision thereof. As used in this paragraph the term "trust" shall include only a trust where the interest or interests of the beneficiary or beneficiaries are evidenced by a security.

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  • Dodd-Frank provides for the comprehensive regula- tion of swaps and requires “swap dealers” and “major swap participants” to register with regulators. 3 As many private funds engage in various types of swaps and derivatives transactions, private fund managers will need to determine if their funds are captured by these new cat- egories, which would then require registration and com- pliance with numerous new compliance requirements.

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  • The Company on behalf of a sub-fund may enter into transactions in over-the-counter markets, which will expose the sub-fund to the credit of its counterparties and their ability to satisfy the terms of such contracts. For example, the Company on behalf of the sub-fund may enter into repurchase agreements, forward contracts, options and swap arrangements or other derivative techniques, each of which expose the sub-fund to the risk that the counterparty may default on its obligations to perform under the relevant contract.

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