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  • Development of the initiative required investment of the organization’s discretionary funding which would have to be diverted from programmatic support. It was estimated that it would take three years before these efforts produced a meaningful return on investment, if ever. In 2001, PSI granted Roberts and her team limited funding and internal support to launch YouthAIDS. YouthAIDS grew dramatically to become a multi-million dollar education and prevention program.

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  • However keen you are, it is highly unlikely that you can organise an event on your own - you need a group. Groups often form around the desire to run a festival or event with the celebration of a theme, art form or sport in mind. This usually starts off being an informal grouping but as soon as the group starts to handle money then a formal statement of roles and responsibilities and decision-making becomes necessary. People volunteer for committee work for a wide variety of reasons but primarily they become involved with an organisation or an event and...

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  • FMIs can differ significantly in organisation, function, and design. FMIs can be legally organised in a variety of forms, including associations of financial institutions, non- bank clearing corporations, and specialised banking organisations. FMIs may be owned and operated by a central bank or by the private sector. FMIs may also operate as for-profit or not-for-profit entities. Depending on organisational form, FMIs can be subject to different licensing and regulatory schemes within and across jurisdictions. For example, bank and non-bank FMIs are often regulated differently.

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  • The rst seven variables contain information about the general state of the economy and help to identify monetary policy and capital inows shocks. The model includes both short-term and long-term interest rates. In our sample of countries short-term interest rates are largely controlled by central banks. Using movements in nominal short rates to identify monetary policy shocks is standard in VARs that study monetary policy (see eg Christiano et al (1999)). Long-term interest rates, on the other hand, tend to be driven by nancial market outcomes.

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  • Much theory and research on emotion are based on the facial expressions of amateurs asked to pose for still photographs. The theory of facial affect programs (FAPs; P. Ekman, 1972) was proposed to account for the resulting expressions, most of which are patterns consisting of distinguishable parts. In the present study, 4 Hollywood films noted for fine acting and realism were examined for the facial expressions that accompany a basic emotion. In keeping with the theory of FAPs, profes- sional actors judged as happy were found smiling in 97% (Duchenne smiling in 74%) of cases.

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  • These guidelines use sustainable urban infrastructure as the entry point for building sustainable cities. Sustainable urban infrastructure can only be built if we reconsider our strategic view of urbanization – if we rethink the future of cities. A new strategy based on more effective urban planning, strengthened local institutions and governance processes as well as enhanced economic contribution of cities is needed.

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  • Theviewsexpressedtherein,thedesignationsemployedaswellasthepresentationof materialinthispaperdonotimplytheexpressionsofanyopinionwhatsoeveronthepartof theSecretariatoftheUnitedNationsIndustrialDevelopmentOrganizationconcerningthe legalstatusofanycountry,territory,cityorareaorofitsauthorities,orconcerningthe delimitationofitsfrontiersorboundaries.

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  • The policy influencers we investigated included representatives from the two key subgroups of individuals active in the field of public health and in the field of the environment. Contrary to the previous subgroup, members of these subgroups are not direct political advisors to government policy makers or members of such individuals' close political entourage. However, they are members of European, national, regional or municipal government bodies who consult with, advise or otherwise influence government policy makers or members of their political entourage.

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  • The abolition of the Audit Commission will also impact on the audit arrangements for local health bodies. Currently, the Strategic Health Authorities, Primary Care Trusts and NHS Trusts are audited under the Audit Commission framework. The Health and Social Care Bill, currently before Parliament, aims to abolish Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts and provides for all NHS Trusts to become Foundation Trusts by 2014.

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  • A decision support system (DSS) will be developed, using the results of the MRB model system and other existing watershed DSSs to enable decision-making about investments in watershed management, aquatic ecosystem restoration, water quality, water quantity, and groundwater management measures in the MRB. The DSS will be explicitly designed to meet sponsor needs. The DSS will be linked to the Basin GIS to enable visualization of the spatial arrangement of management measures.

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  • In 1969 a wider definition of marketing was articulated (Kotler & Levy 1969) and this was further extended by Kotler in 1972. Kotler and Levy argued for a dramatically broadened conceptual domain for marketing from the business activity it had hitherto been, to "a pervasive societal activity that goes considerably beyond the selling of toothpaste, soap and steel" (Kotler & Levy 1969, p10).

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  • The opening statement must not explain that you are calling to schedule an appointment or close a sale. Selling too soon, or outrunning the customer, is a major contributor to poor results. Human beings go through a natural process when deciding to take action. There’s no point in trying to circumvent it. Telecallers must be prepared to move the prospect step-by-step through the process of buying your offer or call objective.

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  • The increasing three-dimensionality of Schnabel’s work was shown to the public in an exhibition at the Mary Boone Gallery in 1982 which included paintings with even more clearly defined sculptural elements, for example Rest, 1982. Two other works included in that exhibition, however, represent the first steps into the realm of bronze sculpture: The Mud in Mudanza, 1982, which has a cast bronze cross and cast antlers in its centre, and The Raft, 1982, featuring a bronze tree struck boldly through its surface.

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  • Since the mid-1980s, asthma rates in the U.S. have skyrocketed to epidemic levels, particularly in young children. In the U.S. alone, around 16 million people suffer from asthma. Asthma is a serious chronic disorder, and in some cases life-threatening disease, of the lungs characterized by recurrent attacks of bronchial constriction, which cause breathlessness, wheezing, and coughing. Researchers have found that pesticide exposure can induce a poisoning effect linked to asthma.

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  • An important qualifi cation on this theory is that high execu- tive salary needs to result in a benefi t to the society for it to be justifi ed in terms of consequentialist ethics. Increased returns to the fi rm are not suffi cient. Increased effi ciency for the fi rm is a potential justifi cation, but the effi ciency must increase social utility either directly or indirectly. Th is means that the corporation must not be engaged in a legal but socially harmful activity. Improved effi ciency for a corporation engaged in...

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  • · Costa Rica undertook a forest depletion exercise similar to that of Indonesia; the work was carried out by the Costa Rican Centro Cientifico Tropical and the Washington-based World Resources Institute. Since then the Central Bank has taken a cautious attitude towards institutionalizing the work, agreeing to include data in the accounts if another institution took responsibility for developing them and doing the subjective valuation work required.

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  • Do not allow unauthorized persons to have physical access to or to use of any of your business computers. This includes locking up laptops when they are not in use. It is a good idea to position each computer’s display (or use a privacy screen) so that people walking by cannot see the information on the screen. Controlling access to your systems and networks also involves being fully aware of anyone who has access to the systems or networks. This includes cleaning crews who come into the office space at night to clean the trash and...

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  • When the victim insists that he has never heard of such a relative, the scammer makes an interesting argument. He has allegedly tried unsuccessfully for several years to find a real next-of-kin, and is on the verge of giving up. The lawyer lets it slip that he is not concerned if the American he is corresponding with is actually related to the deceased person - he just wants to ship the money and obtain his fee. Interestingly enough, when the scammer mentions that the late Mr. X was working for Y Oil Company, many of...

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  • We use a series of computational models to estimate health damages attributable to air pollution from these plants, we compare these damages to estimates of damages from non-maquiladora industrial polluters, and we use regression analysis to determine whether the poor suffer disproportionately from maquiladora air pollution. We find that air pollution from maquiladoras has serious consequences for human health, including respiratory disease and premature mortality. However, maquiladoras are clearly not the leading cause of air pollution in Ciudad Juárez and El Paso.

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  • This table presents the calculation of Net Total Ecosystem Capital Potential (NTECP) and Net Change and Territorial Ecosystem Capital Degradation (TECD). The starting point is given by table [B]. The balancing item 'Net Ecosystem Accessible Carbon Surplus' (NEACS) is taken as a surrogate measure of the gross ecosystem capital potential of inland, sea and atmosphere ecosystems. In simplified accounts it covers the accessible carbon of terrestrial ecosystems, sea (fisheries) and the atmosphere's capacity to assimilate carbon.

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