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System information criticality

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  • This study focuses on assessing critical factors in terms of human factors on the quality of Accounting Information Systems (AIS) in Can Tho City. The quantitative research method was utilized. The sample size of this study was 88 observations from different companies in terms of size and industries.

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  • The ability to think critically and creatively is essential for students to be able to face the challenges of the industrial revolution 4.0. Lectures must be designed to enhance students’ critical and creative thinking skills. This study aims to examine the implementation of problem-based learning in learning management information systems courses to improve students critical and creative thinking skills.

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  • Ebook "Hedgehog-gli signaling in human disease" is to disseminate information on this exciting field, to allow students, scientists and the public in general to gain access current information from research leaders and to provide a book that encompasses different aspects of research showing the fusion of basic research in model systems and medicine. This is a timely primer on how a system of cell communication, Hedgehog-GLI signaling, plays a critical role in human disease and thus provides the background for the development of novel and rational therapies.

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  • By moving from the "integrated" to the "dynamic" supply chain model, businesses may see their supply chains as flexible ecosystems of people, processes, capital assets, technology, and data. In the rapidly evolving corporate world, effective supply chain management (SCM) is a critical issue. Dynamic SCM necessitates good decision information synchronization and integrated decision-making among autonomous chain partners.

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  • This paper contributes to discussion concerning the desirability of improving external reporting and audit assurance by identifying and reporting internally generated qualitative SCM information that is critical to achievement of business objectives. The impact that the fourth industrial revolution will have on economic growth is an issue that divides economists.

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  • Ebook "Organic crop production – Ambitions and limitations" has been written to provide scientifically based information on organic agriculture such as crop yields, food safety, nutrient use efficiency, leaching, long-term sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions and energy aspects. A number of scientists working with questions related to organic agriculture were invited to present the most recent research and to address critical issues.

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  • Part 2 book "Statistical physics" includes content: Fluctuations, phase transitions and critical phenomena, linear response, kinetic equations, basics of the modern theory of many particle systems, motion in phase space, ergodicity and mixing; statistical mechanics and information theory; nonequilibrium statistical operators.

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  • Applying information technology to state budget management is one of the solutions to improve transparency in public financial management, limit disadvantages in using budgets and ensure financial security in the process of national development and integration. This study aims to analyze the critical factors affecting the effectiveness of TABMIS in state treasuries in Ho Chi Minh City.

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  • Ebook "Handbook of critical information systems research: Theory and application" provides a unique overview of information systems (IS) research by focusing on the increasing interest in critical-related issues. Representing a significant step forward in the development of critical perspectives on the IS field, the Handbook draws together original contributions from leading authors who offer alternatives to the current mainstream approaches to IS research.

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Pioneers of critical accounting: A celebration of the life of Tony Lowe" provides readers with contents including: informings for control and emancipatory interests in accounting new reflections on the intellectual emancipation of accounting and the possibilities of emancipatory accountings; think different accounting as a systems theorist - gender, race and class; a critical analysis of the balanced scorecard towards a more dialogic approach;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Reinforced concrete structures: Analysis and design" provides readers with contents including: Chapter 7 - Two-way slabs; Chapter 8 - Columns; Chapter 9 - Walls; Chapter 10 - Foundations; Appendix A - Steel reinforcement information; Appendix B - Critical section properties for two-way shear;...

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  • Ebook Purchasing and supply chain management (Fourth Edition): Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 11 strategic cost management, chapter 12 purchasing and supply chain analysis: tools and techniques, chapter 13 negotiation, chapter 14 contract management, chapter 15 purchasing law and ethics, chapter 16 lean supply chain management, chapter 17 purchasing services, chapter 18 supply chain information systems and electronic sourcing, chapter 19 performance measurement and evaluation, chapter 20 purchasing and supply strategy trends.

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  • To better understand clinician information needs and learning opportunities by exploring the use of best-practice algorithms across different training levels and specialties. CPM usage varied widely across topics, specialties, and individual clinicians. Frequently viewed and recurrently viewed topics might warrant special attention. Specialists usually view topics within their specialty and may have unique information needs.

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  • It is critical to integrate and analyze data from biological, translational, and clinical studies with data from health systems; however, electronic artifacts are stored in thousands of disparate systems that are often unable to readily exchange data.

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  • Hospitals that routinely share patients are those that most critically need to engage in electronic health information exchange (HIE) with each other to ensure clinical information is available to inform treatment decisions. We surveyed pairs of hospitals in a nationwide sample to describe whether and how hospitals within each hospital referral region (HRR) that have the highest shared patient (HSP) volume engaged in HIE with each other.

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  • Provider acceptance and associated patient outcomes are widely discussed in the evaluation of clinical decision support systems (CDSSs), but critical design criteria for tools have generally been overlooked.

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  • Clinical Information System (CIS) usage can reduce healthcare costs over time, improve the quality of medical care and safety, and enhance clinical efficiency. However, CIS implementation in developing countries poses additional, different challenges from the developed countries.

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  • Ebook Knowledge management and higher education: A critical analysis - Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter IX Policy processes for technological change; Chapter X Enterprise system development in higher education; Chapter XI Higher education culture and the diffusion of technology in classroom instruction; Chapter XII Wiring watkins university: Does IT really matter? Chapter XIII Challenges of complex information technology projects: The MAC Initiative; Chapter XIV A case of an IT-Enabled organizational change intervention: The missing pieces; Chapter XV Discussion questions for ...

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  • Ebook Knowledge management systems: Information and communication technologies for knowledge management - Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 motivation; chapter 2 goals; chapter 3 procedure, methods and overview; chapter 4 foundation; chapter 5 strategy; chapter 6 organization; chapter 7 systems; chapter 8 economics; chapter 9 summary and critical reflection. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

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  • Ebook Knowledge management systems: Information and communication technologies for knowledge management - Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 11 research design; chapter 12 strategy and environment; chapter 13 organization; chapter 14 systems; chapter 15 economics; chapter 16 summary and critical reflection; chapter 17 scenarios; chapter 18 outlook; chapter 19 literature; chapter 20 on-line resources. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

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