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  • This paper brings up some issues of teacher education curriculum components offered for pre-service teacher education in a comprehensive university, as well as proposes integrated curriculum internal and external mobility strategies

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  • The emergence of next-level technologies in fields like robotics and artificial intelligence has led many to conclude that we are entering a Fourth Industrial Revolution. Capabilities like 3D printing and nano-technology are expected to make it increasingly possible to integrate human and digital functions, changing the scope, speed, and flexibility of what can be accomplished in numerous sectors and activities.

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  • Integration of ICT in Education in Vietnam: from Policy to Practice Jef Peeraer (Coordinator Teacher Training – ICT, VVOB Vietnam) Thy Tran (Coordinator Teacher Training – ICT, VVOB Vietnam) Abstract During the school year 2008-2009, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) of Vietnam launched the “Year of ICT” to produce a breakthrough in educational innovation. In light of this development the authors have carried out a policy analysis to study the national vision and mission on integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education in Vietnam.

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  • Holliway and McCutchen (2004) stressed that the coordination of the author, text, and reader representations “builds on multiple sources of interpersonal, cognitive, and textual competencies” and may well account for most of the difficulties that children experience with revision. In an early study of expert versus novice differences in writers, Sommers (1980) documented that professional writers routinely and spontaneously revise their texts extensively and globally, making deep structural changes.

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  • The training course manual on basic environmental education supports a training course on Basic Environmental Education to other teacher trainers, lower secondary teachers and teacher trainees. The objective is to help teachers integrate, mainstream and/or relate to environmental issues and environmental protection in their lessons, not only in those subjects with explicit relations such as Biology or Geography. This manual provides suggestions for conducting a two and a half day training course on Environemental Education.

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  • In the context of globalization, intercultural integration has gained a better position in teaching and learning English in Vietnam, even in general education. In fact, intercultural objectives and intercultural content have been added to the expected curriculum and pilot coursebooks for teaching English in upper secondary education.

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  • The inclusion and the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) configure a field of great scientific interest in the current society. In this context, the attitudes of the teachers towards the ICT play an important role. The present article gathers the results of a study whose purpose was to determine how a teacher will use and integrate the ‘Information and Communication Technologies’ (ICT) in inclusive classrooms. This will also identify the factors that promote good educational practices supported by ICT. Towards this we prepared a case study of multiple cases.

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  • Three sets of research instruments, the NASA Long-Term Experience –Educator End of Event Survey, the Teacher End of Project Survey, and the pre-and-post-Investgatng Climate Change and Remote Sensing (ICCARS) project student exams, are adapted to study the pedagogical impacts of the NASA AEROKATS remote sensing system.

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  • The results presented here show that the IP has not benefited the “bad” students and penalised the “good” ones, as a significant number of students and teachers might have thought at first. The added value of this methodology is the transversal competencies and skills that students can acquire.

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  • Through surveys by form (2017-2019) in 40 junior secondary schools in rural, midland and mountainous areas in the Northwest, Central Highlands and Southwest regions with 360 education managers, homeroom teachers and subject teachers (including: 40 education managers, 120 homeroom teachers, 200 subject teachers).

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  • Cattle and buffalo are an integral part of the mixed crop-livestock smallholder farming systems in the developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Apart from being a crucial source of high quality food (meat and milk), dairy farming provides employment, sustainable income and social security to millions of smallholder farmers within the region. Also, attaining food security and self-sufficiency in livestock products is a high priority development goal of most countries in this region.

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  • This situation comes from our earliest history and continues to the present day. From a short history of mathematics education in this country by Alan Tucker we have the following remarks: “The country’s first colleges, created to train ministers, taught no mathematics or science. There was no training for teachers and theirs was one of the lowest ranked professions in early America. “Some founding fathers argued that a voting citizenry needed a deeper education. For example, George Washington wrote, ‘The science of figures. . .

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  • The Arab region has recently experienced exponential growth in the use of social media. Previous issues of the Arab Social Media Report have explored this growth, which has been fueled in part by the use of networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in the movements of the so-called “Arab spring.” The third edition of the report builds on these timely themes, which specifically explored the exponential growth of social media use in the Arab world, and the role of social networking tools in the civil movements in the Arab region. ...

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  • The research evidence furthermore shows that social media offer specific opportunities for the four strategic challenges of European Education and Training policies in the years leading up to 2020 (European Commission, 2008g) and can thus contribute to modernising Education and Training in Europe. Enhancing innovation and creativity: Social media support more engaging and playful approaches, provide new formats for creative expression, and encourage learners and teachers to experiment with different, innovative, ways of articulating their thoughts and ideas. The Learning 2.

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  • One of the main projects of the health promoting schools network in Albania, in the field of health education for primary school pupils, has created a positive experience that has improved daily, with different activities organized by pupils of each school. It is important to mention the significant role of teachers that directly or indirectly make their contribution to strengthening those initiatives; the total integration of pupils full of enthusiasm, and the integration of parents in the realization of every concrete project.

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  • One of the international challenges is to actually create an infrastructure in many countries that constructs schools and equips them with trained teachers so children can experience a basic education. The UN millennium development goals reflect this and great progress is being made on access to a universal basic education. However it is a modest goal that, for example, doesn’t necessarily apply to teenagers.

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of the document The movement-sensing perspective in autism has contents: Autism sports and educational model for inclusion, reframing autism spectrum disorder for teachers, argentinian ambulatory integral model to treat autism spectrum disorders,… and other contents. Invite you to consult the details.

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  • This research introduces a new pedagogical approach, the Virtual Flipped Classroom (VFC). The VFC is an integration of two concepts: the Flipped Classroom and Virtual Classroom. It enables teachers to teach and guide students in applying the activities needed to achieve the best learning levels. To investigate the effect of VFC, the researchers applied it to students on a computer programming course in the Instructional and Learning Technology (ILT) department at the College of Education, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU).

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  • The effectiveness of blended learning was evaluated through the integration of an online chemistry platform, LabLessons. Two modules, Formation of were designed by college mentors alongside classroom chemistry teachers to engage and allow high school students to better comprehend these scientific topics. The pre-lab modules introduced the students to experiments they were expected to perform in class the following day.

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  • In India, there is a clear distinction between the terms «media education», «edu- cational technology» and «professional education in media». The term «educational technology» includes all teaching techniques as wells as the use of media in school lessons; the term «professional education in media» refers to a mixture between schools of journalism and film. «Media education» considers learning about media while educational technology is learning by using media.

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