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  • A text/reference regarding the structure and function of components used in perfume development and the process of developing perfumes. Covers gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and a host of other analytical techniques; the esthetics and techniques of perfume development; the manifold and ever-changing safety-related requirements of countries and customers; concerns about the environmental impact of materials and impurities which affect the perfumer's work.

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  • The model is tested on rectangular grids triangulari2jed after the 8-neighbours strategy. In the context of t he semi-implicit time matching methods, the directional derivative technique is more accurate t han Green's theorem technique. The results from the t hird order Adams-Bashforth scheme are the most accurate, especially for discontinuous problems. In this case, there is a minor difference between two approximation techniques of spatial derivatives.

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  • C++ is a flexible, powerful programming language with hundreds of thousands of applications. However, the knowledge of how to take advantage of its full potential comes only with time and experience. That’s where this book comes in. Think of it as a “cookbook” for solving your programming problems, much as The Joy of Cooking is a guide to solving your dinner dilemmas.

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  • Data Structures and Algorithms: Table of Contents Data Structures and Algorithms Alfred V. Aho, Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey John E. Hopcroft, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York Jeffrey D.

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  • How to Draw Cartoon Heroes Using Simple Shapes .Cartoon heroes are easy to draw using a bunch of circles and ovals to capture their exaggerated muscles. Follow along and give it a try for yourself! Step 1 - Body, Head & Legs First draw the torso with a rounded upside down triangle shape, and place the head on top with a simple oval. Two elongated oval shapes, tilted slightly inward will make the legs. Try and match the placement like the example as closely as possible, and remember to draw lightly at this beginning stage of the drawing so that you...

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  • This paper presents the results of handwritten digit recognition on well-known image databases using state-of-the-art feature extraction and classification techniques. The tested databases are obtained from MNIST [1] and collected samples of digits handwritten by teachers at Da Nang University of Technology. For feature extraction, two features are chosen: Hu’s seven moments and image averaging (resizing the images to ones of less number of pixels for easier comparison).

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  • Sentiment Classification seeks to identify a piece of text according to its author’s general feeling toward their subject, be it positive or negative. Traditional machine learning techniques have been applied to this problem with reasonable success, but they have been shown to work well only when there is a good match between the training and test data with respect to topic.

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  • We present a stochastic parsing system consisting of a Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG), a constraint-based parser and a stochastic disambiguation model. We report on the results of applying this system to parsing the UPenn Wall Street Journal (WSJ) treebank. The model combines full and partial parsing techniques to reach full grammar coverage on unseen data. The treebank annotations are used to provide partially labeled data for discriminative statistical estimation using exponential models.

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  • We present a pattern matching method for compiling a bilingual lexicon of nouns and proper nouns from unaligned, noisy parallel texts of Asian/Indo-European language pairs. Tagging information of one language is used. Word frequency and position information for high and low frequency words are represented in two different vector forms for pattern matching. New anchor point finding and noise elimination techniques are introduced. We obtained a 73.1% precision. We also show how the results can be used in the compilation of domain-specific noun phrases. ...

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  • When you have completed this chapter, you will be able to: Explain the the difference between dependent and independent samples, conduct a test of hypothesis and obtain a confidence interval estimate for the difference between two population means using independent samples and using matched pair sample.

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  • We describe an algorithm for recovering non-local dependencies in syntactic dependency structures. The patternmatching approach proposed by Johnson (2002) for a similar task for phrase structure trees is extended with machine learning techniques. The algorithm is essentially a classifier that predicts a nonlocal dependency given a connected fragment of a dependency structure and a set of structural features for this fragment.

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  • The potential environmental impact of a biomass power plant (BPP) was evaluated by transplanting thalli of the lichen Pseudevernia furfuracea (L.) Zopf in the surrounding area for 3 months. Four meteorological stations were placed at four sites to monitor local winds.

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  • In this paper, a simple technique is proposed for fingerprint analysis using minutiae extraction process with the combination of several techniques for image pre-processing to improve the input image until it is suitable for minutiae extraction. In addition, two major categories of minutiae and bifurcation are used here.

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  • This paper discusses predicting attendance at Major League Soccer events using data from the 2014 and 2015 seasons. Panel data is obtained for each team, season, and weather category. A traditional least squared dummy variable linear regression technique is used along with three machine learning algorithms – random forest, M5 prime, and extreme gradient boosting. Extreme gradient boosting provides superior results with respect to out-of-sample root mean square error statistics.

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  • The main features of the TSDR system are real-time processing capability and high accuracy. To achieve these targets, a fusion method which is combination of advanced techniques including adaptive chromatic color segmentation, shape matching, and support vector machine (SVM) is proposed.

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  • Proximate composition of food crops is an essential and inevitable tool to identify their ability to suffice the nutritional security of society. Creating database for the key components of biochemical composition is also an essential step to categorized food crops on nutritional supplanting capacity. Conventionally, for the biochemical characterization was performed with tedious and time consuming proximate and wet methods which did not match with current analytical requirements viz., quick, easy cheap, effective rugged and accurate.

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  • The study was performed among patients with vaginal infections attending OG Department of SRM Hospital, Kattankulathur. A total of 72 samples were collected, 40 samples were from symptomatic population and 32 samples were collected from age matched women without any symptoms. However no single bacteria were shown to be the primary cause of vaginitis. This study concluded that there was no significant difference in study and control population. In the future, by using molecular techniques, we may better diagnose each subtype of BV, and able to tailor treatment appropriately.

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  • Successful development of iSCNT (interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer) embryos depends on complex interactions between ooplasmic and nuclear components, which can be compromised by genetic divergence. Transfer of ooplasm matching the genetic background of the somatic cell in iSCNT embryos is a valuable tool to study the degree of incompatibilities between nuclear and ooplasmic components.

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  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain represents a considerable worldwide healthcare burden. This study aimed to gain consensus from practitioners who work with MSK pain patients, on the most appropriate primary care treatment options for subgroups of patients based on prognostic risk of persistent disabling pain.

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  • Whether you are a tutor/trainer or studying management development to further your career, Super Series provides an exciting and flexible resource to help you to achieve your goals. The fifth edition is completely new and up-to-date, and has been structured to perfectly match the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)’s new unit-based qualifications for first line managers. It also harmonizes with the 2004 national occupational standards in management and leadership, providing an invaluable resource for S/NVQs at Level 3 in Management....

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