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  • An integrated approach to the study of taxa of the genus Hypericum occurring in Sicily is proposed. The results of morphological, biochemical, and molecular analyses are combined to better assess the relationships between the species investigated and test the suitability of DNA barcoding technique in the discrimination of these taxa. For the name Hypericum aegypticum subsp. webbii (Spach) N. Robson a lectotype is designated. For Hypericum triquetrifolium Turra a lectotype and a supporting epitype are designated. The presence of Hypericum perforatum L. subsp.

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  • A group of N−4 piperazinyl derivatives of norfloxacin was synthesized and identified by different spectroscopic techniques. The N−4 piperazinyl substituent in target compounds 2a–2k, 3a–3c, and 4a and 4b was designed to have different electronic, steric, and physicochemical properties. The antibacterial activity of the newly synthesized compounds was evaluated against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Staphylococcus aureus strains using norfloxacin as a reference. Results showed that most of the tested compounds had higher activity against E. coli and K.

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  • Schiff base derivatives with anthracene- and pyrene-based units, A1-A6 and P1-P6 were synthesized (89%–99% yields). Schiff base derivatives were designed to possess an heterocyclic moiety on one side to enhance the coordination ability towards metals. To investigate the biological assay of the newly synthesized compounds, their DPPH (2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl) radical scavenging, metal chelating, reducing power, antibacterial and DNA binding activities were tested. A6 (63.1%) showed the maximum free radical scavenging activity among all.

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  • Basing on the research methods of several researchers with adjustments, we investigate the effectiveness of inventory auditing procedures in detecting frauds through surveying 97 auditors working in auditing firms in Vietnam. By applying descriptive statistics and t test methodology (SPSS 20.0 software), we assess and classify auditing procedures based on their effectiveness in detecting frauds.

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  • The identification of immunogenic regions on the surface of antigens, which are able to be recognized by antibodies and to trigger an immune response, is a major challenge for the design of new and effective vaccines. The prediction of such regions through computational immunology techniques is a challenging goal, which will ultimately lead to a drastic limitation of the experimental tests required to validate their efficiency.

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  • Rabies is a highly fatal viral infection of central nervous system affecting all warm blooded animals including humans. The virus belongs to the Rhabdoviridae family, genus Lyssa virus. Several techniques have been standardized internationally for the diagnosis of rabies. This study was designed to assess the efficacy of Seller's staining test (SST) and Direct Fluorescent Antibody Test (dFAT) for diagnosis of rabies antigen, Mouse Innoculation Test (MIT) and real time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) were used as the Gold Standards.

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  • This study was an observational analytic study with a cross-sectional design by using consecutive techniques. The research started from November2019 until January 2020 in the Chemotherapy Unit and Clinical Pathology Laboratory Dr. M. Djamil Padang with a total sample of fifty-four people. The research instrument used was the EnzymeLinked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) test for IgG and IgM antibodies in the blood serum of toxoplasmosis patients.

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  • The study investigated stock market reactions to oil price fluctuations in Nigeria. A longitudinal design consisting of data on the Nigerian Stock market index, crude oil prices, exchange rate, interest rate, inflation rate and GDP for the period 1984-2019 was employed. The data were subjected to stationarity and cointegration tests using ADF and Johansen’s techniques. Based on the results of the stationarity and cointegration tests, Vector error correction model was used to analyse the research data.

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  • It is very common in India that with low priced palm oil use to be adulterated with ghee. Though some techniques are present in market for ascertain the purity of ghee but all these techniques have their own limitations. Thus, simple and rapid test been preferred now a day to assess the quality of ghee in routine quality control analysis. Presently a DPPH based chromogenic assay been used to identify the presence of palm oil in ghee. The assay was involved using of 50 mg/ 100 ml (ethanol) DPPH solution. Specificity of this assay was tested across the pure ghee and palm oil.

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  • A field experiment was carried out during Kharif 2016 at the Main Agricultural Research Station, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad to investigate the effect of staggered sowings and application of additional dose of nitrogen to late parent on synchronization of male and female parents of pearl millet hybrid BPMH-3. The field experiment comprised of twelve treatments with three replications in split plot design.

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  • The multiple response optimization and ranking of input parameters were productively completed by GRA to find the effect of each of it. Analysis of variance produced the higher significant factor from selected parameters with percentage of their contribution and was confirmed with an affirmation (verification) test for the obtained optimal set of factors. Thus, the hybrid GRA with Taguchi technique design provides the optimal design parameters affecting multi-performances of TFC system.

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  • The features of a drop-on-demand-based system developed for the manufacture of meltbased pharmaceuticals have been previously reported. In this paper, a supervisory control system, which is designed to ensure reproducible production of high quality of melt-based solid oral dosages, is presented. This control system enables the production of individual dosage forms with the desired critical quality attributes: amount of active ingredient and drug morphology by monitoring and controlling critical process parameters, such as drop size and product and process temperatures.

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  • A field experiment entitled, “Performance of maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids under different planting methods and nitrogen levels” was conducted at Agronomy research farm, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar during kharif 2013 and 2014. The experiment consisted of four planting techniques viz. Raised Bed System (RBS), Flat Sowing with Zero Tillage (FSZT), Flat Sowing with Minimum Tillage (FSMT) and Flat Sowing with Conventional Tillage (FSCT) in main plots and two maize hybrids viz. HQPM-1 and HQPM-5 and three nitrogen levels viz.

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  • Traditionally the hand lever operated knapsack sprayer was used by the Indian farmers for spraying of pesticide, weedicide, fungicides, liquid chemicals etc. however it involves fatigue due to continuous hand lever operation results in the low efficiency. Now a days the power operated knapsack sprayers available in the market are being used for spraying operation in production agriculture but it is associated with more vibrations, noise levels causes the high level of fatigue during the operation hence labors are reluctant to use this types of sprayer.

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  • The present investigation was undertaken with view to study cost and returns in rain-fed maize farmers of tribal area of Central Gujarat. Multistage stratified sampling method was adopted for sample design. A sample of 240 maize farmers were selected from 12 selected villages of six selected talukas of three tribal districts. Techniques such as, percentage and ratios, mean, standard deviation and t-test were employed. Standard farm management cost and returns concepts were used to estimate various costs and returns.

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  • Field experiments were conducted to study the effect of sowing techniques and seed rate on growth and yield of direct seeded rice (Oryza sativa L.) under rainfed medium land situation. The experiment consists of two sowing techniques (Broadcasting and Line sowing) with five seed rate (80 kg ha-1 , 90 kg ha-1 , 100 kg ha-1 , 110 kg ha-1 and 120 kg ha-1 ) and replicated thrice in factorial randomised block design. Line sowing with seed rate of 100 kg ha-1 was found to be superior (6030 kg ha-1 ) in grain production over the other combinations. Maximum plant height (112.

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  • The study was undertaken to analyse the economic activities of farm households in the sub-tropics of Jammu region of Jammu & Kashmir state and whether farm households depend exclusively on agriculture for their livelihood or not. The study was conducted by employing non-experimental descriptive research design. Multi stage sampling technique was applied for selecting a total sample of 370 farmers: 270 rice-wheat cultivating farmers from Jammu, Samba and Kathua districts and 100 vegetable cultivating farmers from Jammu district.

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  • 'Public speaking is speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners' (Wikipedia). Therefore, a good speech should be substantial and engaging. There are three main points which the most orators should concern for making a good public speaking including preparation, body languages, and speaking skills. A study has been undertaken during the month of May 2018 to assess the knowledge level and skill level regarding public speaking for employment among the students of GBPUA&T, Pantnagar, and Uttarakhand.

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  • Exploiting the production potential of high yielding rice varieties through agronomic management is one of the alternatives to feed the ever growing population. For this, fertilizers from different sources and modern planting techniques have contributed substantially to the spectacular increase in rice yield and to improve soil properties. In order to study the effect of planting techniques and integrated nutrient management in rice.

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  • Bridelia micrantha commonly known as coastal golden leaf is a member of the family Phyllanthaceae. In preliminary studies, nine fractions, named F1- F9, were obtained by fractionating the crude methanol extract of the stem bark of Bridelia micrantha using column chromatographic techniques. The F6 fraction was found to be the most active when tested for the antibacterial activity. This study is thus aimed at investigating the effect of fractionation on antibacterial activity of F6 fraction.

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