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  • This book has been a project spanning several years. Many have commented that the first edition was one of the best technical books they ever read. What’s made this book a reality are the many people that aided in its development. We took a big risk in developing the second edition of this book and decided to build the book on the Web. We received feedback from around the world when writing this book, and thus we have an evolving list of contributors and reviewers.

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  • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a managed, server-side component architecture for modular construction of enterprise applications. The EJB specification is one of several Java APIs in the Java EE specification. EJB is a server-side model that encapsulates the business logic of an application.The EJB specification intends to provide a standard way to implement the back-end 'business' code typically found in enterprise applications (as opposed to 'front-end' interface code).

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  • (BQ) Introduces the cooking and food habits of Korea, including such recipes as bean sprout salad and Korean dumplings, and provides brief information on the geography and history of the country.

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  • Vegetarians of all types can achieve recommended nutrient intakes through careful selection of foods. These individuals should give special attention to their intakes of protein, iron, and vitamin B12, as well as calcium and vitamin D if avoiding milk products. In addition, vegetarians could select only nuts, seeds, and legumes from the meat and beans group, or they could include eggs if so desired. At the 2,000­calorie level, they could choose about 1.5 ounces of nuts and  2 /3 cup legumes instead of 5.5 ounces of meat, poultry, and/or fish.

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  • Healthy Carb Cookbook For Dummies provide some necessary content to help you have more materials for reference as well as practice knowledge. Hope the document gives you good lessons for you to study.

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  • OMG PRESS CT Arrington, Syed Rayhan ™ TimeEntryEntityBean is the local interface for the TimeEntry entity bean. It defines the locally accessible methods for the TimeEntry entity bean. This is shown in Figure 01. TimeEntryLocal + getHours() : int + getDate() : Date + getChargeCode() : ChargeCodeLocal + getTimecard() : TimecardLocal + setHours(hours : int) + setDate(day : Date) + setChargeCode(code : ChargeCodeLocal) Figure 01 Local interface of the TimeEntry entity bean. package com.wiley.compBooks.EJwithUML.TimeCardDomain; import java.util.

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  • In terms of market share, Android may be on its way to dominating the mobile space the same way that Windows dominated the desktop/laptop arena. Malicious and high-risk Android apps are becoming more sophisticated. An “arms race” between Android attackers and security providers is likely to occur in the coming year, much as one occurred a decade or more ago over Microsoft Windows. Google has made improvements to the Android platform’s security.

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  • This study provides large-scale identification of the faba bean transcriptome resources for functional genomics studies and the development of molecular markers, which will certainly lead to crop improvement.

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