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  • This unique cross-border study documented metal contamination of drinking water and locally grown vegetables near mining activities in Zambia and DRC, with the contamination being worse in DRC. The higher pollution observed in DRC compared to Zambia must largely be attributed to differences in environmental governance between the two countries.

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  • This paper presents a data classification problem and methods to improve imbalanced data classification. Especially, biomedical data has a very high imbalance rate and the sample identification of minority class is a very important. Many studies have shown that border elements are important in imbalanced data classification such as Borderline-SMOTE, Random Under Border Sampling.

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  • Largely because of geographical restrictions, the New England culinary region is virtually identical to geopolitical New England. To the east and southeast, the Atlantic Ocean forms a definitive border. To the north and northeast lies Canada, whose East Coast culinary regions share elements of the New England style.

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  • Intellectual property plays an increasingly vital role in global trade and economic development. Globalisation of trade means that intangible informa- tional resources are now produced, exchanged and consumed anywhere and everywhere defying jurisdictional borders. Intellectual property has moved into the mainstream of national economic and developmental planning; in the recent past it has also emerged as a central element of multilateral trade rela- tions.

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  • The EU needs to protect its citizens and their rights from threats and challenges and further remove obstacles to circulation of citizens in Europe. This includes fighting crime and corruption, controlling our external borders and ensuring the respect of the rule of law and of fundamental rights, with the right balance between security and mobility. It also needs a well functioning and efficient justice system to support growth, entrepreneurship and attract investors.

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  • This course investigates theory and practice of financial management from a corporate perspective. Topics cover financial management objectives, principles of capital investment, project evaluation techniques, capital structure decisions, financing techniques, dividend policy, working capital management and elements of risk management.

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  • The theory of polyhedral surfaces and, more generally, the field of discrete differential geometry are presently emerging on the border of differential and discrete geometry. Whereas classical differential geometry investigates smooth geometric shapes (such as surfaces), and discrete geometry studies geometric shapes with a finite number of elements (polyhedra), the theory of polyhedral surfaces aims at a development of discrete equivalents of the geometric notions and methods of surface theory. The latter appears then as a limit of the refinement of the discretization. ...

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  • this book—the 6th edition of programming windows—is a guide to programming applications that run under microsoft windows 8. at the time of this writing (august 1, 2012), windows 8 is not yet complete and neither is this book. what you are reading right now is a preview version of the book. this preview is based on the release preview of windows 8 (build 8400), which was released on may 31, 2012. microsoft has announced that windows 8 will be released for general availability on october 26, 2012. microsoft press and i are targeting the release of the...

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  • A three-stage method for compressing bi-level line-drawing images is proposed. In the first stage, the raster image is vectorized using a combination of skeletonizing and line tracing algorithm. A feature image is then reconstructed from the extracted vector elements. In the second stage, the original image is processed by a feature-based filter for removing noise near the borders of the extracted line elements. This improves the image quality and results in more compressible raster image. In the final stage, the filtered raster image is compressed using the baseline JBIG algorithm....

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  • 244 Chapter 5: Building Websites provides the styles. All three divisions are hidden by the rule display: none;. This will be changed for the first division by some JavaScript when the page loads. Setting the position property to “absolute” frees the three divisions from the content flow, allowing them to find their new common location, with respect to the tabbed section container. A width is given for the division elements as a percentage of the “tabbed” section’s width. Otherwise, they would extend to the window’s right margin.

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  • 234 Chapter 5: Building Websites example 5.4: using jQuery to toggle a hidden menu Example 5.4 #state-choice { position: relative; /* to contain the drop element */ } #state-choice h4:hover { cursor: pointer; /* change the pointer on mouseover */ } #states { display: none; /* initial state is hidden */ position: absolute; top: 1.2em; /* move the links below the heading */ padding: .5em; background-color: white; /* need to cover of other content */ border: thin solid; } #states a { display: block; /* we don't get any breaks around here */ padding-top: .25em; font-size: small; }...

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  • 154 Chapter 3: Elements of Style M A r G i N S A N d PA d d i N G Most HTML elements are rendered with some amount of space between them. For elements without a border, this space is composed of margin and padding on each of the element’s four sides. For elements with a border, the margin is the amount of space on the outside of the borders, and the padding is the amount of space on the inside of the border. Both the margin and padding properties can take any size value, including a percentage value and the...

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  • 44 Chapter 2: The HTML Language element occupies the full width of its container minus whatever is needed for the element’s margins, borders, and the padding of the containing element. Block elements also have a float property: They are allowed to float alongside other elements if there is sufficient room. The float property can take the values left, right, or none, which is the default. left means that the element adheres to the left margin of the containing element and that other HTML elements following the floated element wrap around it on the right. right does the opposite.

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  • Styling Block Elements Có rất nhiều phong cách mà bạn có thể áp dụng để chặn các yếu tố để biến đổi sự xuất hiện của họ có vượt qua được những phong cách điển hình CSS2. Chúng bao gồm ba cái gọi là tính thực nghiệm (-webkitborder-image, -webkit-border-radius, and -webkit-appearance và tăng cường một CSS3 của nền tài sản. Đây là những mô tả trong phần này.

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