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The character pipeline

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  • Ebook "Hybrid animation: Integrating 2D and 3D assets" includes contents: Chapter 1: hybrid animation: the main problems; chapter 2: iterations for developing a pipeline and nailing the moments; chapter 3: 3D character leads 2D character; chapter 4: 2D characters with 3D parts (2D Leads); chapter 5: 3D characters with 2D parts (3D Leads); chapter 6: EFX; chapter 7: camera: flat, limited, and deep space; chapter 8: what next? companion website.

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  • This paper introduces the first semi-automated pipeline, to our knowledge, that converts morphological descriptions into taxon-character matrices to support systematics and evolutionary biology research.

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  • We have observed one limitation of the proposed algorithm which directly affects the global minimum character of the pipeline. In the present paper, we suggest a modification of the limitation found in the procedural formulation developed by Sharma et al.

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  • After the wild success of Maya: Secrets of the Pros, we began thinking about the future of the Secrets books. Although it was originally conceived as a single, stand-alone work, it was obvious that a large audience was hungry for information from those who do professional 3D work on a day-to-day basis and that we should feed this appetite! Many “second edition” books are simple rewrites of the previous title; not so with Maya: Secrets of the Pros, Second Edition.

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