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  • Competitive capacity of an enterprise is a matter of business that managers are always interested in. This article aims to assess the current real competitiveness of the “19 forestry joint stock company” by analyzing the external and internal competitive factors of the company, thereby determining how strongly these factors affect the company’s competitive capacity.

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  • In August 1976 the Committee on Technology and International Economic and Trade Issues examined a number of technological issues and their relationship to the potential entrepreneurial vitality of the U.S. economy. The committee was concerned with: • Technology and its effect on trade between the United States and other countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); • Relationships between technological innovation and U.S. productivity and competitiveness in world trade; impacts of technology and trade on U.S.

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  • Research objectives: Developing and systemizing the theoretical issues in terms of investment in enhancing competitive capacity at commercial banks; through theory and practice, confirming a extremely critical role of investment in enhancing competitive capacity for development of them in general and VCB in particularly. Depending on each period, development strategy, competition strategy and characteristics, banks implement appropriate investments; finding out the solutions for investment inenhancing competitive capacity to bring the highest effect to VCB.

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  • The paper describes the process of applying qualitative and quantitative methods to study the competitiveness of urban market business entities in general and in Danang in particular. Research findings have pointed out 6 constructing elements with positive correlation to competitiveness, including: organization and management capacity; infrastructure; service quality; marketing; finance competence and business performance.

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  • Finally, the review in its concluding chapter looked at the future of so- cial funds. Broadly, three alternative paths were considered: The first was to focus on the question of transition. Because social funds are strong at demonstrating good practices and good governance, they can be im- portant in drawing best practices from other sectors. For example, there are some best practices in the water and sanitation and in the rural trans- port sectors. More experiences need to be exchanged outside social funds with some of the better programs in other sectors.

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  • The corporate world is living through some interesting and challenging times. In today’s world, in order to survive or remain competitive, corporations must continue to assess their organizational strategies, structures, and practices. Changing and adapting to external pressures and market shifts is now (and will continue to be) an imperative. It is a must; survival depends on it.

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  • The 1990s saw a resurgence in the windpower industry, with installed grid-connected capacity expanding more than five-fold between 1990 and 2000. Most of this increase occurred in Europe, where governmental policies aimed at developing domestic energy supplies and reducing pollutant emissions provided a sheltered market for renewable energy generation. The 1990s were also marked by a return to large, megawatt-sized wind turbines, a reduction and consolidation of wind turbine manufacturers, and increased interest in offshore windpower....

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  • The RNA world hypothesis assumes that life arose from ancestral RNA molecules, which stored genetic information and catalyzed chemical reac-tions. Although RNA catalysis was believed to be restricted to phosphate chemistry, it is now established that the RNA has much wider catalytic capacities.

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  • A variety of reforms have been implemented and attempted since the previous HiT profile on Hungary was published in 2004, with varying success.

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  • This is the basis for the choice of soil treatment, irrigable water or the choice of plants with capacity of absorbing the desired metal to clean up arable land. Moreover, because it costs much money and time to handle soil, water in current conditions, we envisage the results of this kind of research will initially provide the basis for the selection of plant varieties suitable for the soil conditions and current pollution.

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  • Based on the competitive advantage theory and resource-based theory of the firm, this paper examines the impact of innovation capacity on innovation performance of the tourism industry. Innovation capability is defined as the firm's ability to reconfigure and develop their resources and organizational capabilities to innovate.

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  • In addition, when the alkalinity increased higher than a pH of 12, the sorption capacity of both minerals decreased dramatically, likely due to the competition of hydroxy ions with the iodide. This result confirmed that chalcocite was an especially good sorbing media for iodide under alkaline conditions with a pH value of less than 12.

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  • The suggested guidelines in this manual have been developed from a number of sources, and most are applicable to a wide range of mass public gatherings. These sources focused on youth audiences attending large rock concerts and competitive sporting events because of the difficulties and major incidents historically associated with such events. Many of the guidelines derived from such experiences are applicable to a broad range of other events that present their own challenges. Certain types of events have an inherent capacity for special management problems.

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  • In the area of sport and exercise students and researchers often face important questions. For example, in sport psychology, a student may be interested in examining whether the pre-competitive anxiety levels of a group of athletes can be predicted by a number of psychological variables. In exercise physiology, another student may want to examine the degree to which a particular training programme has improved the aerobic capacity of a group of runners.

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  • Private health insurance has offered a primary source of coverage for population groups ineligible to public programmes, and contributed to provide insurance protection against other public system coverage gaps. It has helped to inject resources into health systems, enabling an expansion in capacity and services. It also enhanced access to timely care in some systems experiencing prolonged public sector waiting times.

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  • The economic value of a community is generally measured through such things as residential real estate prices, taxing capacity, the quality of public amenities, the value of nearby retail services and the quality of human capital. Assets grow and depreciate in value based on individual and social actions, including the willingness or ability of individuals, households, businesses and governments to invest in and develop them. Economically distressed communities have declining asset values relative to more competitive places.

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  • Globalization wrote: “...the speed by which your latest invention can be made obsolete or turned into a commodity is now lightening quick. Therefore, only the paranoid, only those who are constantly looking over their shoulders to see who is creating something new that will destroy them and then staying just one step ahead of them, will survive.

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  • Second, economic adjustment within the euro area is continuing. This is most visible in the reduction of large current-account deficits driven by partly permanent declines in domestic absorption and gains in competitiveness, but is also apparent in gradually rising wages and domestic demand in surplus countries. Internal and external adjustment has farther to go, and it will have to be sustained over time to see an impact on stocks of domestic and external liabilities.

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  • In some cities, urban agriculture is an important coping strategy for households. Because women often have the responsibility for food procurement for the household, they are frequently involved in urban agricultural production and sales. Urban agriculture presents a number of challenges, including competition for scarce land, degradation of soils, and pollution .

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  • Global security and world order are threatened as never before by myriad sources of instability. Foremost is the collapse of macroeconomic stability and fiscal certainty. Next, possibly, is the lack of concord among the powers of the world, with Russian, Chinese, and American competition and mutual suspicion preventing the confident resolution of a number of outstanding and intractable subsidiary issues. Some of those concern the spread of nuclear weapon capacity and the resilience of terror and terroristic movements...

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