The compression ratio

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  • The benchmark guide for compressor technology pros You don't have to scour piles of technical literature for compressor answers any longer. The Compressor Handbook compiled by Paul Hanlon packs all the answers on design procedures, practical application, and maintenance of compressors—straight from top experts on these widely used machines.

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  • In the algorithm, first construct a dictionary for predefined fingerprint image patches. For a new given fingerprint images, represent its patches according to the dictionary by computing l0- minimization and then quantize and encode the coefficients and other related information using lossless coding methods. A fast Fourier filtering transformation for image post processing helped to improve the contrast ratio of the regenerated image Here, considered the effect of various factors on compression results. In Automatic Fingerprint identification.

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  • The evaluation results showed that the Improved AKF algorithm achieved better compression ratio and retained sufficient information in the extracted action key frames under different testing video shots. Therefore, the improved AKF algorithm is a suitable technique for applications in computer vision fields such as passive object-based video authentication systems.

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  • In this study, two types of acrylic latexes, PA (polyacrylate) and PU/PA (polyurethane modified PA), are investigated in their influences on mechanical properties of mortar under different interaction mechanisms. In light of a previous study, the polymer–cement hydrates interaction mechanisms in PA and PU/PA modified mortars are illustrated respectively, and the microstructures are simulated using a computer model.

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  • Blends of acrylonitrile butadiene rubber/high density polyethylene (NBR/HDPE) compatibilized by Chloroprene rubber (CR) were prepared. A fixed quantity of industrial waste such as marble waste (MW, 40 phr) was also included. The effect of the blend ratio and CR on cure characteristics, mechanical and swelling properties of MW-filled NBR/HDPE blends was investigated. The results showed that the MW-filled NBR/HDPE blends revealed an increase in tensile strength, tear, modulus, hardness and cross-link density for increasing weight ratio of HDPE.

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  • Dilution of the intake air of the SI engine with the inert gases is one of the emission control techniques like exhaust gas recirculation, water injection into combustion chamber and cyclic variability, without scarifying power output and/or thermal efficiency (TE). This paper investigates the effects of using argon (Ar) gas to mitigate the spark ignition engine intake air to enhance the performance and cut down the emissions mainly nitrogen oxides. The input variables of this study include the compression ratio, stroke length, and engine speed and argon concentration.

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  • Advanced sequencing machines dramatically speed up the generation of genomic data, which makes the demand of efficient compression of sequencing data extremely urgent and significant. As the most difficult part of the standard sequencing data format FASTQ, compression of the quality score has become a conundrum in the development of FASTQ compression.

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  • With the reduction of gene sequencing cost and demand for emerging technologies such as precision medical treatment and deep learning in genome, it is an era of gene data outbreaks today. How to store, transmit and analyze these data has become a hotspot in the current research. Now the compression algorithm based on reference is widely used due to its high compression ratio.

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  • Vertebral augmentation is the first-line treatment for the osteoporosis vertebral compression fractures. Bone cement leakage is the most common complication of this surgery. This study aims to assess the risk factors for different types of cement leakage and provides a nomogram for predicting the cement intradiscal leakage.

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  • . In this paper an approximate analytical solution to analyze the nonlinear buckling and postbuckling behavior of imperfect functionally graded panels with the Poisson’s ratio also varying smoothly along the thickness is investigated. Based on the classical shell theory and von Karman’s assumption of kinematic nonlinearity and applying Galerkin procedure, the equations for finding critical loads and load-deflection curves of cylindrical panel subjected to axial compressive load with two types boundary conditions, are given.

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  • Class F fly ash is used to replace the OPC on the mass basis of the total cementitious material (CM) at the replacement portion of 0%, 10%, 20% and 40% while the water and CM ratio is constant at 0.4. The flexural and compressive strengths of all mixes are determined up to 90 days.

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  • In this work, exergy analysis of the wet-compression gas turbine cycle with recuperator and turbine blade cooling is performed. The exergy destructions in the system components and cycle exergy efficiency are estimated for varying pressure ratios and water injection ratios.

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  • In this paper, a feasible strategy for the recycling of nuclear graphite is reported, based on the formation mechanism and the removal of carbon-14 by micro-oxidation. We investigated whether ground micro-oxidation graphite could be used as a filler to make new recycled graphite and which graphite/pitch coke ratio will give the recycled graphite outstanding properties (e.g., apparent density, flexural strength, compressive strength, and tensile strength).

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  • Impact resistance and strength performance of concrete mixtures with 0.36 and 0.46 water–cement ratios made with polypropylene and silica fume are examined. Polypropylene fiber with 12-mm length and four volume fractions of 0%, 0.2%, 0.3% and 0.5% are used. In pre-determined mixtures, silica fume is used as cement replacement material at 8% weight of cement. The results show that incorporating polypropylene fibers improves mechanical properties.

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  • A laboratory study is performed to evaluate the influence of elevated temperature on the strength and microstructural properties of high strength concretes (HSCs) containing ground pumice (GP), and blend of ground pumice and metakaolin (MK) mixture. Twelve different mixtures of HSCs containing GP and MK were produced, water-to-binder ratio was kept constant as 0.20. Hardened concrete specimens were exposed to 250 C, 500 C and 750 C elevated temperatures increased with a heating rate of 5 C/min.

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  • Polymer modified mortars using either recycled waste concrete fine aggregate (WCFA) or artificial marble waste fine aggregate (AMWFA) were prepared and investigated for the purpose of feasibility of recycling. The replacement ratio of recycled materials also changed to investigate the effect of it on mechanical and physical properties. The water–cement ratio was increased as the replacement ratio of either AMWFA or WCFA in mortar in the absence of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) latex. The presence of SBR for both WCFA and AMWFA gave the increase of the air content.

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  • White-light coronagraphic images of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) observed by SOHO/LASCO C2 have been used to estimate the density jump along the whole front of two CME-driven shocks. The two events are different in that the first one was a ‘‘radio-loud’’ fast CME, while the second one was a ‘‘radio quiet’’ slow CME. From the compression ratios inferred along the shock fronts, we estimated the Alfve´n Mach numbers for the general case of an oblique shock.

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  • This work was envisaged to develop compression-coated tablets using a blend of Ca+2 ion crosslinked carboxymethyl xanthan gum (CMXG) and sodium alginate (SAL) for delayed release of immediate pulse release tablets of prednisolone (PDL) in the colon without the need of colonic bacterial intervention for degradation of the polysaccharide coat. The core tablets containing PDL and other compatible excipients were prepared by direct compression method and subsequently compression coated with different ratios of CMXG and SAL.

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  • This research deals with the influences of macro, meso and micro steel-smooth fibers on tensile and compressive properties of strain-hardening fiber-reinforced concretes (SFCs). The different sizes, indicated by length/diameter ratio, of steel-smooth fiber added in plain matrix (Pl) were as follows: 30/0.3 for the macro (Ma), 19/0.2 for the meso (Me) and 13/0.2 for the micro fiber (Mi). All SFCs were used the same fiber volume fraction of 1.5%.

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  • INTERNAL-COMBUSTION ENGINES Determining the Economics of Reciprocating I-C Engine Cogeneration Diesel Generating Unit Efficiency 6.7 Engine Displacement, Mean Effective Pressure, and Efficiency 6.8 Engine Mean Effective Pressure and Horsepower 6.9 Selection of an Industrial InternalCombustion Engine 6.10 Engine Output at High Temperatures and High Altitudes 6.11 Indicator Use on Internal-Combustion Engines 6.12 Engine Piston Speed, Torque, Displacement, and Compression Ratio

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