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The entertainment factor

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  • The study identified 6 groups of service components that have a decisive impact on the satisfaction of residents with the quality of management services of apartment operation management boards, thereby proposing some key implications and policies to improve the satisfaction of residents living in apartments.

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  • The results show that four factors positively affect repurchase intention, including perceived usefulness, trust, perceived value, and enjoyment. The results implies that it is necessary to design websites that that are informative, useful, and entertaining. In addition, suppliers need to gain and retain customer trust, thereby maintaining a steady stream of revenue from loyal customers and enhancing business efficiency.

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  • "Ebook The flying book – Everyhing you’ve wondered about flying on airplanes" whether you fear, thrill at, or, like many, have never bothered to stop and think about the wonder of commercial flight, "The Flying Book" will inform, surprise, reassure, and entertain. David Blatner takes readers from the cockpit to the runway, the control tower, the baggage and security systems, the airplane manufacturing plant, and beyond, explaining the many factors that make airline travel possible.

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  • The objective of the thesis is to identify the factors affecting the recreational shopping experience of customers at shopping centers in Vietnam, who buy goods / services.

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  • With the rapid development of mobile operating systems and mobile networks, Vietnamese people are more and more attached to mobile phones in their work and life. Therefore, in order to reach more customers at a lower cost, marketers should create mobile ads that are entertaining, useful and avoid annoying and annoying interactions. The model proposes the premise of attitudes (entertainment, stimulation, and usefulness) and its effect on ad acceptance and intent to purchase.

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  • This research paper aims to examine the impact of social media advertisement attributes, including informativeness, trust, and irritation, and internet users’ motivational factors; namely investigation, customization, opportunity seeking, interaction, and entertainment on individuals' attitude towards advertisements over social media sites in Jordan. A conceptual research model was proposed based on the relevant literature to be empirically tested.

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  • An exploratory study on internet utilization pattern among farmers is conducted in the central zone of Uttar Pradesh. Examine study, Information sharing and entertainment related factors that may affect the adoption of an innovation or product such as personal computer laptop mobile etc.

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  • “How well we search out every little peculiarity and mannerism of our character and how well and with what 'life' we move and draw it, will determine the sincerity of it and its entertainment value, we want the audience to view our character on the screen and say: ‘I know that guy!’ (or in the case of gesture drawing: ‘I know what that person is doing, what he or she is thinking.’) Leonardo da Vinci wrote: ‘Build a figure in such a way that its pose tells what is in the soul of it. A gesture is a movement not...

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  • On January 31, 2006, we entered into a distribution agreement with Paramount and its affiliates (the “Paramount Distribution Agreement”), and our wholly owned subsidiary, DreamWorks Animation Home Entertainment, L.L.C. (“DreamWorks Animation Home Entertainment”), entered into a fulfillment services agreement (the “Paramount Fulfillment Services Agreement” and, with the Paramount Distribution Agreement, the “Paramount Agreements”) with an affiliate of Paramount.

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  • The price of cinema was probably an important factor for the kind of audience it interested. Before the Nickelodeon prices varied, from a dollar or more for the first special Lumière events, to a few cents to fifty cents for a travelling showman (Musser 1990: 299). But in general, the market was in too turbulent a condition to put a reliable average price on motion picture watching. This even harder because they were often part of live entertainment. The prices the Nickelodeon charged were between five and ten cents, which often enabled the spectator to stay...

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  • When the history of the Nineteenth Century--'the Wonderful Century,' as it has, not inaptly, been called--comes to be written, a foremost place must be assigned to that great movement by which evolution has become the dominant factor in scientific progress, while its influence has been felt in every sphere of human speculation and effort. At the beginning of the Century, the few who ventured to entertain evolutionary ideas were regarded by their scientific contemporaries, as wild visionaries or harmless 'cranks'--by the world at large, as ignorant 'quacks' or 'designing atheists.

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  • As the market leader in digital signage, NEC offers a large selection of powerful digital signage solutions that can provide reliable outstanding images over long periods of use. Digital Signage can serve several purposes such as informing, entertaining or providing a purchasing incentive. For instance, a public display with tantalising content placed above a concession stand can boost sales of popcorn, cola and other items.

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  • The price premium charged for competitive-market products depends on several factors including the price of standard offer or default service, the availability of incentives to green power marketers or suppliers, and the cost of renewable energy generation available in the regional market. Some marketers have charged prices close to or even below the default market price in recent years (e.g., in Texas); others have offered fixed-price products, providing customers with protection against increasing prices for a specified period of time, usually one year.

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  • Congratulations! You are one of the few people that will have exclusive access to a little-known, yet very profitable home-based business niche that may earn you up to $600 a day or more cleaning foreclosured homes for national banks, mortgage companies and insurance institutions...

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  • For financial sales professionals, How to be a Million Dollar Producer shows the financial advisor the step by step tactics to become a top producer and enjoy a seven figure annual income. Examples show how a financial advisor can replicate how a physician runs his practice and achieve the same income. Other explanations show that having more time in the day is not about time management, but rather, the financial advisor

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  • This is a book about Creative Business Ideas. These words do not necessarily trip off the tongue. And there are those who might suggest that “creative” and “business” are as unnatural a combination as “business” and “ideas.” I can understand that. Most often, business thinking is based only in numbers, research, analysis, and logic. These are comfortable staples of predictability for business-trained minds and corporate decision makers. And for risk avoidance in general. Creativity is for the artists and dreamers, poets and ad people.

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