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  • The Spanish Succession.--Influence of Louis XIV. on History.--French Schemes of Conquest in America.--New York.--Unfitness of the Colonies for War.--The Five Nations.--Doubt and Vacillation.--The Western Indians.--Trade and Politics. The war which in the British colonies was called Queen Anne's War, and in England the War of the Spanish Succession, was the second of a series of four conflicts which ended in giving to Great Britain a maritime and colonial preponderance over France and Spain.

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  • The Context-Free backbone of some natural language analyzers produces all possible CF parses as some kind of shared forest, from which a single tree is to be chosen by a disambiguation process that may be based on the finer features of the language. We study the structure of these forests with respect to optimality of sharing, and in relation with the parsing schema used to produce them. In addition to a theoretical and experimental framework for studying these issues, the main results presented are: sophistication in chart parsing schemata (e.g.

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  • In recent years, activities related to socio-economic development have led to land cover (LC) changes in the upper part of the Dong Nai river basin. The use of remote sensing applications to analyse the impacts of these changes plays an important role in the managing the sustainability of the river basin. This paper introduces a solution for analysing the impacts of LC changes on the water balance in the upstream catchment of the Dong Nai river in Lam Dong province. Landsat images were used for mapping and monitoring major changes over the last 20 years.

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  • This article presents the results of the preliminary research on vegetation types of Thac Tien - Deo Gio natural forest, Xin Man district, Ha Giang province. The results of this research showed that the vegetation in the study area can be classified and characterized by nine major formations and three subformations, including: (1) Tropical evergreen seasonal submontane forests.

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  • Land use activities (LUA) have a significant impact on the level and situation of vegetation characteristics and in turn affect human population as they are considered as the main global environmental changes. This study analyzed land use patterns in three different locations in Khartoum, Sudan: banks of River Nile, Blue and White Nile.

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  • In the Republic of Congo the planning strategies of devolpment and preservation of natural ressources are two main important factors for the national economic growth. In all forested areas, the Congolese government oblige all forestry entreprises to put in place arrangement plans and to have a strong relationship between them in order to show up the importance of our forest with a concerted management ecologically controlled, socially and economically viable.

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  • A compilation of the most important aerosol chemical processes involved in known scientific and technological disciplines, Aerosol Chemical Processes in the Environment serves as a handbook for aerosol chemistry. Aerosol science is interdisciplinary, interfacing with many environmental, biological and technological research fields. Aerosols and aerosol research play an important role in both basic and applied scientific and technological fields. Interdisciplinary cooperation is useful and necessary.

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  • There are two main reasons why the chemical process industry should be motivated to reduce energy consumption and CO 2 emissions: rising concerns in companies, the public and scientifi c community about climate change or global warming, and the increasing fraction of energy in manufacturing costs. ‘ Climate change ’ [1] in this context, means a change of climate, which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods....

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  • The concept of forest sustainability dates from centuries ago, although the understanding of sustainable forest management (SFM) as an instrument that harmonizes ecological and socio-economic concerns is relatively new. The change in perspective occurred at the beginning of the 1990s in response to an increased awareness of the deterioration of the environment, in particular of the alarming loss of forest resources. The main and most striking cause of this deterioration is the deforestation occurring in some areas of the world.

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  • As part of the CARD project 032/05VIE, sustainable and profitable for Acacia Forest Sawlog production in Vietnam, a training course in Acacia tree improvement and silviculture is carried action on October 11-15 June 2007 in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas. The main objective is to train junior FSIV and scientists and technicians in the province to improve basic principles to plant Acacia trees and silvicultural techniques related to sawlog production.

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  • This paper runs as follows. Firstly, PPPs in the context of the MP3EI is addressed. Secondly, a recent development of Indonesia’s PPP model is explained. This section also covers the main sectors where the use of PPP has been a prominent feature. Recent developments in institutional reform and increased government support are also covered. The second section looks specifically at opportunities as well as issues in developing PPPs in the Kalimantan and Bali Nusa Tenggara Corridors.

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  • Grossman (1995) offers three main explanations as to how exactly income affects the environment. First, is the ‘scale effect of income on the ‘environment’. As more outputs are produced, more inputs (natural resources included) are required and more wastes and emissions as by-products are created during the process. Thus, resulting in the use of more natural resources to provide inputs and at the same time more polluting by-products leading to the degradation of the environment. Second, is the technology composition effect. This refers to the technology as a percent of GDP.

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  • Trailers are used to carry logs having specific dimensions for logging extraction operations, secondary transportation, and agricultural activities. The main objective of this study was the design of a timber trailer capable of manual loading operations and suitable for rough terrain conditions to be used in combination with a farm tractor in the western Black Sea region of Turkey.

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  • Agriculture is the main livelihood option for the tribal of the district, which is characterised by small land-holdings, upland terrain, traditional cultivation practices, limited irrigation, poor water conservation measures, low productivity, limited crop diversification and low yields of food grains. Ninety three per cent of the population in the district is concentrated in rural areas and the economy is mostly based on agriculture and forest produce with very limited industrialisation.

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  • Central Anatolia has semiarid ecological conditions that limit tree growth. In addition, long-term human activity has resulted in degradation of existing forests lands. Current forest cover mainly includes oak, juniper, and pine species. In this study, the distribution and present state of Pinus nigra L.

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  • Forest fires are one of the most important events causing an abrupt decrease in tree-ring width. Although humans are the main cause of forest fires, extreme weather or climate change may promote the frequency and severity of fires. The purpose of this study is to reconstruct historical fires in the Burabai Region of Kazakhstan including their frequency and seasons.

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  • The productivity of winter oilseed rape cultivars is limited by various pests and diseases. The aim of this study was to determine the differences in the susceptibility of Lithuanian-grown winter rape cultivars to main fungal diseases, their yield performance, and their response to the fungicide application.

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  • The main aim of this study was to compare Grime’s strategies in 91 plant taxa occurring from the eastern to the western part of the central Black Sea region of northern Turkey (Samsun). To do this, 45 sample plots were taken from different community types (from swamp forests to halophytic communities), and the strategies of plant species were compared with each other.

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  • Vermicompost is a nutrient-rich, microbiologically-active organic amendment that results from the interactions between earthworms and microorganisms during the breakdown of organic matter. It is a stabilized, finely divided peat-like material with a low C:N ratio, high porosity and high water-holding capacity, in which most nutrients are present in forms that are readily taken up by plants.

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  • Acrocarpus fraxinifolius is an important tropical timber species mainly found in Asia and is a fast growing tree species found naturally in India, Chaina, Burma and Sumatra. In Karnataka, the species is extensively cultivated in coffee plantations due to its desirability in the rainy season that favours coffee growth. The species is also to the smaller extent noticed in natural forests and sacred groves of Kodagu district, Karnataka, India.

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