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  • Ripening is the final stage in the life cycle of a fruit and it is an irreversible process. During ripening, fruits undergo various physiological and biochemical changes. These changes includes conversion of sugar from one form to another, textural changes, colour changes, change in aroma and flavor. Banana is one of the most easily available climacteric fruit which is distributed throughout the world. Since it is a climacteric fruit, its commercial ripening can be carried out in storage houses to obtain good flavor, proper texture and uniform peel colour.

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  • Nodulation ability and effectiveness of native rhizobia from the seven districts of Uttarakhand in French bean was determined. Total of 50 rhizobial isolates separated from the nodules were evaluated for their ability to form nodules and effectiveness under net house and glass house conditions.

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  • Poultry industry is one of the fastest growing markets. The poultry industry produces large amounts of solid waste. There are many different waste management options for poultry waste including land application of litter as an organic fertilizer, feed for livestock, biogas production, products for commercial purposes. Poultry wastes are posing serious environmental pollution problems, through offensive odours and promotion of fly and rodent breeding. The appropriate utilization of its waste or by-products increases the monetary output and protects from its unwanted side-effects.

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  • Peroxisomes house critical metabolic reactions. For example, fatty acid β-oxidation enzymes, which are essential during early seedling development, are peroxisomal. Peroxins (PEX proteins) are needed to bring proteins into peroxisomes. Most matrix proteins are delivered to peroxisomes by PEX5, a receptor that forms transient pores to escort proteins across the peroxisomal membrane.

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  • Coccidioidomycosis a zoonotic fungal infection caused by the dimorphic fungus Coccidioides immitis acquiring from environment through the risk of exposure to infectious arthrospores with subclinical or clinical which is affecting the dogs reared in house with less exposure to sun. The present report describes the disseminated form of coccidiomycosis in Labrador dogs which affected the cutaneous, osseous, cardiac, ocular, nervous system, or other organ with variable clinical symptoms and so far not recorded in this Cauvery Delta region of Tamilnadu.

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  • Geothermal ventilation provides a better alternative in securing the energy crises. Geothermal energy is a heat contained within the earth that generates geological phenomena on a planetary scale. It is not only available in the form of volcanoes, hot water stream but, whole earth acts as a source of geothermal energy for 365 days and all season of year. There are three basic components of geothermal heating pump system (GHPS); ground loop, geothermal heat pump and distribution system.

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  • Zinc deficiency not only affects crop yields, but also nutritional quality and human health. Microbial transformation of unavailable forms of soil zinc to plant available zinc is an important approach contributing to plant zinc nutrition. Therefore, Nutrient uptake and biological activity in Tomato crop by zinc solubilizing bacterial isolates was tested under glass house condition. The study consisted of six treatments, each with five replications, including five different zinc solubilizing bacteria and uninoculated control, out of five bacteria B. aryabhattai was used as reference strain.

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  • Cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) is an important legume crop of India which can thrive well in adverse conditions. Despite of the fact that P is abundant in the soil it cannot be assessed by plants. Bacteria like rhizobium isolated from root nodules have potential to solublize the insoluble phosphorus. Thus, it plays a vital role in enhancing the phosphorus availability and overcoming phosphorus deficiency through its transformations into available form and thereby enhancing the agricultural productivity in a sustainable way.

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  • Textile-reinforced concrete (TRC) is a new composite material made of highstrength textiles embedded within fine grained concrete (FGC). The application of TRC leads to the design of thin and slender structures or for repairing and strengthening of existing structural members. Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is an ultra-lightweight concrete, which can be combined with high strength TRC to form some kinds of precast curtain panels in construction.

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  • A study was conducted to evaluate the existing housing and feeding management practices followed by the dairy animal keepers in U.S. Nagar district of Uttarakhand. It was observed that majority of farmers housed their animal in pucca house 73.89%, whereas 26.11% had kaccha houses for their animals. 81.67% farmers were following group system of animal housing. Kaccha type of floor was found in 54.44% of the houses. Satisfactory drainage 58.89% was observed in majority of farmers. 74.44% of farmers followed permanent type of roof system. 52.

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  • India, the land of rich cultural heritage, has been known to the world for its vibrant arts and crafts since ancient time. Floor paintings are one of these art forms which are ritualistic part of ancient Indian culture. Aipan is one of the traditional folk arts of Kumaun region of Uttarakhand drawn on the floor, walls, etc. in the house. In the present study, aipan designs were explored for the designing of woven borders. Ten aipan designs (5 symmetrical and 5 asymmetrical in form) were selected from secondary sources and adapted to make them suitable for use in weaving.

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  • The study aims to assess the Vietnamese translation of English person reference forms, particularly “I - you” dyads in a literary text. To fulfill the purpose, House’s functional-pragmatic model (House, 2015), extended with Attitudinal resources of Appraisal theory (Martin & White, 2005), is adopted as the analytical framework for assessment. The data include 75 “I - you” dyads collected from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (2014) and its Vietnamese translation “Harry Potter và Hòn đá phù thuỷ” (2016).

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  • Zinc in seminal fluid originates primarily from the prostate gland. It is pivotal for male sexual function because it affects the quantity, quality and mobility of sperm. Materials and methods: the semen samples were obtained from 300 male partners of infertile couples who attended the Department of Biomedicine and Genetics at the Hanoi Medical University between the ages of 18 and 50 years; they were then analysed for routine seminal parameters. They were collected and analysed according to WHO 2010 guidelines.

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  • The study aims to assess the Vietnamese translation of English person reference forms, particularly “I - you” dyads in a literary text. To fulfill the purpose, House’s functional-pragmatic model (House, 2015), extended with Attitudinal resources of Appraisal theory (Martin & White, 2005), is adopted as the analytical framework for assessment. The data include 75 “I - you” dyads collected from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (2014) and its Vietnamese translation “Harry Potter và Hòn đá phù thuỷ” (2016).

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  • In this study, an in-house 152Eu calibration source was produced from a custom epoxy matrix with a density of r ¼ 1.14 g cm3 , which is chemically stable and durable form after its solidification. The homogeneity of 152Eu in matrix was obtained better than 98%. For a Marinelli beaker geometry, an efficiency calibration procedure was applied to a n-type, coaxial, 78.5% relative efficient HPGe detector in the energy range of 121.7e1408.0 keV by using in-house 152Eu calibration source.

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  • One of the outstanding challenges for the European economy is sustainable production. Substantial developments are required in order to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Although ME is not an energy intensive sector, it plays a major role in attaining political objectives. 29 Its engineering solutions are indispensable for a cleaner, healthier, safer and sustainable world. ME renders new energy sources accessible, enhances the cleanliness of existing forms of power generation and increases the efficiency of current and emerging technologies.

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  • THE rejoicings, by which London, on the second of December 1697, celebrated the return of peace and prosperity, continued till long after midnight. On the following morning the Parliament met; and one of the most laborious sessions of that age commenced. Among the questions which it was necessary that the Houses should speedily decide, one stood forth preeminent in interest and importance.

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  • Every American, old or young, should become familiar with the life of Washington; it will confirm their patriotism and strengthen their loyalty. Such a character will become an inspiration to them, eliciting nobler aims, and impelling to nobler deeds. Washington himself wrote to his step-son, who was in college: "You are now extending into that stage of life when good or bad habits are formed; when the mind will be turned to things useful and praiseworthy or to dissipation and vice.

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  • T his book of baseball history is unique. It is the first one devoted entirely to those players and teams who played baseball outside so-called Organized Baseball—that is, the professional major and minor leagues—up to World War II. For baseball may be likened to a large house containing many rooms occupied by a wide variety of baseball tenants—college players, members of the armed forces, industrial players, semipros, blacks, women, Indians, town team players, and softballers. Five chapters are devoted to blacks before segregation compelled them to form their own professional leagues.

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  • The village is in the buffer zone of PDNR, an area of forest and converted lands. The reserve and the village area are dominated by low mountains, which extend south-east from the Annamite Mountains and form the border between Quang Tri and Thua Thien Hue provinces. The highest points within the nature reserve are Coc Ton Bhai (1,408 m), Ca Cut (1,405 m), Ko Va La Dut (1,409 m), Coc Muen (1,298 m) and Co Pung (1,615 m). Very little natural forest remains in the village vicinity, and plantations cover an increasing portion of the abundant bare lands. Village houses...

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