The impact of interpretation problems

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  • Supporting natural language input may improve learning in intelligent tutoring systems. However, interpretation errors are unavoidable and require an effective recovery policy. We describe an evaluation of an error recovery policy in the B EE TLE II tutorial dialogue system and discuss how different types of interpretation problems affect learning gain and user satisfaction.

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  • Research objectives: Interpretation clarifies NCO, S in the infantry regiment and the basic problems of PE and improving the quality of PE for NCO, S in the Lao People's Army infantry regiments; proper assessment of actual status, indication of cause and drawng some experience to improve PE for NCO, S in the Lao People's Army infantry regiments at present; analysis and clarification of the impact factor, determination of requirements and proposal of solutions to improve quality PE for NCO,S in the Lao People's Army infantry regiment now.

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  • Once released, treebanks tend to remain unchanged despite any shortcomings in their depth of linguistic analysis or coverage of specific phenomena. Instead, separate resources are created to address such problems. In this paper we show how to improve the quality of a treebank, by integrating resources and implementing improved analyses for specific constructions.

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  • There is a great difference between the superficial reading of a film and the proper interpretation of a clinical scintigraphic image by an imaging specialist. Fully utilizing the clinical image, the imaging specialist evaluates both the anatomical and the physiological structure of the human body. First the specialist must appreciate the patient’s clinical problem.Working from this clinical context, he then applies his understanding of the pathophysiological basis of disease and his knowledge of how such pathology may translate into various imaging patterns.

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  • This interpretation of disproportionate impact conforms to various judicial interpretations. A clear judicial statement regarding the statistical issues was issued by the Supreme Court in Thornburg v. Gingles, 478 U.S. 30 (1986). While there were separate concurring opinions, there was no disagreement regarding the statistical problem associated with the case. At issue was alleged gerrymandering that diluted the voting strength of minorities across several districts.

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  • Business and commercial enterprise takes place within a legal context and, in the final analysis, is governed and regulated by law. One of the problems facing the person studying business activity, and the one that is specifically addressed in this book, is the fact that business enterprise takes place within a general and wide-ranging legal environment, but the student is required to have more than a passing knowledge of the legal rules and procedures which impact on business activity.

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  • The impact of collateral on credit risk is a subject that has raised a good deal of debate. From a theoretical perspective, there are two alternative interpretations that lead to different empirical predictions. On the one hand, the collateral pledged by borrowers may help attenuate the problem of adverse selection faced by the bank when lending [Stiglitz and Weiss (1981), Bester (1985), Chan and Kanatas (1985), Besanko and Thakor (1987a, b) and Chan and Thakor (1987)].

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  • In this paper, we present an integrated model of the two central tasks of dialog management: interpreting user actions and generating system actions. We model the interpretation task as a classication problem and the generation task as a prediction problem. These two tasks are interleaved in an incremental parsing-based dialog model. We compare three alternative parsing methods for this dialog model using a corpus of human-human spoken dialog from a catalog ordering domain that has been annotated for dialog acts and task/subtask information.

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  • This paper will focus on the semantic representation of verbs in computer systems and its impact on lexical selection problems in machine translation (MT). Two groups of English and Chinese verbs are examined to show that lexical selection must be based on interpretation of the sentence as well as selection restrictions placed on the verb arguments.

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