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  • This chapter tells you a little more about the PR industry and discusses the difference between in-house PR and PR consultancy. If you already have a good idea about working in PR then you might want to move on to the next section which discusses whether you have the right skills. Those looking for a career in PR can take one of two main routes: by getting a job within a PR department of a company or organisation, known as in-house PR, or by finding a position in a PR consultancy. The PR consultancies in the UK range from US-owned...

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  • Car Steering Mechanism: (refer to the schematics on p.31 as needed) When a command is received to turn left, the SCRX2BC creates a voltage at pin 7 which turns on transistor Q9. This then turns on Q11 and Q14 and current flows from the batteries through Q11, then through the steering motor, and then through Q14 to ground. This current through the Motor creates a magnetic field. Inside the motor is a small magnet which is connected to the gear you see on the outside of the motor. The magnetic field turns the magnet in the motor, which turns the gear. The “teeth” on the...

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  • Creating the animation in a movie clip symbol Your button symbols in this interactive restaurant guide already contain a movie clip symbol of a gray information box in their Over states. You will edit each movie clip symbol to add an animation inside it. 1 In the Library panel, expand the restaurant previews folder. Double-click the movie clip symbol icon for gabel loffel over info. Flash puts you in symbol-editing mode for the movie clip symbol called gabel loffel over info. 2 Select all the visual elements on the Stage (Ctrl/Command+A).

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