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The java compiler api

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  • The learning objectives for this chapter include: To review computer basics, programs, and operating systems; to explore the relationship between Java and the World Wide Web; to distinguish the terms API, IDE, and JDK; to write a simple Java program; to display output on the console; to explain the basic syntax of a Java program; to create, compile, and run Java programs; (GUI) To display output using the JOptionPane output dialog boxes.

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  • Java is the preeminent language of the Internet. Moreover, it is the universal language of Web programmers around the world. To be a professional Web developer today implies proficiency in Java. Therefore, if Internet-based programming is in your future, you have chosen the right language to learn—and, this book will help you learn it. The purpose of this book is to teach you the fundamentals of Java programming. It uses a step-by-step approach complete with numerous examples, self-tests, and projects. It assumes no previous programming experience.

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  • So you like living on the bleeding edge and want to learn about Java 6, aka Mustang. Welcome. What you hold in your hands is a look at the newest features of the early access version of Mustang. Working through the early access releases from Sun, I’ve painfully struggled through the weekly drops and demonstrated the latest feature set to help you decide when or if it is time to move to Java 6. OK, maybe it wasn’t that painful. In any case, many of these new features make the transition from Java 5 (or earlier) to Java 6 the obvious choice....

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