The march to mexico

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  • Three hundred and fifty years ago the ocean which washes the shores of America was one vast and silent solitude. No ship plowed its waves; no sail whitened its surface. On the 11th of October, 1492, three small vessels might have been seen invading, for the first time, these hitherto unknown waters. They were as specks on the bosom of infinity. The sky above, the ocean beneath, gave no promise of any land. Three hundred adventurers were in these ships. Ten weeks had already passed since they saw the hills of the Old World sink beneath the horizon. For weary days and weeks they had strained...

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  • More than twenty countries have found cases of the new H1N1 influenza virus. In all around one thousand five hundred cases and thirty deaths have been confirmed. But most have been reported in Mexico and, to a much lesser extent, the United States. The virus was discovered in Mexico in the middle of March.

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  • The first programmatic goal of the project is to provide additional and more comprehensive information than is currently available to explain the nature and causes of particulate concentrations and visibility impairment in and around Mexico City. This information is needed to better understand the implications of currently planned emission reduction strategies, and to focus future emissions reduction efforts in those areas where they will have the greatest benefit on air quality for the least cost.

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